The Kind That Knew Too Much

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Submitted: September 08, 2016

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Submitted: September 08, 2016



 There was a time when everything was left to honor. The kind of times you get when you realized the responsibility that comes with being a part of humanity. In those times a courageous warrior came along with the same challenge everyone came in those ages. A single man, a single sword, a single sin, being but a regular man with a sign that described ‘do not engage me’. We’re not talking about a literal sign, of course, but the kind of sign that carries one’s pupil, a dilated one that would provoke exactly the opposite against others. This town was well endured and didn’t have any problem until then. It is not that other warriors haven’t come into town. They cause no problem to the locals since it was the best place for old masters to train a live in tranquility.

 The challenger took with him every single sip of honor everyone had left as he went to face them one to one. It was amazing to see the dance of the swords that know no other purpose but the one that fights always have. To defense one’s heart, and to offense the opponent’s. He was glorious. No one could rebate his unique technique. However there’s always one person that stands in the way of someone like that, in fact, that person is always the one you least spect them to be.

 I would like to say it was a wise and old warrior who won thousands of wars in command. I would also like to say it was the best at everything, and that the battle was about power. Instead of everything I said, it was but a young novice with the sword. He faced him while being the last man standing.

- I know your kind.

- What kind?

- The kind of person that doesn’t want to look back at what he has lost, and instead, makes everyone else lose everything.

 The kid had already won, for the very flaw make him angry leaving him exposed. When facing his blade, the village challenger said ‘I can’t believe a kid like you would use both swords like that’. ‘I am not a kid anymore’ he replied, and turned around with a last glance.

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