Lips of the Dead

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Summer 2016 was all but perfect, in this short story you will meet a man named Landon Turrence, and a woman named Cynthia Alexandria. One of the two become haunted with the words left unsaid by a unpleasant spirit. Read, and take one's journey, and one's death. Will the words of the dead make the murderer crack, or will the person remain silent, refusing to let their-self get any jail time, for a crime they most certainly did commit, meaningfully.

I can't take it anymore. Her words, they're eating me alive. I knew she was angry, but I figured she'd be gone by now. She wants me to crack, I won't crack, I won't let myself break down by the words of someone laying in a shallow grave. I am alive, she is dead, what harm can she cause but sticking these words in my head?

In the summer of 2016, a young man Landon Turrence took his girlfriend, Cynthia Alexandria on a camping trip. The couple had been in love for many years now, as he planned to pop the question of marriage on this trip. His love for her was anything but fake. He was nervous but at the same time very excited, for she had no clue what was about to take place at this cabin. 

The car ride there was very silent, Cynthia must have had something on her mind. Landon looked over at his beautiful, and soon-to-be fiancee, and concerningly asked her "Are you okay, my love?" She nodded but not one word left her mouth. She looked at him, with almost pity, a look he had never got from her before. Confused by her actions, Landon just kept on driving. They had hours to go before they would be at the cabin. The silence was about to drive Landon insane, so he turned on the radio. In return, Cynthia turned it back off, not explaining why, or what was wrong still. Landon assumed it was just "her time of the month" and that she was moody. 

Hours had past, and the silence was now painful for Landon. He looked back at Cynthia and asked again "Are you sure you're alright?" Again, all he recieved was a nod, as they pulled into the drive way of the cabin. Landon parked and looked at Cynthia again, "Well, my dear, we are here." All he recieved was a nod, again, as she hopped out of Landon's truck, and to the back to get her stuff. Landon just shrugged it off, still blaming her period, and went to help her with her bags, as he went to grab one, she scooped it up, and hurried inside, still without a word being said to him. 

Inside the cabin, nothing had changed. Just like the car ride, and trying to help with bags, she remained silent, distant, and cold to Landon. He was started to wonder if he did something wrong, if it wasn't just her cycle making her act strange. However, he knew questioning her would not work and that he would still recieve the silent treatment. This trip was already not going as he had hoped, but maybe the little diamond ring in his pocket would make his love turn warm and fuzzy towards him again.

Later that night, Landon and Cynthia had both been doing their own things. Cynthia had locked herself in the room, and Landon was preparing a five course meal. As dinner was getting closer and closer to being done, the more Landon had became nervous. He was about to ask the woman he loved, to marry him, and spend forever until they die together. He made almost all her favorite foods, a very well seasoned chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and lastly, a chocolate lava cake, that had the ring hidden inside. He planned it all out, thinking it would be very romantic. 

