Thought Proccess One

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Just a collection of thoughts and fantasy of my own creation, I am not a professional and have no concerns for proper English Grammar. Thanks for reading and I hope you have thoughts as expansive as the universe.

Submitted: September 08, 2016

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Submitted: September 08, 2016




I have once gazed inside the void of what you call “depression”. It as if though fear, selfishness,and all "bad" emotions were formed into a black ball. And a beast of ultimate proportions has crushed it, micro densitized it into an even smaller mass, and forced it right into you’re heart. It is both painful and inigorating at the same time. I stare into the void, both confined to my mind and anchored to the world.


I have had many ideals and thoughts from all spectrums, I believe that i am in existance on many planes of coinciousness. What is it that I do ? Why do I do it? How many forms of myself in the exact time are doing the same or maybe nothing at all ? I have a theory. A theory, on the tree I like to call a “parodox tree”. Have you ever felt a sensation after a jinx ? Like you have made the exact opposite choice at the same time somewhere in the distant existance ? Then you would be correct in a way.

When a human being is faced with choices is the moment when the tree begins. Its starts the very single moment of your beginning. when you wake up in you’re bed in the morning you have the infinity of choices. Do you go back to sleep ? do you lie there and think of what you will do that day ?. Choices…the tree is diverse as the cosmose iself, and forever growing untill the day that every single path is closed, the end of every version of yourself.


Have you ever been so sure you might be dying ? Lets Just say for years apon years you thought of yourself as already dead ? Maybe you are, maybe you are in a world full of spirits perfectly parallel to the world of the living, and they are in perfect harmony. Perhaps you died and went over and you would not have even known ? What if it was just the opposite and everytime you passed you just went back to the opposite side until the true intended time has come ? But then what ?


Let’s take a moment of placing dreams and paradoxes together. What if everytime we went to sleep at night our consiousness and souls jumped into the other bodies of ouselves ? and just for those breif moments we are living the other forms life ? When we die we might just slip away, the tree branch of the paradox tree ends and we just take over another paradox? How ? Through a guess of that form also ceasing to exist. Like a form of leapfrog between paradoxes and souls. Say you went to bed tonight and found yourself in this most amazing dream where everything was spectacular and it was everything you wanted. Suddenly you are ripped away into the cold confines of reality, you might think that you came back to the same place where you started. But how to you truly know that if one cannot predict the future ?


 You could guess, that you have come back from you’re dream. I think wrong, I believe we are rejected from this dream this “paradox” because I believe that is what dreams truly are, test driving a new place in existence. If it takes, we “jump” or “die” from our previous existance and procceed within the new. And at the same point from another paradox, jumps in and takes over the old one we left behind. You could say that perfect dream is the point of death, the so called “Heaven” of many religions.


Some people would say that they cannot have dreams, that there is nothing after death. You could very well be right, but if say an Athiest dreams then the theory could be wrong or correct, it’s the possibility that is stimulating, the “what if”. But what if you have repetitive dreaming ? Well, perhaps the wheel might get stuck, perfection and imperfection have equal placements in reality I feel, and for quite a while you might occationally find yourself stuck. Everybody wants to be happy, maybe everybody isn’t meant to be. This could be the theory of “hell” the paradox in which everything goes wrong and nothing works out. Maybe this soul in particular, the one that which is you’re mind and soul right now played the wrong cards in “fate” but at the same time the next you to jump in place of your old on might think of that as “hell”.


Something Different


I always find myself looking at odd facts, and how I proccess is exactly the same as thousands if not millions of others. Take for example, that eyes cannot see past a certain amount of distance. That is completey unacceptable, look up at the sky, you are seeing lightyears into the unknown and in a microscopic spec in that blue sky is another person looking exactly at you gaxalies away. Farfeched it may seem but they say you cant see micro organisms because they are too small for the “human eye”. It’s wrong because you can see it, it is just blended in. like looking at camoflouge in the form of distance and size. We do in fact see it, we just use tools to be able to spot it better. The same with everything in the sky, we see forever, we just don’t comprehend what we are seeing. A fun thing I like to do is I like to stand on a platform above the ground looking at the ground, and with a little mind trickery I like to feel that I am miles above the ground and what I am looking at are thousands of trees, or the dirt is miles of nothing. “Those people look like ants” is normally what a person would say if they really were up high. It is the same when I stand there looking at the ground, that my eyes are where my feet are. Standing on top of a monolith that is my body. Like a pilot staring out of his cockpit. If you believe enough. You could see as far way as you want to.


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