Incomplete Love Story

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Its a story about a Christian boy falling in love with a hindu girl.

Submitted: September 10, 2016

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Submitted: September 10, 2016



Nov 5 2015 11:00 AM

'Excuse Me...Can you please provide the access for me?' she said, as she was knocking our ODC door.I could hear a feeble voice.
I saw her blurred image through the glass door of our ODC. She must be a new joinee,I just swiped open the door for her and left to my desk.I didnt either wait to see her face or wait to hear her 'Thanks'. I noticed that Sunil has been watching all this and he is winking at me, with his mischeveous smile.He does that all the time,whenever i get 5 ft close to any woman.Because he knows that my female interacation is very less.

I and Sunil are roommates. We work in ABCO Infotech, Bangalore,and are in the same team. But that is the only thing common to us.We are completely two different people from different part of India.I am a Malayali christain and he is a hindu brahmin from Madhya Pradhesh.He has travelled all over India and also stayed abroad for few years.He is exposed to so many cultures and he is way too advanced in this thinking. When it comes to me I have not even crossed Goa. As some one said “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”. The quote clearly justifies in my case.And here comes the biggest difference, He has got a girlfriend and I dont even have a friend who is a girl. He has got laid with at least 30 girls till now, which includes a romanian girl and two british girls, and I have hardly spoken with 30 women in my life time which includes my mother,sisters,aunt,school teacher,college professor,lady bus conductors etc. But inspite of all this we got along really well. We are good friends. I believe that it is the moral values which matters most than the cultural similarities to bring people closer.

'Sam..' my teamlead called .

Her desk is just behind mine.

'Yes Priyanka' I said, turning around.

'This is Indhuja. She is the new developer. Just help her in the getting through the initial formalities for joining our project'

'Sure' I said.

'He will guide you..' she said looking at the new girl in our floor.

I looked at her. I could recognize the yellow colour kurti which i saw through the ODC door. So she is the one whom I let inside.
She looked at me and we exchanged smiles.

Within an hours time, we completed all the formalities and I got back to my seat. She got allocated to the seat just next to me. But I made sure that I didnt look towards her so that she shouldnt get the slightest of doubt that I am hitting on her. My eyes were completely glued to my system monitor. I started doing my work. After sometime I got a feeling that she has got up from her desk and but i didnt turn to see where she was going to. I understood that she has joined my rest of the team for lunch.

"BEEEP" My office communicator window popped up. It is Sunil. He sits in the next row.I can see his desk from here.

'Ok' I replied. 

We got up from our places and headed to the food court. 


Nov 5 2015 01:30 AM  At the Food Court

We bought our food and managed to find an empty table for us to sit.

As I was about to have the first bite of the Roti.
'And...?' Sunil asked with a creepy smile on his face.

I understood his question.
'Her name is Indhuja Iyer. She is from Chennai and she is 4 years experienced.Happy??' I said.

'Dude. I am happy for you. Finally you are going to have a girl friend. If you need any help. You know whom to contact..' he said that in his typical MP walla tone.

'You know,I cant marry her. She is a brahmin and a tamilian. There is absolutely no chance for it to happen'

'Who is talking about marriage here?'

'I cant have any casual relationship like yours, Its against my moral' I said winking at him. 

Sunil gave a tired look at me, shaking his head. We started having our food.

Though I said it in a slightly dramatic way purposely, I actually meant that. If at all I  am getting into a relationship with any girl, I want it to end in marriage. Suddenly my conscience hit me, I have not even had a proper conversation with her yet, and I started thinking about marriage.Now you must be knowing how desperate I was for a girl friend.But the most suprising thing is , Sunil was even more desperate than me. He is already in a relationship, but he is still after this malayali girl in our team.Adding to that, she is also married. He wants me to teach him few malayalam words just to impress her.

So we decided to just gaze at every good looking girl in the food court. If you are lucky they might notice you once. If you are unlucky, they might continuously start looking at you, only to confuse  you, if they wanted to be approached by you or not.

Days Passed, our project work  was going on full fledgely. Over the period, I started talking with Indhuja. But most of the time it was related to work. We didnt have any conversation apart from work related stuffs, but we started to feel comfortable with each other.Finally our project got over as planned. So just to celebrate the occasion and since the clients are not generous enough to appreciate our work, we planned to appreciate ourselves. We planned to have a Team Dinner on the following weekend.Every team member had to contribute Rs 350 for the same.


