Sophia's Wish Chapter 1

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In this chapter, we learn about Sophia and her family. We'll get a feel for the main character and what drives her. We will see she has a plan to get what she wants and how that plan unfolds.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - When Sparks Fly

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Sophia's Wish

Chapter 1: When Sparks Fly

The crowd hustled about cobble-stoned streets just like in most other theme parks. A young boy expressing wonder at each magical shop and candy store. A grown man dressing in a set of emerald green robes and wearing a wizard's hat to match. A young, teenage girl donning  maroon Quidditch robes. All the Harry Potter one could imagine.

"Where to next, daddy," a little girl carrying a miniature broomstick asked the tall man walking beside him.

Sophia Waldron smirked. She had asked this very question a lot over the previous three days. Where to next, indeed! She had dined on cottage pie and butter beer at the Leaky Cauldron. She had indulged in chocolate ice cream at Florean Fortescue's. She had escaped from Gingrotts, visited Quality Quidditch Supplies, ridden the Hogwart's Express, and explored Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  The vacation to Universal Studios had fulfilled her every dream.

Every dream, that is, except for one. Today is the day. Play it right, Sophia!

Sophia did not need to ask the question "where to next" today. Before even arriving in Orlando, she had planned on visiting a certain place on the final day of vacation and making one heart-felt request. On day one, when her dad had asked if she would like something from the Quidditch shop, she had declined. On day two, her mom offered to purchase Skiving Snackboxes from Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes for Sophia and her friends back home. But Sophia told her mom that it would be a shame to spend all that money on something that would just "magically" disappear. And then yesterday, Sophia nearly spoiled her own plan by fawning over a Gryffindor sweater that she dreamed of wearing on her first day of high school, no matter how hot it would be. When her mom showed dad the price tag and he responded by raising one eyebrow and smiling at the same time, Sophia snapped to her senses. "I don't want it," she had said. "It is not the right color for me anyway."

Now is the time to execute.

"Remember guys, " Sophia's dad warned, "we have to leave at one-thirty to get to the airport on time. So, let's plan on meeting back at the entrance about one-fifteen."

"See you dad. Love you mom. I'm gonna go to Gringotts again." Sophia's oldest brother, Layton, had seen a cute girl working the attraction the first day they arrived and had been trying to meet her ever since. His long, sleek, black hair seemed to give Layton an open door to talking with girls, especially when he sported the man-bun, which he had today. Sophia wasn't sure if girls actually thought he was cute or if they were looking for hair advice, but it always amused her every time a girl asked him what conditioner he used.

In the normal, Sibling pecking order, Sophia would have told her parents where she was headed off to next. But she held back so Tanner could announce his plans first. Even though he was two years older than she was, Tanner constantly put himself last. Always last to the dinner table. Last to serve himself. Last to take a shower. Last to go to bed. Last to wake in the morning. Last to the car. Last to laugh. Last to express an opinion. He was the nerd of the family and he wore it proudly.

All four of them stood outside the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron and stared at each other. Sophia glared at Tanner with a nudging plead that prompted him to go before her. Speak, you idiot. "I don't know what I'm going to do, but I'll be at the entrance when you guys get there." The odd thing about Tanner is everybody else knew what he would do. When they meet again, Tanner will have spent most of his time either at an arcade or sitting on a park bench playing games on his phone. Mr. and Mrs. Waldron had tried all week to get his face off the screen, but found no success. And with that, Tanner walked off into the wonder of the magical world, his magical world.

It's now or never. At the age of fourteen, this would not be easy. But, Sophia channeled her best five-year old charm, took her daddy's hand, looked her mommy in the eyes, and asked "Would it be okay if I just hang with you guys today?"

Mrs. Waldron's eyes twinkled as she stared back at her daughter and Sophia could feel the grip of her father's hand grow even tighter.

Sophia's mother cupped her cheek and rested her thumb on her chin. "Honey, you sure you want to hang with your dad and me? It's your last day."

Sophia took her mother's hand so that their fingers were intertwined. "Of course I do. I can't think of a better way to finish vacation than being with the two people who brought me into this world. Two people I love most." Sophia tightened her grip on her parents' hands and took an uncertain path deeper into the world of magical wonder. "Where do y'all want to go?"