As soon as all the food was done, he went and knocked on the door of the bedroom Cynthia locked herself in. "Hey sweetie, dinner is done, will you please come out and join me?" He waited a few seconds until he heard the lock click, and he knew she was coming out. He waited by her chair to pull it out for her, and then pushed it in for her as she sat down, and went over to his chair. They both started to eat, and of course no conversation occurred. This was strange for Landon, Cynthia had never pulled the silent treatment on him for this long, which started to make him worry. After he seen she was done with her meal, and pulled the cake from the fridge, and cut the exact piece with the ring in it for her. As she was eating, he watched her carefully, noting when she woud get to the ring. Finally, the time was here, he walked over to her just as she was pulling the ring out of her cake. He got down on one knee, looked her in the eyes and said "That ring is in there, because I love you, because I want to spend the rest of my life loving you and only you. You changed my life for the better, and i'm not trying to sound cheesy, but you truly are amazing and have made my life one hell of a ride that I enjoy being on. I hope you feel the same way, and put that ring on your finger, and be by my side for the rest of your life, and only love me and only me for the rest of your life. I hope I have also made your life as amazing as you made mine, I hope that you will take this ring, and become Mrs. Turrence, because I seriously want to marry you. Will you marry me?" Landon looked into the eyes of Cynthia but saw nothing. Her eyes had become cold and distant. He did not recognize his own girlfriend anymore. Finally, she broke the silence. "I cannot, and will not marry you Landon." Her words hit him like a knife, as he tried to hold back the tears.  She continued speaking "Do you know why I will not marry you, or even why I haven't spoke to you this entire day?" He shook his head no, he had became speechless at her reaction. "I will not marry you, nor do I even want to speak to you because, I do not love you. I'm not sure if I ever loved you, to be honest. You're a wimp Landon, you're one of the biggest bitches I have ever met, and tonight really proves that. You do something so sweet, and I have treated you so cold? Are you stupid? Literally, answer that question, I want to know!?" Landon just sat there, still on one knee, dumfounded. He had no clue what to say, so she kept ranting on, "You know, this entire time, I have stayed with you, because I am considered a gold digger, and you have given me everything I have wanted. I have the best clothes, I go on amazing trips, I eat amazing things, I get to brag about how amazing my life is. Do you even remember the last time we had sex? I can tell you, it was Christmas of last year, your Christmas present exactly was me in a sexy purple night gown. The sex lasted barely a minute, and you cried afterwards. I love all the things you do for me, but I don't love you. I do not love our relationship, I just love the things I get to do because I am in this relationship. Call me what you want, hate me, but I can no longer fake being with someone I don't truly love." Cynthia finished what she needed to say, and started to walk away, Landon got up, still not knowing what to say or how to react to such.

Later that night, Cynthia had again locked herself in that bedroom, and Landon was on the couch, looking at pictures of him and Cynthia. He seemed to only remember her ever being happy with him, she was never sad or upset, unless it was actually her time of the month and she was over emotional. He was very hurt and confused. The more and more he looked at their pictures and realized that it was all one giant lie shoved in his face, he got angry. How could she have wasted two years of his life, if she never truly had feelings? How could she have only used him for nice things? How could she even have had sex with him, if the connection was not there? Questions filled his mind, and he got angry. He knocked on the bedroom door, and Cynthia opened up, snarkly saying "What, finally manned up and decided to stay something?" Landon ignored her comment and marched into the room. He shut the door, and pushed Cynthia up against the wall, "You want to see a real man?" Her grin grew a little, and she kissed him. The thought of her kissing him, and still having no feelings for him, made him emotionally sick. He threw her on the bed, and unbuckled his belt, "It's about time you showed this type of passion, I might be able to marry you after all." and she ended with a laugh. He took his belt off, and Cynthia went to undo his pants. Only to her shock, the belt was put around her neck. At first, Cynthia thought it was just kink, until he pulled tighter and tighter, not letting any air get through. She started freaking out, and tried getting away, but he pulled the belt back, making her fall off the bed, and he continued to squeeze. Even though it took a bit, Cynthia finally wasn't breathing. Landon got up, checked her pulse, to make sure there was no chance of her survival after he left. Her pulse was as empty as her heart.

Landon went and packed up all his belongs and left. He was almost positive someone would find her and call the police soon. He started thinking of ways he could get out of it. What if he just changed his name? Maybe even get some plastic surgery done? What if he confessed to the police, and claimed it was a kink experiment gone wrong? Then he started thinking all that Cynthia had done to him, how badly she had just hurt him. He didn't care if her body laid there, rotting as mice and bugs went into her corpse. Landon decided to just go home, and wait it all out. Hoping Cynthia's friends and family wouldn't worry about her, knowing she was suppose to be with him in a cabin. Maybe they would think she had no service if they tried calling. All he could do was hope for the best, because he wasn't going to run like a wimp, he'd be a man and accept the consquences, only if he had to.