On Jan 23,2016 on the day of Team Dinner 8:35 am At my Room

I woke up from my sleep to a loud noise.
'LISTEN TO ME..Do you want to end this..' Sunil was screaming over the phone, as he went out of the room, slamming the door.
I wondered what was that all about. Now that my sleep got spoiled , i got up from my bed and started doing my weekend chores. For bachelors weekends are the only time where we get to clean our room. Especially when you dont have a girl friend to take out for dinner or night clubs , do you have any other option to kill time. By the time I finished cleaning, Sunil came back.

'Are you doing this deliberatly, just to avoid cleaning. All the time i get to do it alone' I yelled at him.
He gave a worried look.

'What happened' I asked.

'I have to leave now..I have to go met Meghna..' he said as he was pulling off his shirt from the Almariahs.

'Arent you coming for the dinner?'

'No.. Just hand over the room keys to the bakery uncle before you leave, I will collect it from him when I come back'. he said as he was wearing the shirt.

'Is something wrong? '

'Em.. I am not sure.. I will be back in the night before you come. See you then' saying this he took his helmet and rushed out of the room.

I have never seen him so worried before. I hoped everything was fine.

The time is 6:00 pm.I got ready for the Team Dinner. I was in my formal wear. Since Sunil had a bike, we didnt think about booking a cab. Now that he is not joining me, I will have to take the bus. I locked my room and got down the stairs. I handed over the keys to the bakery uncle.His bakery store is just below our apartment.

'Please give the keys to Sunil, when he comes back' I said to him in hindi.

He nodded.

Then I rushed to the bus stop and  took the bus to BTM Layout.

By the time, I reached the restaurant it was 7:30 pm and my team mates have already started having their dinner. Everyone was asking me why Sunil didnt come, I instantly told them that he was ill. That is the problem of having a friend with a girl friend, You should always be ready with your lies. I was completely starving as hardly I had any food that day. I rushed to the queue and filled my plate with whatsoever I saw. As I was going to my table, I heard someone calling out my name.
'Hey Sam..'  

I turned back.It was Indhuja, with a plate in her hand filled with salad.And I was so happy to see her. She was walking towards me with this wide smile on her face. She was wearing a white and blue Chudidhar and salwar. She dressed just the way she used to , when she comes to the office, unlike the other ladies in my team, who were in their party wear, with extra make up, all set to take pictures and selfies  with their tongue out and update their whatsapp and facebook DP.

'Hello' I said..

'Why are you so late?'

'I had to use the BMTC, since Sunil stayed back'

'Oh Ok.. Carry on then..Enjoy your dinner' 

'Yeah you too..' saying this we both went back to our respective tables. She was sitting next to Priyanka. 

I wished that conversation extended for few more minutes, but I know about my luck, It always ends like this. 

The time was almost 9:00 pm and the dinner was over. People have started taking their group pictures before they saying their good byes.
And it was pouring heavily outside. Just when I was wondering on how am I going to reach my room, Indhuja called me from behind. 

'Hey Sam.. Can we book a cab? We will share it.'

I was like staring at her face, not knowing how to react. Did I really hear it right? Did she just say that she wants to share the cab with me.

'Okay..' I said..trying really hard not to show the excitment on my face.

'I didnt know you stay at Rajpalya. My home is at Hoodi Circle. I will drop you on the way. That is fine right?'

'Yeah thats fine' 

what else can I ask for.

We booked the cab immediately. The cab came for the pick up in just 10 mins time .We got it in the cab and the romantic ride began.

She took out her phone from her purse and started  texting. Must be her boy friend, I thought. She must be texting him that she has started from the restaurant.Ok fine, then its not going to be a romantic ride, its going to be a one way ticket to heart break city.I took out the headphones from my pocket and plugged it to the phone and started listening to some old love failure songs. Suddenly a hand reached out towards me and she was trying to pull out my ear plugs.I removed my ear plugs and smiled looking at her.

'Are you going to listen to those songs till you reach your room.. ?' she asked with a mischeveous smile.

'I thought you were busy with your phone'

'Ok , now that i have put them back to my purse. We will talk, that is if you dont mind talking to me'

'Okay' I said. I think i must have blushed. That was the first time a woman has showed interest in talking with me.

'You dont talk much.. dont you?'

'No thats not right'

'Is it?'


'Why do you come to office on saturdays and work?'

'I came to office on saturday. But I dont work. I will just do youtube and facebook. I get free internet and AC right?'

'Seriously' She said laughing at that.

I wondered what made her to laugh for that.Anyways if a guy can make a girl laugh, he can make her do anything.

'Why dont you go out with your roommate?' she continued

'He is always busy. he has other commitments' I said winking at her.

'Okay... So you dont have any girl friend?'


'Why so?'

'Even I am searching for the reason' I said as I laughed at myself looking away from her.

'Have you ever fallen in love?' she asked, this time with a serious tone.

