Real Journalism, Or "Reality" News?

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Submitted: September 08, 2016

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Submitted: September 08, 2016



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If anyone watched last night's Commander-in-Chief-Forum, and came away with a more favorable opinion of Donald Trump, I don't know what you were watching, because it certainly wasn't that. To me, he just reinforced my opinion that he's so unfit for the office of president, that I can't even think of a phrase that would describe it, 'never seen a person unfitter?' 


While they both repeatedly attacked the other, and had been warned not to, her attacks were on his fitness to be president, while his often strained credibility, claiming that because she was Secretary of State in the Obama administration, it was somehow her fault about some of his more controversial decisions. He blamed an integrated military for instances of rape. Hey, knuckle-dragger, wake up and smell the new millennium. People are more enlightened now, supposedly, although with all your support, that theory in quickly disappearing. And, he refused to disavow a statement he made praising the Russian President Putin, in which he gave him an 'A", because he's strong. Yeah, he's strong, alright, a strongman! In this alternative reality he and his supporters appear to be living in, up is down, back is white, and previously-campaign-killing statements such as these are popularity-increasing.


I remember the 2008 election, which the media portrayed right up to election day as 'a squeaker'--it wasn't, and I remember the 2012 election, in which polls indicated a Romney triumph, joyfully parroted by the media--he didn't win, in fact, it wasn't really that close. So sure of a Romney win were some networks, when the election was called for President Obama, one Fox News host actually told a reporter to 'check again, because that can't be right.' Makes one wonder if anything you see and hear in the news reflects reality, or the networks' desires? Now, I might be full of it, and I'll wake up one morning to a President Trump world, but I'm just wondering if we're getting the truth?


And, it sure looks to me like the networks are doing their best to keep it a close race, so you'll stay tuned in, all day, every day, by bringing up every perceived weakness of Clinton, and hammering in like a nail of the damned. Guests call her 'dishonest' without being questioned as to why. The statement's just left hanging there, so that the viewer thinks 'well, it must be true!'


Are the networks reporting facts or are they trying to influence the race? The answer to that question could signal the end of real journalism, and the start of "reality" news.

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