Operation Warp: Chapter 1

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i'm not all that good at writing stories but i chose to make this. operation: warp is about four friends possessing the ability to rewind time who are recruited into a secret organization that is tracking down a mysterious man who is creating trouble in various parralel worlds.

Submitted: September 10, 2016

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Submitted: September 09, 2016



This world, the world known as Earth is one of the many that are linked together. In the year 2049, a mysterious being, called Nova, intent on destroying the humans, began to open up portals to other worlds.

And from that, evil creatures of all sorts leaked out of these portals, creating chaos all over the world. Some of these creatures would infect humans with a deadly neurotoxin that gives the victim a power, and forces them to kill everyone in sight. However, humans being humans, decided to fight back. But with their current weapons, they were unable to fight back. Not long after, scientists were able to develop weapons capable of defeating the creatures. With new technological weapons known as “Neo-Tech” the humans were able to fight. The war between the humans and other-worldly beings was fierce, and overtime, the humans gained an upper hand.

After most of the other world creatures were dead, the portals were closed on their own. This declared the end of the “Other-World War”. At least, that is what the people of Earth had thought. 8 years after what people now call “The Great Leak”, small portals all throughout Earth began to open up. Small creatures of the same species now called “Neomancers” infected young children with powers that could have been dangerous. These powers were all different, however some children shared the same abilities.

With these dangerous powers belonging to kids, scientists tried to figure out how to somehow alter or modify the abilities so that would no longer make them dangerous, but helpful. The scientists still go around today helping children who are infected with abilities.

And for those children who were successfully altered/modified, they are placed in a training school. There they would learn to master their abilities and help in the fight against the Neomancers, these kids are called “Neo-Kids” or “Neo-Teens”. But there are some who think that the school is not a place for them, and attempt to train themselves, most fail when they try this, these kids are called, “Outcasts”.

Now, we return to the present, the year 2058. This story begins in a place called Pertin.

The dismissal bell rings, and the teenagers all flow out of Pertin’s High School for Neo-Teens. The mixture of hundreds of conversations between the students utters a long-lasting loud sound that echoes throughout the town. We now focus on two of the students. One of the students, David, is now a third year student at the school.

David is 16, he is a boy with an average height, brown short(ish) hair and eyes, and wears glasses. David seems quiet but is not afraid to use his large arsenal of word-filled insults. The young lad walking with David is boy named Isaiah. Isaiah is 16. He is a short boy with black hair and brown eyes, he tends to “Talk the talk” but can never really “Walk the Walk”.

“So David, are you going to finish that group history homework?” David replies in a slightly frustrated tone.

“Probably not. No one is helping with the work so I think I’m just not gonna do it.” Isaiah, sounding a bit disappointed, slowly replies back.

“Oh, well okay. What about training? Are you going to do any today?”

“I guess.” With nothing to talk about, the two boys continue to walk home, taking the long way through an alley to meet up with their other friends. As the two walk through the alley, the sounds from the cars on the streets slowly deafen. The two stop at a gate that leads to the local apartments. Isaiah walks up to the gate and bangs on it with his fist.

“Hey!” he yells. “Anybody here?” A voice echoes from the distance.

“Hold on a second you rich kid.” The voice says. Isaiah replies trying to correct the person.

“Just because we go to that school doesn’t mean that we’re rich.” Two teenagers approach the gate. One of them is Marco, he is 15. He is a short boy with short brown hair and eyes. He is usually quiet around people, but when he does talk he can be loud The other boy, Brandon, is 16. He is someone of the average height, has short brown hair and eyes. Brandon is a guy who has no problem saying what’s on his mind, if he wants to say something, he will. Some people see him as a bit rude because of this.

“So lads, where we headed today?” Marco said with an excited tone.

“Well,” Isaiah said. “We can’t stay out long since me and David need to go home and work on stuff.”

“Isaiah shut up you’re black.” Brandon says aggressively. “We’re either going somewhere or nowhere.” Before anyone was able to say anything else, a siren familiar to Brandon and Marco was heard not too far away.