'Ya. Many times before..' I said it with an embarassing smile on my face.

She smiled back at me,shaking her head. Oh how I wished to have cameras fixed to my eyes, so that i could capture those gestures. She has style written all over her.

'Okay. Did you try conveying your love to them?' She asked

'Yeah. I did propose to a girl, when I was in Trivandram. She straight away said a No'

'Oh..So how did you propose, how did you know each other?' she asked curiously turning towards me, fully leaning on the seat,resting her head on her palm,ready to listen to a love story.

'I saw this girl in a passenger train, we commute using the same train. I liked her, so one fine day I directly went and proposed to her' 

'Thats it.' she asked giving a surprised look

I shrugged with a smile.

'You just went and spoke to a completely strange women saying that you love her..Wow, that is brilliant..and you call this love' she said shaking her head in disapproval.

'You can call it whatever you want' I said

She kept quiet. But i wanted to continue talking to her. 

'Okay, do you have a boy friend?' I asked her gaining some courage.

'I WAS in a relationship for 3 years.' she said stressing on the "was".

'Ok' I said pretending to have a sorry face. Because I am really happy that she is single now. And I dare not ask her how she broke up. But I wanted to continue the conversation. So I  came up with a different question.

'You are a brahmin right?' I asked

She nodded.

'So your ex-boyfriend, was he a brahmin too?' I asked


'So did that happen consciously? ' I asked her with a sarcastic smile

'What?' she asked shaking her head in confusion

'Like how come you fell in love with a guy exactly of your same caste.'
She kept quiet trying to understand my question.

'I meant, what if he was a muslim or a christian, would you have still loved him or started a relationship with him?' I  continued

'No' She said instantly

'And you call this love' I said with a smile indicating that i gave her back the same gesture.
This time she kept quiet again and looked away from me, deciding to end the conversation. She took out her mobile phone and started texting, to God knows whom. I understood that and I took out my headphones and started listening songs.

Time was almost 10 pm. We are about to reach my stop. I was trying to look towards her to make eye contact, just to make sure that she is not upset with me. This time i was not confident enough to start a new conversation, it might show that I am too desperate to talk to her.  Before I could make any next move, we reached our stop. I got down from the cab. We didnt even say goodbye and I started walking. I just turned back to see if she is peaking out of the cab window watching me. But no, she wasnt, then realised all this will happen only in movies and only to heros.

Time 10:10 pm

I got to my apartments. I was getting up the stairs thinking about the conversation we had in the cab.I was analyzing each and every word or sentence spoken to her, just to check if I have not said anything rude or offensive.

As I reached my room, I knocked the door.I could hear Sunil's voice.

'Come in Sam.. The doors' open...' 

I entered the door. Sunil was sitting  on the chair, with his legs on the table. He had his laptop on this lap and was working with it.

'So how was the Team dinner? ' he asked without taking his eyes off the laptop screen.

'Ya..the food was good..So what happened..Hows Meghna.. What was all that drama you created in the morning'  i started bombarding him with questions.

Sunil took a moment to look at my face and again as he continued to to do his work he said,

'Meghna is getting married...Her  marriage date got fixed'

This followed a few seconds of silence.

I didnt know what to say and how to react. Should I try to console him ? I am not even sure if he is really sad about it. He has so many girl friends, who are good looking than Meghna. But Sunil has told me that Meghna is special and is not like any other woman.So I kept quiet, waiting for him to talk.

'I went to talk to her father today.He was not ready to accept this relationship. We tried convincing him, but he was not ready to budge. So we decide to end this..'

'What did Meghna have to say about it? ' I asked

'What can she do? She was upset.'

'Oh she was upset. Nice to know. ' I said it in a agressive tone.

Sunil placed his laptop on the table and got up from the chair. He came close to me and said 
'This issue was going on since 5 months, We knew this is going to happen. So relax. Meghna is too naive to fight against her father. I understand that'

'Dude, I dont buy that, doesnt she know all this before getting in to this relationship' 

'Dude..Just do me a favour. Lets not talk about it. I am already tired' saying this he went to his bedroom.

'Oh and by the way. I am taking off tomorrow.. We are going out..' he said, as he switched off his bedroom lights.

'We... Whom are you going with??' I had a puzzled look on my face.

'Me and Meghna of course....' he said, I could just hear his voice now. 

Listening to all this, I got exhausted. 
'Ok.. Good Night then..' I said in a tired voice.

'Good Night'

These people are nuts. What is going through their minds. When you are sure that you are not going to get married, why are they still sticking on to each other.Even when they are together , will they be able to spend quality time together, wont the thoughts of seperation keep haunting them.


Next Day..