Sophia could feel her parents beaming with pride, that they had raised such a sensitive, caring, and loving daughter.  Perhaps this would be easier than expected.


For the next three hours, Sophia made certain she laughed at every single joke her father made, even the most corny. One of the things Sophia loved most about her dad was his ability to have a good time no matter where he was. Not that he was the loudest voice in the room, but Ken Waldron had the ability to both entertain himself and those around him with the simple art of storytelling. They sat together at a table eating one last bite of ice cream before leaving the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for home. They giggled together as they made up stories about the people passing by who were wearing costumes from the beloved story.

Mr. Waldron used a menacing Hagrid voice when a rather large man walked by who dawned a fake beard and a large over coat. Mrs. Waldron replied in kind with her best Professor McGonagall impression. And another Harry Potter passed by with a painted scar on his forehead and round spectacles on his nose. This prompted the wanna-be Hagrid to joke, "Hey, why did Harry Potter cross the road?"

Sophia never heard the punchline. She had begun a search for just the right person. Better get going. With just less than an hour before her family had to leave, Sophia spotted her much needed catalyst to make her plan a reality.

Over McGonagall's crackle of a laugh, Sophia spoke with her sweetest whisper, "Daddy, see that girl over there. The one with her dad?" A little girl, wearing a witch's robe and hat was bounding through the park with her parents. She was holding her father's hand with her left and waving a wand with her right. Her hair was long, brown, and straight, just like Sophia's. She was tall, slender, and gawky, just like Sophia. And she wore on her face the biggest smile a child could have.

Mr. Waldron took Sophia's lead and leaned in. He gave a slight nod in the direction of the young girl and whispered, "You mean that one that would have been you five years ago?" He turned the other direction and rubbed the back of his neck as to not be noticed.

"Yeah," Sophia returned the stealthy. "Could you tell me a story about her?"

"Well, let's see. She needs a name." Mr. Waldron sat up proudly, looked up into the sky, and spotted a puffy cloud that could provide shade to the wanting crowd below. He raised his eyebrows and nodded his head. "Yes, there was a little girl with long, brown hair and the deepest of deep brown eyes. She had a rounded nose and cute dimples that revealed themselves every time she smiled. So of course, here dimples were always showing because she was almost always smiling."

"So what's her name, daddy?" Sophia did here best to look completely enthralled with her father's imagination.

"Oh, right, one musn't forget the name." Mr. Waldron spoke with authority, "Her name, Miranda."

"I like that name. Maybe I'll name my first daughter Miranda."

"Oh, I don't know honey. You see, though Miranda smiled a lot, she had secrets, deep dark secrets. Though Miranda appeared to be like most nine-year olds, there was much more to this little girl than just her hair, eyes, and dimples. You see, at the age of nine, Miranda had already become a highly accomplished witch. At night, when her parents were asleep, she would study her father's old Hogwarts textbooks."

"Hogwarts, are you sure about that?" Sophia gave her dad a quizzical look. "Where does she live?"

"That's right. I didn't think about that." Her dad nodded to Sophia and switched gears. "Let's see. Miranda lived in Massachusetts. And her dad wouldn't have gone to school across the pond."

Sophia interjected, "I think the school would be Ilvermorny then. That's where American witches and wizards go to school."

"Ilvermorny it is then." Mr. Waldron cleared his throat and restarted the story. "Miranda would sneak out of her room and night and read her dad's old textbooks from Ilvermonry. Now, Miranda was just nine years old, but one peculiar thing about her, though, is that her parents were nearly 80 years old. You see, years and years ago, Miranda was growing up just like any other child. But one day, Miranda's father accidently killed a young girl in a terrible Quidditch accident. The girl's father was a powerful wizard named Folgerin. When he realized that nothing could bring his daughter back, he grieved for months and months. Then one day, in retribution, he placed an irreversible curse on Miranda, the daughter of the man who killed his own. Folgerin had blamed Miranda's father even though it was a tragic accident. Folgerin's curse stopped Miranda from ever growing old. You see, though only nine years old, Miranda had lived for more than 60 years. The curse that Folgerin placed on Miranda was a terrible, awful curse. Folgerin did not stoop to the depth of murder, but instead stooped even lower. Miranda, you see, will forever be nine years old."

