Multiple Chemical Sensitivities: A Beginner's Guide to Getting Well"

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When people suddenly develop severe adverse symptoms to common household items, fragrances or their work environments, they often don’t know where to turn. And most doctors don’t treat multiple chemical sensitivities, so they’re often left to solve their own problems. The author, who has suffered from MCS for more than 26 years, provides you with a background of this miserable condition and the steps he took to make marked improvements in his health. This information alone can save you thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars testing the myriad treatments and potions out there that don’t work.

So don’t just sit there and hope that your symptoms will somehow go away on their own, because they probably won’t. Use this guide to learn more about the causes and treatments for MCS and get yourself on the road to recovery.

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What is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?

Submitted: September 09, 2016

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