Sunil left early in the morning to meet Meghna. I as usual started to office.These days my only motive for going to office to see her.
I entered the ODC. To my surprise,she was there in office before. 

'Good Morning..' she greeted me with her trademark smile.

It was 9:00 am in the morning and the whole floor is almost empty, that her voice started to echo.

'Good Morning' I greeted back.

Does she have amnesia ? The way she greeted was like, she didnt have any problem with me at all.Or may be I was taking things way too seriously.

As I got down and switched on my system.

'Did u have your breakfast' she asked


'Can we go and have it now?' .

'Yeah Sure.'

We got up from our seat and headed to the food court.I was so happy. A perfect beginning for the day and can it be better than this?.
We bought our food and found a place to sit. The food court was almost empty.There were hardly five to six people inside the food court. We can get to see this sight only till 9:30 am in the morning. We started having our food. I was little nervous,so tried to avoid eye contact with her and started looking away from her as I ate my food. I did not speak anything to her, was waiting for her to begin.

'How long are you going to remain silent.. Talk something.' she said.

'Em.. Last night I hope you werent offended by what I said'

'Oh..Thats why you are silent' she said as she smiled

I smiled back

'No not at all. I have many non-brahmin friends. Among them few people even approached me for marriage, but just becaue they aren't brahmins I had to turn them down. I have sentiments for my religion and caste. Always they take the priority. I cannot compromise on that' 

Great, the love story has not even begun, it has already reached its climax. Now the question is, is she directly indicating to me that, "dude you dont even try" or is she making a general statement. Either ways it doesnt seem to be favourable for me.

'Okay' I said putting a fake smile on my face.

Since then I tried to reduce my conversations with her. I tried to avoid her. But I know  I cannot completely avoid her, because she is my teammate. One way or the other I had to sit with her and work.But as days passed I was feeling miserable.


March 4,2016 6:00 pm, At office ODC.
It was the last day of the week, and the weekend has officially begun. Half of my team has already left for the day. Sunil was also leaving early, he is taking Meghna to a discotheque that night.  And Me, I have to stay at office till 11 pm to complete my shift. Its not because someone is forcing me to stay in office, its only because outside office i dont have any life. As I was doing my work, Indhuja came in along with her friends, after finishing her evening snack. She seems to the odd one out her friends group. Since, it was a friday, every one were in their Tees and Jeans, but she was the only girl wearing Chudidhar and salwar. She looked at me and smiled lifting her eye brews. Only then I realised that I was staring at her for last few seconds. I got back to my senses and smiled back.

'Didnt see you at the food court' she asked, as she sat down at her desk.

'Ya, had some work'

'All the time, you say you have work. But I could see only facebook and youtube opened in your screen' she said as she laughed at me.

'Ya that comes as a part of  my work too' I said as I laughed at myself.

'Ok then come, we will go home,I will drop you on the way' She said, as she started to pack her bag.

'Em.. carry on.. I have some work' I said, as I struggle to gather the right words.

'You can do facebook sitting from your room, why are you wasting companys' resources like this?' she said as she got up from her seat in a mischeveous tone.

I just laughed, facing down. I always liked it when she pulls my leg.

' are sure,you are not coming with me' she asked

"I am ready to come with you throughout my life". If I only had the guts to say this loud, on her face.

I just kept looking in to her eyes and shaked my head.

'Ok Sam, I am going then.. Dont stay too late, okay?' she said

'Okay' I said with a smile in a low tone. I have already started to feel her absense. In another few seconds, I am going to be alone. Her desk is going to be empty.

'Bye Sam..'  she said waving her hand, as she walked away.


  I continued to watch her till the very last moment, as she left the ODC. I wished she looks at me as she opens the ODC door, but she didnt.As soon as I lost sight of her, everything seemed to so silent around me.My heart felt so heavy. I got up from my seat and started  walking slowly to the restroom.My head started to heat up. I suddenly felt so lonely, as if I am the last human alive on earth. I didnt have Sunil also with me to talk me out of this loneliness. I entered the Men's toilet. I quickly got in to one of the toilet booth. I closed the toilet lid and sat on it.I slowly leaned against the wall and looked up facing the ceiling as tears started to roll out of my eyes. I wished I could scream out loud. I started to pity on myself. I didnt knew that a women, whom i knew only for few months, can make me feel so weak. I was able to stay 700 km away from my mother and sister for more than 2 years, without much difficulty , but I was not able to stay in my office for a second without her.I felt so disgusted. I know that I am completely helpless in this case.There is nothing much I can do about this. I am in love, that is the truth and I can only act as if I am not in love with her.If she is not interested in me, what can I do about it? Its not her fault. And you cannot force love out of anyone.

