Future Of Microsoft

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When I understand what Microsoft updates literally mean would be patching up my PC. Initially I am not focusing what we need from all these technology but spring up more inspiration for the best life achievers who made our days so blessed. I focus to influence their order the way what it takes for its beauty shine. You might ask why Microsoft ? Am I tabling a threat or war? This book will take time of one month. I will search for new information daily and update for the next generation of knowledge workers not to be robotic informative era but give why God has given us this opportunity like our teachers. Let us fulfill this gift from God. All articles will be reviewed for less complication. Can you send me an sms when I am busy to make my heart beat so fast like I translate an unknown source for my days biggest gift at home wherever I am. I thank God for this day. Let us make this best. In my first page I will update only some feedbacks for windows 10, not so being the best. Later pages will be like virtualization for mobile bank. One brightest star will be big data for the developing village. Always at the star what takes us beyond the cloud in the sky. I will complete this work before 1st November 2016. Let us home the next new year still has lot more to give. Help us let live this commitment. Have a great day.

Table of Contents

Life of Windows 10

Submitted: September 10, 2016

Here only I will mention some technical contribution if you like it. Please dont review this work as you always know this. :) Read Chapter

Virtualization for Mobile Bank

Submitted: September 10, 2016

Ultimate innovation for the best using every chapter of this bible so far ever written. Not information technology but creating a better worldly life for all our well-wishers. :) Read Chapter

Big Data for our Developing Village

Submitted: September 10, 2016

I have focused what we all need in our daily life. Better healthcare and sound healthy life so that we all can cherish life's fortune that Almighty has blessed us ever so that there is a day among us so awesome like heaven on Earth. I feel this is the life's most happiness for everyone at home. Again if we are so delighted to share this message, let us just help those around us who just cannot afford this commitment. I have addressed here how big data can solve this issue in the next time we all will be so grateful for who made this so real without spending no additional money as cloud can save the incurred cost of hardware. I believe you will appreciate my work. I have only spent 2 hours for this live contribution. Again today is Onam festivity for all of us. May I wish you Happy Onam with all blessings. :) Read Chapter

Beyond the Cloud in the Sky

Submitted: September 10, 2016

I like your contribution for the priceless message of your lifetime ever mentored for generations ahead. Let us always light this candle in our hearts delight. May lifetime we cherish be its blessing. Thanking God for this great day we see the onset of the next change our life may lead billions of life on this planet. In this chapter I voice only one message I like your comments for this quote. May this be our vision ahead. :) Read Chapter

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