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Submitted: September 09, 2016

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Submitted: September 09, 2016



Look at me
she said
look how I can fly
but of course

she couldn't fly
it was all part
of her mental illness
that aspect

she never saw
that o I am not well
kind of thing
just that

I am flying buzz
and so they tried
to get her back
from the window ledge

tried to get her
to unbuzz
come on in Lilly
come on in

the air is safer
in here
but she wasn't convinced
and so stood

her arms out stretched
eyes large and watery
it's so nice here
the air is fresh

and I can see
the tall building
where Joe used to work
she said

looking with a hand
over her brows
to block out the sun
come on in Lilly

they said
it is safer in here
o go to hell
she said

you're always
trying to get me
to do things
I don't want to

like that time
you made me
do those things
or Joe did

and hey where is Joe
O come on in Lilly

don't be like that
don't be silly
she stepped to the edge
her feet half way

over the ledge
and she wobbled some
and then she looked
back at them

and said
it's all buzzing
inside my head.

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