A week had past, and no police had arrived for Landon. None of her family or friends have even tried reaching out to Landon, which made him ease a bit. Landon went on with his life, as if nothing had ever happened. He went to work, then to the bar, where he met a woman. "Hey, my name is Julia." Her smile was bright and beautiful. He shook her hand and said "Hey, my name is Landon." Her face light up, "Landon, like in Cynthia's boyfriend? Oh my god, how has she been?" He shrugged, "I wouldn't know, when we went to the cabin, she broke up with me, and left. I haven't seen or heard from her since." Julia had seemed to believe his lie. "Awe, that is so sad, well if you want anyone to talk to, I am here." as she rubbed his arm. He smiled. They both had a couple drinks, and soon she was headed back to his place with him. They got there, and things started to heat up. He had Julia up against the wall, kissing her, when all of a sudden, a voice made the heat go cold. "Landon, baby, is that you?" Landon stopped in fear, he made sure Cynthia's pulse was gone, she could not be alive. Julia looked at Landon "I thought you said you and Cynthia were over?" He couldn't even get words out of his mouth, when Cynthia's voice rung through again, "Is somebody with you? I swear, if you brought a girl to our home." Julia replied quick, "It's just me Cynthia, I came to check on you." There was a long silence before Cynthia responded, "Well, you can leave now, I am quite alright, I just want time with my boyfriend." Julia did as Cynthia requested, and left. Landon walked over near the bedroom, where the ghostly figure of Cynthia was standing. "So, you want to marry me, then kill me, then bring another woman into our home, not even another woman, a woman who is suppose to be my friend?" Landon stood there, with his mouth wide open, not knowing what to say or do. Cynthia techincally was not in his home, her spirit was.

Landon woke up, in the middle of the hallway, not remembering how he even fell asleep. However, he could not shake off the ghostly encounter he had with Cynthia. He got up, hoping and praying it was all a dream. He walked into the kitchen, only to realize his hopes and prayers were wrong. There floated Cynthia, who stared at him, still with cold eyes. "Good morning Landon, would you like some cereal, maybe pancakes? Have you ever had death by chocolate?" He finally worked up the courage to get words out, "What do you want, Cynthia?" She shrugged, "I wanted many things, many things I can never have nor do now. Thanks to you of course. Or do you mean what I want with you, like why am I here? Let me explain, just because you kill an evil bitch, doesn't mean an evil bitch just goes away, that was your mistake. I want you to pay for killing me. I did nothing wrong, I didn't deserve to die." He laughed, "You didn't deserve to die? You broke my heart, into a million pieces, you used me for years, and you never truly loved me, you made me died on the inside, how I see it Cynthia, we are way past even." She laughed, "I guess we will see who will win this, huh?" and disappeared. Landon wasn't sure what she meant by that, but he knew it wasn't good.

The day time flew by, after work, and then the bar again, where Julia wasn't. He wanted to apologize to her, and explain why Cynthia was there. Obviously, not explain about him killing her, but make up another lie for why she was there. Landon went home after a couple shots of whiskey, he got home, took his shoes off, and headed to the couch. He turned on the television, the news was on. He tried switching the channel, but it always ended up on the news. The story was about a girl who was just found dead under a bridge this morning. Authorities said it looked like the girl had jumped. Her name was Julia Mortez, 23, and cause of death was suicide. Landon jumped up when he heard Julia's name. He knew her death was no accident, but not a suicide either. Cynthia was involved, he could feel in his gut, that she was involved. Landon went to bed, with thoughts of Julia running throught his mind. She didn't do anything wrong, but come home with him. If he hadn't have brought her back, she could still be alive. He felt almost guilty for Julia's death. "You are guilty. You are the reason she is dead now." Cynthia said popping up at the end of the bed. "You, you killed her, it wasn no suicide." Landon said sitting up quickly. "No Landon, it is your fault, you said you loved me, that you wanted to spend life with me, and well now you got what you wanted and you brought that skank home." Landon rolled his eyes 'You don't want to be with me, I am allowed to be with anyone I want to be, we are over." Cynthia smiled, "It's only over, when I say its over baby."

That night after Landon fell asleep, he had insane nightmares, about both Cynthia and Julia. Julia was asking why her? She didn't do nothing wrong. She would stil be here, if she never went with him. She had so much to do with life, and just because she went home with Landon, all her plans were cut short. Why did he do this to her? What did she ever do to him? Julia made him feel guilty, as if it is all his fault. Cynthia was also in his dream, almost as if she was egging Julia on to make Landon feel terrible. You killed her Landon, how could you kill her and me, Landon. You wanted to marry me, but yet you killed me. How could you have killed me? Julia wouldn't have died, if she had never died. Techinically, this is all his fault. How dare he do such to two innocent girls.