Suddenly I got up from my sleep. It was my cell phone vibrating from my pant pocket. Only then I realised that I dosed off at the toilet for few minutes.I lazily took out my cell phone from my pocket, it was Mom. I cant explain how much relieved I felt after seeing her call. It was like a spinach bottle which came in rescue for a completely beaten up Popeye.

  I attended the call and rushed out of the restroom.

'Hello Son..why didnt you call us? its been 2 days since you called?' she said that in malayalam

'Maa..' I said wiping off my tears, as I quicky got into an empty conference room .

'Sam.., is everything fine? did u catch a cold? why do you sound like that'

'I am all fine mom. How are you...?'

'How are you..!!!! Thats the first time you had ever asked me that son...' she said as she laughed

I giggled in embarassment and we started talking. We spoke for more than an hour and finally she said 'Take Care son..' and hung up the call.
I felt so lively and found peace within me atleast for the moment.I went back to my desk ,I noticed that Indhuja's monitor was still on. I switched it off and continued doing my work.

  It was around 11:10 pm, I left my office.I got into my company cab and it dropped me at my apartment at around 11:50 pm and left. The whole locality was silent apart from few street dogs barking. All the shops were closed,the road was empty,but the street lights were on. I took a moment to look around and feel the cool breeze before getting into my apartment. As I was taking the stairs, my cellphone rang. It was Sunil.I picked the call.

'Dude.. where are you?' he asked, in a serious tone

'Just in front of our apartment, where are you?'

'Ok.. great, wait there.. Dont get into the room, I am coming..' saying this he disconnected the call.

'What...? Hello..Hello' I shouted, not realising he disconnected the call.

Great,Now what should I do. I  got down the stairs and stood in front of the apartment.Why did he ask me not to get in to the room. Is there already someone in there? Well thats no possible, I have the keys.As all these thoughts were going through my mind, I could see a bike coming towards me from a distance. I could see only the headlight. Its Sunil,I wonder what is he up to today. As he came closer, I could see someone is sitting behind him.Who is that?,definitely  not a guy, and definitely  not Meghna. He parked his bike on the other side of the road.The girl behind him got down and she instantly took out her phone and started dialing some number. She was dressed in a black jacket and blue jeans.Sunil crossed the road and came towards me.

'Dude give me the keys..' he said

'What??' I gave him a puzzled look..

'I need the room for an hour.. Just roam around somewhere and come back....'

'Are you insane..? Its 12'o clock in the night..Where will I go and who is she?'

'Dude relax..dont shout..she might hear..We met at the dance club..' he said 
I looked at her, she was walking around talking over the phone with someone.From the way she walked I knew she was drunk.

'Dude..I dont have time for this.Quick..' he continued

I shook my head and handed over the keys to him. I didnt knew where to go.

'Atleast can I stay at the terrace' I asked

'No...Sam understand' he said, as he was waving at the girl asking her to come.

I didnt want to stay there any longer.I started walking.

'Dude, come back in an hour'  Sunil shouted from behind.

I didnt respond and started walking. I was walking in the middle of the road, not knowing where to go.The cold breeze was hitting directly on my face. Climate was so good, that actually i stopped cursing Sunil for doing this to me. As I walked little more further, I reached the lake view.Its a very nice place in our locality.There is a small lake ,they have kept few benches there facing the lake. People, mostly couples used to come  and spend time over here during the evenings. I sat on one of the bench and took out my phone.There was a mail notification which actually took my attention. It was regardng a blog. I then leaned back and started looking at the sky.Slowly thoughts about Indhuja started to creep in to my mind.I needed to do something to take her out  of my mind. I started to wonder how Sunil was able to take  things so lightly.He has once told me that best way to get over a woman is getting another woman. Well, that wont work for me. Where will go for another woman. I started to recollect all the things which happened between me and Indhuja, all of our conversations which happened this last 5 months. Our first meeting, the first thing which she told me,her smile, the dresses she wore, everything started caming to my mind as flashes.I slowly closed my eyes.

Suddenly I felt like  someone was flashing light on me.I could hear a bikes sound as well, It was a bikes' head light. I tried to cover my eyes with my hands.

'Dude, wake up..Monica is gone..Come lets go home.'

Next Day Saturday Morning 7:00 am, At my room.

Next day I woke up  to my cell phone alarm.It was 7 am in the morning.I wonder how I got to the room last night. Sunil must have rode me back to the room.I slowly got up from my bed and stretched myself. I tried to remember what all happened last night. I went and checked his room, he was still sound asleep. Flashes of Sunil , his bike, the drunk girl in the party wear, the lake view,the mail everything came to my mind.I then got back to my senses and went in to  the bathroom and washed my face.