"What's so bad about that?" Sophia sat confused. "Why would you think that Folgerin's curse was worse than death?"

Mr. Waldron leaned forward and looked to the ground. "Think about it. Miranda's parents would never see their daughter grow up. She would never turn 10 and go off to school. She would never meet a nice young man. She would never get married. She would never have children. She would never grow old."

"Yeas, but at least Miranda would be alive."

"Sophia, there is a difference between being alive and living life." Mr. Waldron tried to explain further.  "Miranda could only live life up to a certain point, nine years. She was alive, but her life would always be limited to how a nine-year old sees and understands the world."

"I'm not so sure dad. I'm only fourteen, but life sometimes seemed better when I was nine. Life just seems to get more complicated as I get older. Sometimes being nine years old doesn't sound so bad."

"Nah." Mr. Waldron put his arm around Sophia and brought her in close. "Sophia, one of the greatest joys parents have in life comes from watching their children grow up, watching them become the great men and women they are meant to be. You have so much to look forward to. Just think, high school starts in a couple weeks. Old friends. New friends. New teachers. Everything new. You should know that I am so proud of the woman, the lady, you are becoming."

Sophia looked at her hands and reminded herself of the ultimate goal for the day. She laughed and slugged her father in the arm, "And I am of proud my mommy and daddy!" Sophia steered the conversation back to the story of Miranda, "Wait dad. I have a question about nine-year old Miranda."

Mr. Waldron took a beat. "Okay, what about Miranda?"

Sophia gestured toward the young girl who was now walking away with her dad on the next great adventure in the world of Harry Potter. "You said she is nine years old. But something is wrong with her."

"That's right, I said she had been cursed."

"No," Sophia jolted. Not so hard. Not so fast. She eased up a bit. "Take a look at her. There is a flaw in your story." Sophia loved challenging her dad and he always accepted the challenge.

"Hmmm. She was nine. So, she couldn't go to school. I know that man doesn't look eighty, but that is just storytelling liberty."

Sophia smiled at her dad, "Yeah, that's not it." It's time to go for it. "What is she holding?"

Mr. Waldron squinted at the now distant family. "She's holding her dad's hand and a wand."

Sophia stood up and said with excitement, "That's right! So, if she was only nine-years old, and if she was forbidden to go to school, then how does she have a wand? You have to be at least ten years old to have a wand. And even though she read books about witchcraft and wizardry, how could she have ever practiced with a wand? There is no way her parents would have left their wands unprotected. And Ilvermorny students didn't even get to take their wands home until they were of age, seventeen." Sophia continued in a commanding voice, "And if this nine-year old girl were to use any magic at all with a wand, her family would have been visited by some magical law enforcement guy."

Mr. Waldron laughed with his daughter, "I guess not all stories are perfect. We'll have to make an adjustment."

Perfect. Sophia pounced before the moment got away. "Daddy, I want to go to one more place before we leave."

"It's getting kind of late. We're supposed to meet your brothers in about half an hour at the front gate."

"But there is something I want to get," Sophia pooched her lips and made her eyes as sad as possible. "Please, please, please."

Sophia's mom broke her silence, "I think we should head up the front gate now. I don't want to take a chance of us missing the shuttle. We have a flight to catch."

Crud. Sophia sensed her chances falling quickly and countered. "I haven't bought anything all week, and I finally know what I want. Can't we just run over to the shop? I know exactly where it is and it won't take long." Sophia channeled the most innocent voice possible, "I promise."

Mrs. Waldron saw the desperation in her daughter's eyes and relented. "Well, how about this? I'll go up to the front gate and wait for the boys. You two go and we'll meet you at one-fifteen."

Sophia hugged her mom and nearly knocked her over. "Thanks mom, you're the best." With that, she grabbed her father's hand and begun drugging him to her destination. Worked to perfection!

Mr. Waldron struggled to give his wife a kiss and stumbled while being drug away.

"Where are you taking me?"

Sophia raced forward with her father in tow, "Ollivander's!"


"No, this one doesn't seem right either." Sophia stood in a crowded store with shelves lined with boxes of alongside lots of other Harry Potter paraphernalia. She had waited to visit the store until the last minute. How could her father say no now?

