Inside Ornamental Ruins of Silence

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Submitted: September 09, 2016

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Submitted: September 09, 2016



Inside Ornamental Ruins of Silence

Whilst thee animals are spreading nod

I am under hypnic insomnia in a stone garden

caressing your ivory plugged burial flesh

as the sky binds your head with echoes

as skulls of ego tear at elemental wounds

as a pupilless cat perches near your corpse's smile

offering only careless knots of accusation

begetting hypno-chaotic incantations

lamenting aniridial malformations

be still submerged bodies

tears are no longer shed by the pound

thoughts such as these are of no use anymore

for in the thicket of thine airless womb

for those that smell the grass are immaterial

for those that are wrapped in splendor are naked


And whilst we animals are creating gods

I am under hypnic insomnia, stoned in the garden

dreaming of diamond sutras to surmount your crown

entangled in the weight of fleeting memories

encased in a rotting empty shell of stardust

entreating the stars like angels to illuminate my mind

inside ornamental ruins of silence erected by scalped ears


Chris Courtney   August 25th - September 9th 2016



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