At around 9:00am, Sunil woke up. I could hear him talking over the phone. I always wake up  to my cell phone  alarm and he always wakes up to his girl friends call.

Sunil came out of his room and took the water bottle from the refridgerator. As he was having water from the bottle, he saw me working on my laptop.

'Sam..?' he asked as he was starring at my laptop screen.

'Ya.. finished your call?' i asked as I continued working on my laptop

'Ya Done..what are you typing..I could see so many paragraphs.Doesnt look like a high level design document' he said as he winked at me

'No..Its a story..' i said with my eyes still glued on to the monitor.

'Story??? whose story'

'My own story..I am writting a story for a blog. I got a mail yesterday, it was forwarded by my friend. If they like my story they will put it in their blog. They might also pay me for it' I said

'Seriously you are writing..? I have not even seen you reading a book till now. May I know the reason for this sudden change' he asked it wth his mischeveous smile

I smiled back.

'The best way to get over a woman is to turn her in to literature' I said and continued typing.

'Ok Buddy.I understand.Good Luck' he said as he smiled and went inside the bathroom.

I continued with my story. I tried to recall everything which happened to me , since the day I first laid my eyes on her. The whole weekend I was completly occupied with this. Thanks to her, I got a chance to relive all those moments. Moments which might have not been in her memory even for a minute, moments which I will preserve in my memory for a longer time .



March 7 2016, 4:00 pm At Office Canteen.

'Oh my God..Now I have seen everything..ha ha. Sam is writing a love story' Indhuja said as she was laughing at me, having her Tea. We were sharing the table, seated opposite to each other.

'What is so funny in this?' I asked her keeping a serious face.

'No nothing' saying this she continued laughing again.

This time I just kept quiet smiling back at her.

'Whom are you in love with, this time?? The girl whom you met in office cab or office canteen..Oh... or is it the girl who rejected your friend request in facebook' she continued ridiculing me.

'You will get to know once you read it' I said keeping a plain face.

'Is it ready?'

'No..I havent completed it yet. I am not able to arrive at the climax.Will send it to you by this weekend'

'By the way what is the story about?' she asked curiously

'Its about a hindu boy who falls in love with a muslim girl' he said as he smiled

'No wonder, you arent able to get to the climax, why dont to keep it simple, anyways send it to me.I will be looking forward to it.First feedback will be mine' she said pointing her finger at her.

I smiled nodding my head.

'And Sam I will be on leave from tomorrow this whole week,I have asked permission from Priyanka'

'Okay..What is the occassion?' I asked

'I am attending a family function' 

'Okay..Hope you have a nice time then'

She smiled back.

That day Indhuja had to leave early from office as she has to catch a train. I was not able to say 'Good Bye' as well,as I had to attend a meeting at that time. I tried to come back as soon as possible,but by the time I came back, she has already left. I will not be seeing her for next 6 days and this made me even feel so miserable. I sent her text messages, but I didnt get any reply.

Following days went like hell for me. I tried to stay composed, tried talking with my friends, just to take her off my mind, but wasnt successful. I wasnt able to write a single line since then. She was the only driving force, which made me to write, now that she is gone, What will I write.

Finally on Thursday I got a reply from Indhuja.The message read
"Hey Sam.. Sorry yaar been busy with functions and other stuff. Thats why cudnt reply..
What have you been up to..How is the story shaping up.. "

I became alive after getting her message. I replied back saying, "I will be sending it to you on Saturday."

Everything went back to normal for me.Finally my brain started to work and I completed the story.I mailed it to her id on Saturday night as I promised. I was so excited,thinking how her reaction would be. I couldnt sleep that night. On Sunday, I was waiting for the whole day to get her reply.Every time my phone beeped, i was hoping it was her,but she never replied .I started to wonder if she got upset after reading my story. Is she going to stop talking to me once and for all? All sorts of thoughts began to ponder me.I didnt have the guts to call and check with her.



March 15th 2016 7:00 am At room,

Finally the day has come.I was completely dressed up in formal wear, getting ready for office. Sunil was watching me comb my hair in front of the mirror.

'Aren't you getting ready for office' I asked

'Are you crazy? Its only 7:00. I will come by 11'

'Okay' I said as I continued to look myself in front of the mirror.

'Whats the matter dude? Are you going to office or for a date?' he asked 

'Dude, Actually my date is at the office..' I replied instantly

'Alright...Thats my boy...Now go, get her, Tiger...' he said as he hugged me.

'Thanks Mate..!' saying this I rushed out  of the room and headed to the bus stop. 

