On Little Wings by Regina Sirois

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Submitted: September 09, 2016

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Submitted: September 09, 2016



On Little Wings


by Regina Sirois


General Fiction


When Jennifer discovers she has an aunt Sarah that her mother and father didn't tell her about, she is so curious, she and friend Cleo hatch a plan for Jennifer to call her and visit her. Her mother is upset with worry about a secret she refuses to divulge.

Jennifer meets her aunt Sarah - a person who teaches special needs kids. The kids are Nathan and his younger siblings. His siblings are fascinating individuals to Sarah and she is very keen for Jennifer to like Nathan.

The bay that belongs to Sarah and neighbours means a lot to them. Maine is the place and the fishermen - watermen. Nebraska is where Jennifer's home is. Sarah has much pride within her home town Smithport in Maine.


It took me some time to get into the chapters. Some may give up early as it doesn't fly into any action apart from Jennifer boarding a plane and travelling alone to meet her aunt. I wanted to know what this story was about so I chose to keep with it. I liked it. 


My problem with the story is I don't see any significance into why Jennifer is so upset having never met her aunt. I would have, if the person in question would have been her mother or father. So I didn't understand this part. This is probably down to the fact I don't have a good family and keep away from them. So I have to imagine I found out a about a mysterious uncle I didn't know about. I would love to get to know an uncle. That would be fun.


I rate 3 out of 5.




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