Mr. Waldron looked at his watch and urged Sophia, "We only a few minutes before we need to head out. How about the Draco Malfoy? Did you try it?"

Harry Potter's. Hermione Granger's. Professor Snape's. The Elder Wand. All of them. "None of them are right." Sophia laughed at herself in helpless desperation. "Ollivander said the wand chooses the wizard. I just figured I'd know when a wand felt right."

"Honey, you know it's all just a story, right?" Mr. Waldron furled his brow and continued. "If you want a wand, you better choose quickly." He nodded toward the check out line, "Looks like it could take a while to check out."

Just then, a young man dressed in old-style white shirt, blue vest, and dark brown carpenter pants jumped into the conversation. "Welcome to Ollivander's. I couldn't help but hearing that you're in a hurry."

Sophia nearly lost her breath when she looked at him. His blue eyes were piercing and his dark black hair perfectly in place. He spoke with a telling British accent that added to his presence.

The young man offered his hand to Mr. Waldron. As they shook, he spoke, "My name is Will."

Mr. Waldron returned the favor, "Ken."

"Your daughter seems to be quite particular." Will smiled at Sophia, "I'm surprised you didn't procure the Granger wand. It seems to be the favorite among lovely young ladies such as yourself."

Sophia blushed. Did I put on the right makeup today? Did I brush my teeth? Is my hair okay? Why did I wear this stupid shirt?

Clearly unimpressed, Mr. Waldron interjected. "Excuse me . . . Will." Perplexed, "Sophia, I think we need to get out of here. We can get you a wand on Amazon or something." He made a move to the door.

Sophia ignored her father's words. She caressed her hair over her right ear and replied in a sassy tone to Will, "Maybe I'm not like Mrs. Granger." What was that voice?

Will chuckled, "That's too bad. I kinda like Hermione. She's a brilliant warrior, a compassionate leader, and a risk-taker." Will eyed Sophia and smiled. "My type of girl"

Sophia could feel Will's eyes piercing even more deeply into her and it made her uncomfortable. What is going on?

"Are you sure you're not like Hermione?" Will paused and then turned to Mr. Waldron who had grown visibly riled. "I'm sorry if I seemed too forward. My mum and dad have always said I have a tendency to be too forward." Will bowed his head and spoke with a sincere voice, "I give you my deepest apologies and respect to you and your daughter."

The expression on Mr. Waldron's face softened and his shoulders lowered slightly, "It's okay. Trust me. I get it. Just be careful how you talk to Sophia and anyone else's little girl for that matter."

Sophia grew flushed at her father's comment. How in the world could he say that! But she had no words to say.

Will continued in an expected whisper, "I know you have to be leaving soon, but I think I may have something that can solve this lovel...this young lady's dilemma."

Sophia perked up, but Mr. Waldron looked his watch again. "We really need to get going."

"It will not take long. Just come with me this way if you want a true Ollivander experience!" Will pointed to a hallway that had couple doors at the end.

Sophia pleaded to her dad without using words.

"Five minutes." He had grown tired of Ollivander's and his patience had dissolved to nothing. Sophia, however, was elated.

Will lead Sophia and her dad to a room that was arranged as a small warehouse or a rather large closet. The room had shelves on the far wall from the door that contained about 30 elongated boxes. One small wooden table sat in the middle of the room with two stools pushed under. "Have a seat!"

Sophia scraped the floor with the heavier than expected wooden stool, put her backpack under the table, and sat down. Mr. Waldron did not follow suit, but instead stood behind his daughter with his hand on her shoulders.

Mr. Waldron sighed and motioned to his daughter with four fingers in the air and pointed to his watch. Time moved quickly.

Will studied Sophia for what felt like a full minute. "We can't rush these things. . ."

Three fingers in the air.

For what may be the first time in her life, Sophia could not take her eyes off of a boy. Will could not have been more than seventeen years old. Is he still in high school? But as he gazed into her eyes, Sophia felt as though he was probing her entire mind, her very soul. Invigorating and terrifying. She loved it.

Will looked at Sophia and looked at the boxes on the shelf. "Yes, yes." His excitement had grown and filled the room with positive energy.