From there,I boared the bus to ITPL.The bus was almost empty. There were only two to three passengers. I sat on a window seat. As I slowly leaned on the window, I felt the cold wind hitting on my face and I was enjoying it. I started to think about how her reactions are going to be. If she greets me with a smile, it means that she is not upset with my story and there are chance for me to get in to relationship with her. If she just comes in without any reaction on her face, it means that she is upset and I am not going to take this topic with her hereafter.

Around 8:00 am I entered my office. I was the only person in the floor. I went and sat at my desk. I switched on my computer as I was looking towards Indhuja's desk .Every 2 minutes I was checking my watch. It seemed like time was moving so slow.She usually comes to office at around 8:40. I was continuously looking at the ODC door,to see if she is coming. As time ticks close to 8:30 my heart beat started to increase, my hands became cold.She is going to enter the office any moment now. I was anxiously waiting to see how is she going to react.


It was my phone ringing. I took out my phone from my pocket.It was Indhuja.I got up from my seat out of excitment. Jesus Christ..., what is she going to say? Whatever it is , you will have to face it.I gained some courage and attended the call.

'Hey Sam, How are you?' she said.

That was a relief. She doesnt sound upset.She is happy.

'Hey hi..I am good. Where are you?'

'Come down to food court. I will be there in 5 mins,I have something for you. ' saying this she disconnected.

Great,She is happy. That is a great relief. There is still hope.Now what is that she has for me.I checked my self in my cell phone camera, did my hair and rushed down to the food court. The food court was empty. I walked in further inside the food court, as my foot steps echoed. I was feeling nervous and my hands were feeling cold. Just to beat the cold, I put my hands in to my pant pocket and was looking at the beautiful pictures which were hanging on the walls. That was first time I actually gave a moment to have a look at those pictures.

'Hey Sam..' 

My heartbeat increased. I turned around. It was her. 

Indhuja was coming towards me waving her hands.

'So good to see you Sam..' 

She was dressed in a white chudidhar and salwar. She was looking absolutely stunning.It seemed like  whole food court lightened up in her presence.Now I understood, why I never had time to look at those paintings.When you have someone like her besides you all the time, why would you waste time looking at those. I was completely spell bound.

'Hey Indhu...Nice to see you too' I said 

she was having a package in her hand.

'Come lets sit down somewhere' she said

'Sure' . 

We  found a empty table nearby for the two of us to sit.

'So how have you been? how is everything going?'

'Yeah all fine' I said. I was actually waiting to hear her response about the story.

'I have got something for you'

'Yeah , what is it?'

She took out a sweet box from her package and gave it to me.

'Oh..Thanks..Thank you so much, Are these from the function you attended?' I asked as i collected it from her.

She just smiled nodding her head. 

Our every conversation had a gap of 10 second silence. I was getting nervous every second.

'Are you fine Sam.. You seem to be tensed.' she asked

'No no I am good, I am feeling a bit cold' 

'Okay..So have you completed the story?' she asked.

I was completely on a shock hearing that. I was expecting her to have read it by now and was waiting for her response, She is here sitting in front of me, asking me if I had completed the story. I felt like i lost all my senses.

'Em..I have...' as I was trying to answer her.

'Sam,  There is something important which I wanted to tell you' she interuppted,as she smiled facing down to the table.

I kept quiet, waiting for her to complete. 

'My Marriage got fixed.'

It was followed by a few seconds silence. I didnt move a muscle. I was continuously looking in to her eyes. 

'The engagement was on saturday. It was so crazy.. It all happened so fast. The groom's father is our family friend....'
and she continued talking.

I was not listening to her.I was not able to follow the words coming out of her mouth. I was sitting in front of her,looking into her eyes, thinking 
about what had gone wrong? Again I felt like I have been cheated. Why does this always happens with me? Why is the fate so cruel to me.  Why did I come to bangalore leaving my job in Trivandram,  Why did she come to bangalore leaving her job in Chennai? Why did we get the job in the same company ? why were we made to work in the same project? Why did I open the door for her?  Why did she sit next to me? Why did she become friend? Why did I fall in love with her. 

'Sam...' she said as she waved her hand in front me..

I just smiled.

'I dont know how to react, Anyways congrats, I am happy for you' I said in a firm voice, trying to fight back.

'Thanks Sam, Dont say this to others for now. Let it be our little secret' She said winking her eyes.

I shook my head in reply

'And hey what happened to the story, is it complete' she asked

'Em.. No, I wasnt able to think of a climax for the story. So I scrapped it' 

'Aww.. Seriously.. I am disappointed..Even if it doesnt have a climax i will read it.. Send it to me' 

'Oh I am sorry.. I have deleted the file once and for all. I dont have anything with me now' I said as I looked down to the floor

'Thats why I said you should have kept it simple'

I smiled back shaking my head.

