Killing Inner Demons

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We humans everyone have inner demons and we try to either kill it or try to ignore it, every day, to survive pure soul.
Almost 90% of our time we act as if we killed it or ignored it, but the truth it still remains deep rooted inside us.
As we belong to the society of technical homo-sapiens era, we have innumerable ways to camouflage it. We all do it; yes we camouflage it in different forms.
But why do we need to kill it and is it necessary to destroy them or will destroying them give us peace?
The answer still remains a mystery.
Below are few of my chapters that are whispers of my consciousness about the mystery mentioned above.

Submitted: September 10, 2016

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Submitted: September 10, 2016






Chapter 1:



Basically as we are all social animals, we are always afraid of the word UGLY and truth, they, together maketh the worst combination one's mind should never be occupied with. The Combination is like sex and violence, politics and religion, war and bombs.

The more we confront the ugly truth and love to experience it, the more we grow our demons and the more we ignore it, we turn out be one, for real!  We all have this ugly truth within us. It all starts from our childhood and accompanies us till death, facilitated by social environments around us.

Ugly Truth stays inside you and tries to deceive you that they are the “REAL YOU”. At one point of time we ignorantly admit that we are our Ugly Truth inside us and we just pretend to be the ones as named by our parents.


Basically this is first step where we always fail, so, never justify yourself that you are your ugly truth.

For the worst part, never change yourself as your UGLY TRUTH outside and feel proud of doing it.

Try to deal with it as a mistake or as something that has happened to us, so that we might learn something good out of it.

Try not to force yourself to undergo it, to get an insight into it, unless it happens again naturally. Make sure you justify your ugly truth that it happened because of certain circumstances and be aware if the same occurs again.

Reducing your Ugly Truth or by confessing it to the pure form of you is real inner peace. Just as you get rid of the junk outta your home during spring clean!

As adults, we know what’s our list of Ugly Truth is. Sort it out, prioritize it and eliminate it one after the other every day, eliminating the critical ones first.

Never share all your Ugly Truths with your closed ones, because there might come a day where they can refer you with one of your Ugly Truths or criticize you and which may cause a chaos in a beautiful relationship.

Some things are meant to be born inside you and get destroyed within you, for your own good, and one among those is the “UGLY TRUTH”.


Chapter 2:



 “An Idle brain is devil's workshop” a famous quote and it’s very true, when it comes to our Inner Demons. Most of the Demons are created with highly equipped tools in this devil's workshop.

 Workshop we create ourselves is based on how idle we are. The busiest mind which is occupied never has time for inner demons to deal with.

 When we stop for certain time in our life, feeling bored, feeling nothing to do, feeling stagnant, we always go in search of other people, whose life we wish to live.

 But we console ourselves concluding that, they are lucky, they have enough money and power. That’s the opening ceremony of the workshop, and then we revamp it as days pass on.

 Once we become the hub of laziness and negative thoughts, our workshop is completely functional! It is now, what kind of demons we are creating become a deal.

 Mostly these demons we create ourselves just defend us from being the ambitious one and destroy our goals or erase the memory of goals we had earlier in our life.

 We also have good spirits. When we feel our demons are bad, they fight, but the fight between them is like a super power fighting a mere human.

 Yes, agreeing to the fact that the demons we create all have super powers; they have no restrictions and are made of all destroying qualities, as our superhero, SUPER MAN.

Our true spirit is like BATMAN, a mere human, who trusts the man-made gadgets and has restrictions and above all conscience, to be truthful to. The Fact is BATMAN can win SUPERMAN.

Destroy the workshop of devils, which includes the SUPERMAN created by you, with the help of your own BATMAN .

But remember, being a BATMAN is not that simple, you gotta be ambitious, be organized and ride more. Be scheduled, travel a lot, meet new people, be open to changes and never ever think of short cuts to reach your destination.

As it said let our inner BATMAN be not a hero, let him be a watch-able protector and the DARK KNIGHT of our gentle soul.


Chapter 3:



Fear is the greatest monster since the dawn of human race. Fear has two sides, one of which is demonic and on the flip side lays, the fragile soul. FEAR towards your responsibilities and courage to accept it, feeds your inner demon and nourishes it.

Fear towards the inner demon helps us to come out of it soon and at times it even helps us to destroy it. But what is our fear? Most of us have FEAR to face the reality, the bitter truth and our purpose of life.

This FEAR towards reality brings your inner demon as your split personality and becomes the real one.

Solution to this is much simpler than the issue. It is, always think of the good part of reality and understand its system & structure.

Even a stopped clock shows the right time twice a day!

Real fear we should have is, the one towards our inner demon, nothing else.

The most venomous poison is usually treated with another poison as an antidote. The same logic applies here. Fear kills another fear.

Once your inner Demon knows you conscious fears for it, then it declares a war against it. But real conscious who is concerned of your good soul, will go to any extent to win the demon.

If you lose hope, the Demons win! So you ought to fight, fight and keep on fighting until they are completely demolished. Inner demon has many weaknesses and your pure soul knows all of it very well. This makes, winning the war, an easy task for you.

 Readers if you are interested and if you would like to know more about this topic, do let me know in comments.


Hope you all enjoyed reading it!


Written by,

Karthik Ganesan.





© Copyright 2020 Karthik Ganesan. All rights reserved.

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