Mr. Waldron thoroughly tired of the show that Will was putting on. He was resolved, however, to stay true to his word. . . and exactly his word. No longer in silence, Mr. Waldron sounded, "Two minutes."

Will grabbed the third box from the right on the middle shelf. It was tucked under another box not quite as big. "I think this will be the perfect wand for you. Rowan wood. Dragon Heartstring. Twelve and a half inches." He placed the box in front of Sophia and nudged it toward her.

Amuzed, Sophia retorted, "You think this wand is for me, huh." This guy is amazingly beautiful.

"Yes, I do." Will continued to sell. "These wands are special. They are not like the replicas out front. These are all hand made, unique in quality and style. Each has only been touched by its maker. Never another hand laid upon them."

"And how much do these cost?" Mr. Waldron clearly agitated.

Sophia never heard the conversation between her dad and Will. While they were talking about the differences in quality and price, Sophia opened the box containing the hand-made wand and marveled at the beauty that lay before her. Rowan wood. Wonder where that comes from? Dragon heartstring. Wonder what's really in there? She slowly slid her fingertips from the tip of the wand down to the handle. She had forgotten that two other people were in the room with her. It was just Sophia and the wand in the magical world of Harry Potter. She removed the wand from its former resting place, grasped it firmly in her right hand and held it aloft in front of her eyes. She turned her palm up and opened her fist. The wand was in perfect balance. She closed her hand around the wand once again. She closed her eyes and wisped the wand through the air.  I am the first to touch this wand, the first to wave this wand. Sophia had become instantly attached to the Rowan wood masterpiece. She felt a warmth flowing from her hand and down through her body like she had never experienced before. This was the wand for her. This is what I came here for.

When Sophia came back to reality, the first words she heard came from Mr. Waldron, "There is no way I am gonna pay that much money for a wooden stick."

Sophia cut across her father's word. "This is the wand. This is my wand. Daddy, we have to get it. I can help pay for it. I still have $40 left. I'll buy it with my own money."

Mr. Waldron scoffed. "Honey, perhaps for $40 dollars, they'll let you take a picture of the box it came in."

Sophia's plan had come unraveled. The replica wands had disappointed her and now this astronomically unaffordable wand had won her heart. I have to have this wand.

"We really need to go. That shuttle will leave without us if we don't hurry."

"But..." Sophia didn't know what else to say or do. She had finally found the one thing she wanted from the world of Harry Potter and it was beyond her reach. Why did Will show us this stupid thing anyway?  "But daddy, no. . ."

Mr. Waldron was already half-way down the hallway when he turned and asserted, "Let's go, Sophia."

Sophia leapt from the table and turned without looking back at will. With disappointment in her voice, "Thanks, Will. Maybe next time." Sophia's heart was breaking. "If there ever is a next time." Silly, stupid wand she tried to convince herself.

Sophia and her father had paced nearly a minutes from Ollivander's when Sophia realized she had left something. "Dad, my backpack!"

"You better hurry." Mr. Waldron was now agitated more than ever, even more than when Layton had returned to the hotel room after one in the morning two nights ago.

When Sophia made it to the shadows of Ollivander's shop, she was surprised to find that Will was also rushing through out the door.

"Hey, you forgot this." Will held out Sophia's backpack.

Out of breath, Sophia could feel the red coming from her neck and up through her face. Oh my gosh he is amazing! She looked down at her feet and uttered, "Thanks." She attempted to take the bag from Will, but when he wouldn't let go, she looked up at him.

"Hey, my pleasure, Sophia." Will smiled at the girl standing before him. "You better get going. You're dad seemed quite perturbed."

Sophia snickered and rolled her eyes a bit, "Yeah, he was. He gets like that some times. But he's the best dad in the world."

"He seems alright, you know."

Sophia left the shop. Her heart raced. She had met a guy who, for the first time in her life, left her soul wanting more. Why didn't I go to Ollivander's on the first day? Stupid plan. She failed to fulfill her dream of buying the perfect wand. Who wants one from Amazon? She had just experienced the vacation of her dreams. Maybe we'll come back next year! The wand can wait. Her heart fluttered every time she pictured Will in her mind's eyes. Why didn't I get his last name? We could always connect on Instagram! Maybe I can still find out who he is! Mostly though, Sophia was crushed. The last fifteen minutes had been a complete disaster. She had met a boy she'd never see again. She had met a wand she'd never hold again.