'Shall we make a move' I said as I got up.

'Yeah Sure' she got up from her chair and we headed back to our desk.

All the excitement has come to an end. Genuine smiles have completely vanished out from my face. By the time we entered the ODC people have started coming in. The days work started to begin.I made an half hearted attempt to carry on with my job.But I was unable to do so. 
Everyone stopped by at Indhuja place and started talking with her , enquiring about her holidays.
Only then I realised , what would happen if Indhuja check her mails now. My story is still there in her inbox unread, as she hasnt checked her mails yet.If she opens and see it, she will get disppointed. I didnt want her to put in such a position. I quickly logged in to my yahoo account and recalled the mail I sent. I took a deep breath.

Just then Sunil entered the office. He rested his hands on my shoulder and asked

'How did it go dude?'

Before I could say anything to him..

'Sunil..' our manager calls out for him..

'Ya Coming..' he said loudly looking at manager..

'I will be back dude.. we will talk..' saying this he went to this Managers desk.

I was not feeling comfortable at all sitting at my desk. I was able to see her face everytime. Everytime she is smiling at me. I wasnt able to give a geninue smile back to her.I got up from my seat and walked out of the ODC. I didnt look towards her. I wanted to stay alone some where so i directly headed  to dormetary which was in the 6th floor.I got in to the dormatary. The dormatary was empty.I switched off my mobile and lied down on  the bed. I know I cannot ran away from her life long. But I just need to buy some time to get use to the reality. I shut my eyes and went to sleep.
Around 4 pm in the evening,I woke up . Jesus... I was asleep for more than  4 hours. I got up from the bed, washed my face and rushed back to the ODC. As I got down to the 5th floor where our ODC  is situated, I saw Indhuja waiting there. On seeing her ,I tried to head back upstairs.

'Hey Sam...' she called

I got down the stairs.

'Where were you been, all this time?'  she asked in a serious tone.

'I wasnt feeling well, i was at the dorm' i said in a tired voice

'Oh..why didnt you tell me before you leave? how are you feeling now?'

'I am feeling better now'

'Okay..Lets have tea then' she said

'No.. You carry on.. I have been  away for a long time.. I didnt even inform Priyanka'

'Priyanka has already left for the day.. Now come with me.. We will have Tea outside' saying this she got in to the lift.

I didnt know what to do. I just followed her. I dont know why, but I started to get my strength back. We got down at the ground floor.

'Where are we  going' I asked her in a firm voice.

'We will have Tea here' she said, as we came out of the building.

'We could have had it in the 4th floor' I said

She kept quiet. We went to a near by Tea shop and she bought Tea for us.

We found some empty chairs near by and sat down.

I started to have my Tea, trying to avoid eye contact with her.

She took a deep breath and said

'Sunil spoke to me this afternoon'

I slowly looked at her.

'He showed me the story which you wrote' she continued.

Shit!! I closed my eyes turning away from her. Only then I remembered that I had already sent a copy of the story to Sunils Id.

'I read the whole story, it was nice. but the characters in the story and the dialogues in it seems to be very familiar to me' she said as she was sipping the Tea.

I took a deep breath.

'Is there anything you wish to tell me Sam?' she asked as she looked in to my eyes.

'Its too late to discuss about it'  I gave a firm answer.

'Okay..but your story seems to be little incomplete, even till the end of story the boy doesnt express his love to the girl, He yearns for her,without even expressing his love to her. Unless or until a love is expressed how can it be a complete love story. Let the boy and girl unite together,atleast in your story' saying this She got up from the chair and walked away.

 I continued sitting on the chair, watching her, till I lost sight of her. Whatever we had between us, it was great, I am happy about it.It will continue to remain the same no matter what. I closed my eyes as tears rolled down my cheeks.




Months Later...
Sept 14th 2016,At Chennai, Sathyabama Kalyana Mandabam.

I was sitting in the front row of the marriage hall,with a smile on my face. And there,she comes. She was dressed in a silk saree with all her ornaments on .She was looking like a goddess. She waved at me as she got up the stage. I showed a thumbs up to her. She sat next to her  to-be-husband and they blushed.They both looked good together.I was happy for them.Actually I missed Sunil here, He is right now in Jabalpur attending his girl friend's marriage.I hope he doesnt get anymore girls to sleep with hereafter.
I felt contented with my life. I am blessed with good parents, good friends and I was  always surrounded with people who only wished good for me, what else can I ask more in life. There is no one in this world who has got everything that he or she has wished for. Everyone lives a life with compromises. Compromises made for the sake of their loved ones. And I am no exception.


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