“Hackers!” Said both Brandon and Marco in a panic. “Run!” Without hesitation, the four friends ran as fast as they could from the eerie sound of the sirens.

“Who are those guys?” Isaiah said. Marco replied back to Isaiah while trying to concentrate his breathing on the running.

“They’re Hackers! These guys find Outcasts and infect them with a “venom” that re-awakens the dangerous side of their powers I don’t know why they’re doing it though.”

“Are you an idiot?” said Brandon. “ They’re obviously working with that guy who opened up those portals.” As the four try to run away, one of the Hackers chasing them shot a tranquilizer dart at Brandon’s ankle. Then Marco, David, finally Isaiah. The four friends fell to the floor unconscious.

Isaiah, David, Brandon and Marco wake up in a peculiar room. It is all white blank, no doors or windows could be seen. The four were sitting down in chairs when they had awoken.

“Where are we?” Asked Isaiah. Brandon looked over at him.

“Are you a freaking idiot?” Brandon exclaimed. “We’re in the Hacker’s hideout.”

“Are you sure?” Marco Said. “I would think that their hideout would be less, clean.” Just then a door shaped in one of the walls, opening as soon as it formed. A man in a white coat wearing a fox mask walked through the door. He took a few more steps, placing himself in front of the friends, before coming to a stop.

“Hello.” Said the man. “You must be David, Marco, Isaiah, and Brandon. I am Dr.G, but you can just call me doc if you wish.”

“Where are we?” David asked.

“You are in the secret facility O.W. no.7. This is one of the many facilities belonging to a secret organization known as Operation: Warp.”

“So this isn’t a Hacker hideout?” Brandon asked. Marco replied back with a cocky attitude.

“I told you, sometimes you just never listen.” Brandon hits Marco in the arm.

“Shut up nerd.”

“No Brandon,” Said Doc. “This is not a Hacker hideout.”

“Well what did you bring us here for then?” Isaiah asked. Doc replied, almost sounding as if he were to explode with excitement.

“You see, we have been tracking down Nova for a long time now. We’ve noticed that he is causing trouble in other worlds. So we have devised a plan to stop Nova for good. To do that, we would recruit young men and women with rare abilities and send them out to track down and stop Nova. Along the way, these kids will solve the problems in the worlds, therefore creating allies if ever needed.”

“So you’re saying that we get to go to other worlds?” Said Marco excitedly.

“That is indeed what I am saying. We have noticed that you four possess the ability to time travel, which is why we brought you four here.”

“Yeah,” Said David. “But we can only rewind time up to an hour.” Doc has a smirk on his face after David spoke. They all stood there in silence for what felt like hours.

“So, uh…” Marco tried to start up the conversation again. “How exactly do we get to these worlds?” Doc’s smirk enlarged after Marco had spoken.

“Here, take these.” Doc hands the four friends metallic wristbands. “These wristbands are special devices that will allow you to travel to other worlds, I call them, ‘Hoppers’ . But you must know that these can only be activated when you four stand side by side.” Brandon and Marco look towards Isaiah and David, they all nod their heads.

“Seems simple enough.” Said Brandon. “When can we start?”

“You can start right now, I suppose.” Doc moves them to the center of the room. He then takes a step back. “Now there’s more you should know about these devices. When setting your destination, the device will fill your brain with moderate knowledge of the world and basic combat that will be needed.”

“Cool,” Isaiah stopped for a second, examining the wristband. “Are there like, side effects or something?”

“As a matter of fact there are.” Said Doc with a small amount of laughter between his words. “Let me just read what the instructions say.” He pulls out a small pamphlet. He clears his throat and speaks. “Side effects may include: severe headaches, severe migraines, sharp pains in the ankles, stomach aches/pains, and temporary blindness.” Marco and Isaiah give looks of despair while Brandon still manages to keep a smile on his face.

“Can we go already?” David said with an impatient tone.

“Yes, you may go now. Hoppers, set a course for…” Doc pauses for dramatic effect.


To Be Continued...

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