Woman/ Man of MY dreams

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Submitted: September 09, 2016

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Submitted: September 09, 2016



Woman/Man of my dreams


No Thank you We don’t do sex

We are interested in a relationship

You are the woman/Man of my dreams


Be my mate

Be my friend

Be my trophy girl/guy

I am on a singles network

I am celibate

I will be ever loyal and true

I won’t ever hurt your feelings

No thank you all the same


Am I the woman/man of your dreams

I may not be super rich

But I am super confident

I will put you on a pedestal

I will make you a queen/king

Do you want a daring life

A life full of adventure

Not a dull moment in your life

I am a handsome stud

No thank you all the same


I won’t woo I won’t date you

Take the vow of celibacy

I will be your mate

I will cherish you

I will take you to lands far away

We will live for free

Not a worry in the world

Will you for ever be mine

No thank you all the same


I will deck you with pearls

I will deck you with diamonds

No currying favour

No currying flavor

I have no connection to high places

I am a gypsy I am a wanderer

I am a King too

Do you love me darling

No Thank you No Thank you


Since when did a woman/man walk  here

And call me her/his mate

All that does not work here

I have no intention of being celibate

No thank you all the same


Am I the woman/man of your dreams

I will show you the Blue Lagoon way

Never again will you ask for sex

My Darling am I your mate?


Am I the woman/man of your dreams

I will full fill your every dream

I am royal I am majestic

I may not be handsome

I may be of average height

But I am taller than you

I am the right height for you

No thank you no thank you all the same

I may not be happy with my career

But marriage is not the answer

I am not religious

Money I can, have to make


Who said anything about marriage

These diamonds are yours to take

No strings attached

They will make you super rich

I have chosen you

OH my prime mate

Am I yours to make


The real is boring

The unreal is a lure

It is most interesting

The world of my dreams

I am free to love

No asking love in return

Are you the woman/man of my dreams?

No answer to that......

You will see me once in a Blue moon

You won’t see me everyday

You are free to pursue your career

Welcome to the Blue Lagoon

My prime mate

Ok ok.... I will consider it

After all I have waited long and hard

.....For such a woman/man

Did you have to surprise me

By turning up out of the blue

Give me time to think

You..... you... Velar priest !


I am tender I am loving

I may be celibate

But I do know what love is

The beauty is in the relationship

Do you know what love is Darling

I know you do

 I am Sagittarian

I am fun loving, I have the wander lust

I love my Dog I know what sex is

Do you want to come too

To my world The Blue Lagoon

A wonderful place it is too

But I have one failing

I am impatient too


Don’t push it, don’t shove it

Give me a little time to think

Where is this Blue Lagoon

That you wax so eloquent about

I won’t do service, I won’t marry you

Are you sure I am the man/woman of your dreams?


I am positive that you are

the man/woman of my dreams

I have searched far and wide

For one such as you

I read your profile

I like everything you do

I will teach you about the Blue Lagoon

If you be so interested which Blue Lagoon

do you want to go to?


Sweetie,  Love Wonderful though your world may be

Loving though you may be

I do not want to move

I am happy where I am

No Thank you No Thank you


The Blue Lagoon is not far away

It is a Kilometre from you, place

Look for me there Darling

In future’s time and space




© Copyright 2018 Katherine Kelly Lang. All rights reserved.

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