Landon woke up in a sweat. Cynthia was trying to break him down. What did she want? For him to die, for him to go to jail? He didn't want either of these things, but he didn't want her haunting him, and making Julia haunt him too. Thoughts ran throught his mind, but his thoughts were inturrupted by Cynthia's voice. She was now, finally, in his head. "Just turn yourself in Landon, you killed two people, you're a murderer. You're lower than dirt. Nobody will ever love you, once they learn the truth about you anyway, and they will. You know why they will? Because I am here, and I'm not going any where. Your guilt will eventually eat you alive, and what are you going to do about it? Nothing? Thats not how this works, you know this is not how it works. More and more people will die, do you want that? Because that is and will be what happens." It's as if he could feel her lips against his ear, as if her lips went through his ear, and right into his mind, her voice was so clear, and vivid. He knew what he had to do.

Landon got into his truck, and drove to the police station. As he was getting out of his truck, to entire the police station, he heard her voice again, "Do it Landon, don't be a little bitch." and he heard her laugh, her annoyingly painful laugh. He went into the police station and went to the front desk, "I need to turn myself in." The officer at the front desk took him to an investigation room, so they could write down his confession word by word. Another police man entered the room. "Hey Landon, we heard you have something you want to confess? You may do that now." Landon bowed his head, "About two weeks ago, me and my girlfriend Cynthia Alexandria went to a Cabin in Eastern Peaks. The address is, 1377 Oaks mills, eastern peaks, AK 74569, anyway, I was going to ask her to marry me. She was cold to me the entire time we were there, I made her food, and had got down on one knee, she laughed at me asking to marry her, she said she never loved me, and that it was all fake, and went back into the bedroom, I went and looked at pictures of us, and I basically got myself hyped up on anger. I went to the bedroom, and she thought we were about to have rough sex. I then placed my belt around her neck, and I suffocated her, but lately she's been back, she's been around me, in my mind, my dreams, every where. She is the reason Julia Mortez is dead, she didn't commit suicide, Cynthia made her."

The police happened to ignore his comments about a ghost, and the ghost killing Mrs.Mortez, but they didn't ignore his confession about Cynthia. The next day, they drove to the cabin, at the address that Landon provided them. They found Cynthia's rotting body, and finally was able to give her a propper burial, and let her family and friends know of her murder. Landon was then arrest, and had no chance of getting out of prison.  He thought it was all over, that Cynthia got what she wanted, and would now leave him alone. He was in prison, unable to do anything he wanted with his life, just like she couldn't do with hers now. He was locked in a cage, and she was buried in the ground. It all samed fair to him, but he didn't turn himself in for Cynthia, he turned himself in for Julia, so that she could be put at peace. 

That night, in his jail cell, Cynthia reappeared. "I hope you thought you couldn't get rid of me that easy, when I said I was here to stay, I meant it baby." Landon jumped up, now thinking that he was literally losing his mind. "You were buried, you should be at peace, I got my sentence of life, I can't do nothing now, we are even, just leave me alone." She smiled at him, a very sinister smile "We're even? Are we really? Because how I see it, one of us is dead, and one of us is still alive, and well while you're still alive, you're still more privilged than I am, or ever will be now." Landon realized what Cynthia wanted. She wanted him dead, she didn't want justice by the legal system, she wanted her own justice. She wouldn't stop until his blood was spilt. He was a walking death sign to anyone who dared to get close unless he died.  He didn't want more innocent blood spilt because he murdered one unpure soul. He took the sheets of his bed, and made a noose, he put it around his neck and the last thing Landon ever got to see, was Cynthia smiling as his life drifted away. 


Submitted: September 09, 2016

© Copyright 2021 chrissyisthename. All rights reserved.

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Very good! I truly enjoyed it. You captured the reader and made me feel their pain.

Fri, September 9th, 2016 4:00pm

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