Sophia soon caught up to her family. It turned out she had more than just a few minutes to spare because the shuttle had run a few minutes late. Before long, Mr. and Mrs. Waldron, Layton, Tanner, and Sophia were all on the plane headed back home to Cedar Park, Texas. The four-hour flight was followed by an hour car ride home. She had not said much on the trip. The disappointment of not getting a wand had waned a bit. I am fourteen years old and entering high school in just a couple weeks. Just like her dad said earlier, her life would be filled with band, football games, old friends, new friends, and harder classes than ever before. Back to normal. Everything was normal, except for the haunting image of Will. His jet black hair and breath-taking blue eyes were all she could see when she closed her eyes. Will. Wand. Will.

The mantra proved true every time they returned home from a long trip. Mrs. Waldron insisted that everyone unpack before going to bed. The task was not enjoyable, but Sophia had always appreciated it the next morning when everything was already in its place. Sophia's dad, however, usually balked when it was time to unpack. He claimed that the driving made him tired and that all he wanted to do was take a shower, get into pajamas, and climb into his own bed. The luggage could wait. It seemed as though her dad would take days to unpack just to spite her mom. Playful they were.

Sophia emptied her suitcase, returned it to the garage, said goodnight to her parents, went back to her room, closed the door, and got ready for bed. What a weird day!  What a terrible day! She had tucked herself into bed when she realized that she did not have Koko. Koko was a stuffed Koala teddy-bear she received when she was just an infant. Sophia had slept with Koko every night she could ever remember, except for the time she was eleven years old and spent the night with her best friend, Kaitlyn Spence. Sophia was embarrassed to bring Koko along and it had turned out to be the worst night's sleep ever. What made things worse is that it turned out the Kaitlyn had a favorite stuffed animal of her own! From that night forward, Sophia vowed to never be embarrassed of Koko. Her future husband was just going to have to accept him as a part of her.

She had carried Koko in her backpack the whole trip, even when they were at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. She would not take a chance of him being left behind in lost luggage or swapped by a cleaning lady.

So, Sophia grabbed her backpack from the foot of her bed and opened it up. "Come here, Koko. I'm sorry I left you in there so long." Just as expected, Koko lay with arms open wide at the top of her things. She was thrilled to embrace him once again. She had lots to talk about and Koko was the perfect listener. She gave him a hug and plopped back into her bed. The jostling of the bed, however, caused her backpack to fall open to the ground, which created a small pile of junk on the floor. Ticket stubs. Food wrappers. A Universal Studios map. And one other thing.

"Koko, what is that?" Sophia stared at the ground with astonishment. There on her bedroom floor, Sophia gazed at an elongated box, a box just like the ones in the backroom of Ollivander's. For a moment, Sophia panicked, "Oh no!" Did I shoplift a wand? She realized, however, that there was no way that she could have done so. It was Will who brought her backpack to her. She had rushed out of Ollivander's with nothing in her hand. She looked at the box a little closer and discovered something else. A note?

Ever so slowly, Sophia knelt to the floor and examined this odd surprise. She reached for the box but pulled her hand back in feaer. She could see that the note was clumsily taped to the box and that the writing appeared rushed. Afraid that her mom or dad might come into her room at anytime to give one last kiss before bed, she crept over to her door on her hands and knees to turn the lock. Sophia could feel her heart pounding out of her chest. Sweat beads formed on her forehead. Her breath became rapid and tears formed in her eyes. She laid flat on the floor and tried to read the note without touching it, but the fold was too tight. She could not make out the words.

After staring at the note and the box for what must have been ten minutes, Sophia gained her composure and conjured up the bravery. I'm so scared!

Sophia removed the note from the box and ever so slowly opened the fold. She found on the note just seven simple words. Confusing words. Frightening words. Exhilarating words. She read them over an over again to try to make sense of them.

After a few more minutes, she reread the note for about the hundredth time and whispered the words aloud, "Because the wand chose you! William Beck."

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