Acting on Instincts

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A poor desperate child at the end of her rope uses her powers to find the only person that can save her and her brother. A black hearted witch named Lorna.

Submitted: September 09, 2016

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Submitted: September 09, 2016



Acting on Instincts


Tired, scared, and desperate. Were three good words to describe Abby. But there was another word that rose above those three. Hungry. Without food there was no life. The normally short stalky child who was on the edge of childhood had over the last winter turned almost into a walking skeleton. Unwashed and wearing filthy rags tied into the resemblance of clothes Abby was a sad sight to see. No food meant no life. Yet despite her outer appearance her bright brown eyes blazed with a fire. Abby was no normal orphaned girl. She was a survivor. Her body moved slowly and yearned to lay down and die but her soul by will alone kept her moving.

After hours of drugging through the darkest parts of the wilderness outside of the village Abby had finally reached her destination. A low squat hut with molded green thatched roof. Months after spring should have come the rain was coming down in big fat drops from the canopy of trees over her head and the forest was almost pitch black. Cold but not cold enough to freeze it was that perfect combination of soaking miserable that had made a lot of orphans and robbed a lot of parents of their children. Yet the never silent hunger had forced her to move out of the safety of her own home to find help from her desperate plight. Following her instincts which had never failed her she had wandered through the wilderness letting her steps be dictated by a knowledge she had had since birth but never understood. Yet she was also conflicted as her rock solid instincts had split and were at war in her head. One part screamed that salvation was just past the door of the creepy hut which held the most feared witch in the land yet another part equally screamed that her life would end the moment she reached the door.

Taking a moment to ignore the urges in her head she stopped to think about her actions. Starving and her brother dying she was in a perilous dilemma. For over a month she had been unable to feed her or her brother any substantial meal. Since becoming an orphan several years ago she had always been able to keep herself and her brother fed yet this blasted never ending winter had pushed her to the brink of ultimate failure. Her “abilities” were clear now that she stopped to think about it. She would live and her brother would live but she would have to sacrifice her life. Yet if she did not get help now her brother would be dead before the sun set. Despite the distance she could feel his life slipping away from his body. Stopping to think over the situation had made no difference. Circumstances had dictated her actions for her and thinking was only robbing Lance of his short precious time he had left. Cursing under her breath like an adult the child pushed forward walking as briskly as her starved legs would move.

Reaching the molded door, she noticed details she had missed at a distance because of the gloom. The door had a purple eye drawn on it and black streaks running down the door as if the house had been bleeding at the crack of the door. Without warning and without knocking the door flew open revealing an ancient bowed over old hag of a lady. Shocked and in fear Abby was frozen her gaze locked on to the old witch’s eyes. The moment grew into seconds as Abby took in the witch's eyes. They were a rusty dark colored red that was close to the shade of old blood. The witches skin hung in thin paper like folds and there was barely any of her long wispy grey hair left yet her teeth were a complete contradiction. Perfectly straight and ivory white her perfect teeth defied her ancient flesh. Frozen in place the longer she stared the less of the appearance that kept her frozen in place and more of what she could sense behind the eyes that froze her blood. The flesh was a ruse. A mountain of power and strength as Abby had never seen or felt was just behind those blood red eyes. It wasn’t just power but a malevolent entity that destroyed any inconvenience that dared cross her path. The human flesh was a disguise. She was a predator of predators. And Abby was just a mouse in front of a lion. “Well out with it child!” The witch screamed. Although the witch’s body was only slighter taller than Abby’s the sound was unnaturally loud for such a small frame. Closing her mouth Abbey tries speak but only incoherent gibberish escapes her throat. SMACK. Out of nowhere the witch pelts Abby in the head with a staff in her hand that had been empty just a moment before. “Well, do you want to say anything or just stand there and be abused?” The witch continues. Despite her best efforts Abbey can’t seem to get her mouth to move. With a sound of disgust, the witch slams the door. In shock, Abby realizes she is not even worth the witch's wrath.

Standing in front of the slammed door I am numbed at the rejection. My instincts which have given me the power to stay alive in a cruel world have led me to this door and now I couldn’t even speak. Normally I can keep my emotions in check but knowing I will never see my brother alive again cracks something in my head and all control is lost.

Abbey drops to her knees beating and screaming at the door the witch had slammed. After 3 years of keeping her brother alive she was going to be alone. The only thing she had ever cherished gone.


“Help! Help! Please Help! I will give anything and everything I am!” On and on she screams and beats at the door. After some time, the exertion catches up to her starved body and against her will she blacks out falling to the ground. As the door vanishes to the blackness her sight is replaced by the image of her brother laying on a cot in a hut she had made with her own hands. In the gloom of a dying fire she can lip read her dying brother’s silent words. “Don’t leave Abby, please don’t leave. I don’t want to be alone.” Tears run down his pale face as his weak chest shakes in agonizing fear and sadness. Abby’s heart shatters under the pain. He is crying and dying alone and she is passed out from exertion. She is mere feet from the one person who can help. Lorna, the town witch has food. She has magic. The child’s pain ignites a fire. Unaware of where the fuel is coming from Abby comes too and jumps to her feet. “Answer me, you fool witch!” With that said she hits the door but instead of her hand bouncing off of the thick wooden door it flies backwards taking half of the door frame with it. No more than 4 feet in the door explodes into splinters as the door hits the witch. Even though the door could have weighed as much as 100 pounds the impact of the door has zero effect on the witch's stance. Once again staring the witch in the eyes Abby finds herself in the presence of absolute power. The once red almost human eyes are now pitch black without the least bit of white. Abby's special powers allow her to almost see the beast behind the eyes and she knows its power is absolute. Falling to her knees Abbey drops her eyes to the ground as she bows her head. The two urges in her head have turned to one. What is done is done and now all she can do is completely surrender and offer herself to the witch. Although never seeing royalty the instincts in her head lead her in perfect subservice. “Please do not strike mighty and powerful one. I will give anything and everything I am to you if you will save my brother. I do not know my worth but with such power at your fingertips you can spare the tiniest of a fraction of your power to do a lifelong slave a boon.” The feeling in her head tells her to stop ranting, what she has said is enough and anything more will be excessive and likely to anger the creature. After a short pause and without ever hearing the witch approach Abby feels bonelike hands grab around her throat.

With a steel like grip the witch slowly picks up Abbey by her throat forcing her eyes to meet. Unable to breath the small girls fear fades. Her instincts assure her that her desperation has paid off and the witch will accept her plea. Otherwise she would have already been dead. Forced to be face to face with the old haggard woman Abby can’t help but stare into the once again reddish eyes. Staring deeply into the eyes they grow and fade into a new image tied to her strange powers. The world fades to a massive mountain with red veins glowing. A physical representation of power. Massive and unmovable. As the moments lengthen the mountain morphs into the form of a towering beast with pitch black skin and massive bat like wings. Still the beast somehow maintains a feminine form despite resembling our of her deepest nightmares. Looking closer into her demons eyes Abby is struck by how human her blue eyes are. Knowing without knowing how, Abby knows that the beasts name is Sophias and once upon a time her roots started out in humanity. “Breathe fool, before you pass out again.” The witch’s unnatural booming voice pulls Abby out of her mystical vision. With her natural vision returning she realize the witch has long released her grip and she is standing on her own two feet. With a start Abby pulls air into her burning lungs. Before the deal is even made the girl knows she will forever be Lorna’s pawn.


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