DisPLACEd: Beginnings

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Chapter Twenty-Four

Submitted: January 12, 2018

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Submitted: January 12, 2018



Reb and Harley walked side-by-side down the stairs, their feet warmed by the mid-morning sun beaming down on the wooden panels. They were washed and rested, still in their pyjamas. They could hear commotion coming from down in the living room. Eric was rushing around in the spaced between the lounge and the kitchen. He was dressed in his ‘Unusual Brew’ uniform, hovering over stacked milk crates. A lime green band-aid highlighted his forehead, a small bruise visible around it.

“Did you go to work this morning?” Harley asked, rubbing her tired eyes.

“What are you doing?” Reb chuckled.

Ryan and Jake joined them, followed shortly by Aadita. They stared in a daze at Eric, watching him place crate on top of crate.

“I thought we could use a dining table,” Eric said. He placed a wide wooden plank on top and draped a tablecloth over it. “Voila, we have a dining table. I got the inspiration from Eugene.”

“Why?!” Jake asked.

“To make the house look more homey,” Eric answered, placing six other crates around the table as chairs.

“You really want to stay in this house after what we just went through?” Aadita asked, shock strewn across her face.

Harley was the first to try out Eric’s make shift table. She squirmed as the plastic dug into her skin. “I think we might need to get some cushions for these chairs.”

Eric grinned at her, happy she liked his new contribution to the home.

“We can’t stay here, guys,” Jake said.

“I hate to say it, but I think Jake’s right,” Reb agreed.

Ryan stepped forward. “Why not?”

“Because we almost died!” Jake exclaimed. “Multiple times.”

“We don’t know how or why it happened,” Aadita added.

“I have a theory about that,” Ryan said simply.

“Oh really?” Reb asked sarcastically. “Tell us your big theory, Einstein.”

“There are multiple theories about time-travel. Einstein's theory of relativity and theory of general relativity means the progression of time can alter depending on the pull of gravity. Or it could be a wormhole, though all experiments and calculations of proving they exist have proven unsuccessful. Black holes and cosmic strings are also a possibility.” Ryan said.

Mouths agape, they all stared at Ryan in shock.

“Where the hell did that come from?” Harley laughed.

“I’m studying Theoretical Physics, it’s kind of my job to know,” Ryan said.

They couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Ryan - handsome, muscular, ditzy Ryan - was a genius.

“Riiiiiiight,” Reb said in disbelief.

“So where does that leave us?” Eric asked.

The group fell silent, none of them wanting to think about having to leave. They had only just settled into the house. They were once strangers, now they were friends.

“I can’t stay,” Aadita mumbled. Everyone turned to her, “I have my studies to think of. I can’t afford to be travelling around time and space.”

“We don’t even know if it’s going to happen again,” Ryan offered.

“I can’t take that chance,” Aadita said.

“Neither can I,” Jake looked to Harley, shooting his glance away before she could meet his.

“Well, I’m staying!” Ryan stepped forward, getting everyone’s attention.

“Why would you want to after what happened to Corbin?” Jake asked.

Ryan shifted his gaze to the floor, trying to hide his hurt from the others. He tried to shake it off. Ryan looked to his friends, forcing a smile. “We’re in a time-travelling house. This is the biggest breakthrough in science since Pluto was reclassified as a planet! No way am I giving this up.”

“You can’t tell anyone about this!” Harley warned.

“I know - I’m not an idiot.” Ryan said.

Eric turned to Reb, “What do you want to do?”

“I don’t want to go back home,” Reb said. In the corner of her eye she could see Jake glance at her for a brief second before casting his stare to the ground.

“I can’t leave. This is the only place I can afford at the moment,” Eric told them.

Everyone turned to Harley. She sat patiently on the makeshift chair Eric had laid out for them.

“I’m not going anywhere. This is my first home away from home. I don’t want to just abandon it. I love our little family.”

Laughter escaped Reb, followed by Ryan and Eric. Jake and Aadita felt a pang of guilt hit them, but nothing was going to change their minds. They had their futures to think about.


As the group moved to the kitchen to start their daily routine, they were oblivious to the happenings inside the construct of their home. All around them, built into the walls was a machine - hundreds of different coloured wires branching out, each connecting to another. A flash of blue light sparked from the machine. The light’s in the kitchen flickered, gaining the group’s attention for a moment. They looked to one another.

“Do you reckon it’s haunted,” Harley joked.

They gave an unsettled murmur of laughter and returned to making themselves breakfast.



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