Love Is Feeling

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: LoveIsFeeling

'Stop one will here you' he said to her looking pissed as usual 'i guess we'll be hanging in here for a while'
'your phone.lemme have your phone' debbie demanded
'i left it out'he sighed as he began to walk farther into the room.
'we are stuck in here and you aren't even doing anything to help the situation'debbie said clearly fustrated
'what do you want me to do?'he said with a harsh tone.
Just then debbie felt something moving on her right leg and she let out a deafening scream
'max help.get it off.Please'She cried and ran towards him shaking off the cockroach in the process.She jumped on him now straddling him so her legs weren't touching the floor anymore.he wrapped his hands around her back to steady her.
Max looked surprise at the sudden action and chuckled
'someone is acting like a 3 years old'
Right then debbie took in the situation.clearly her hands were wrapped around his neck and she could feel his breath on the side of her face.'why is he so cute' she thought.they stared at each other for a while and she made a mistake.she looked at his tempting lips and back to his face again.finally his dark brown eyes drifted to her lips and he began to lean in.she did the same
Now they were both leaning dangerously close...closer and...

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Table of Contents

~Authors Note~

Hi to all my fantabulous readers.I am an aspiring author and this is my first book.I am writing for fun.
Note;the places,names and events are all imaginary.
Also feel free to comment and dont forget i love ya all.
Every idea is a great idea Read Chapter


I'll make sure to make the story interesting.Familiar with the characters...

I know this chapter is short but read on.the story is just starting so their are more interesting parts to come.

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Please dont mind the chapter numbers.Its complicated but have in mind that Chapter 4 is Chapter 2 and so on.

Pardon my errors.I will get back to them when i get the chance to so.

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