30 and down on her luck..

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first draft of the beginnings of a short story... it needs work, so i was hoping for lots of feedback..

Submitted: September 10, 2016

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Submitted: September 10, 2016



Tara pulled a paddle brush through her shoulder length medium ash brown locks… Pursing her lips she scrutinised her reflection ‘Ready to go’.  She was just at the bottom of the stairs flowered clutch bag in hand when the clutch bag in question emitted a repeated ‘be-deep,be-deep….’ 

 “Hi Mum.” she smiled…. listening for a few seconds her smile then faltered… “Mum dont worry… of course you should go.. I’ll see you tomorrow. Tell Mabel I hope she's feeling better soon.” 

with her back now slightly slumped she heads over to the kettle placing her purse and phone on the breakfast bar… Once again her smart phone sings its tune…

“What now?!” 

She looks at the screen “Huh, Suzy?,, Suzy hi what are you doing I thought you were at Bens play?”

“I am, were just going in.. Listen i got a message from Lily.. She's sounds terrible.” 

“What happened?” 

“Kenny ditched her..”

“What?! I thought he would propose.’

‘’I know. Listen i hate to ask you this on your birthday, Happy Birthday again by the way…”


 “…but could you just pop in on her before you go to dinner with your Mum?”

“Of course I will..she would do the same for us. Besides Mum had to cancel.’

“Oh hun I’m so sorry.. why?’

“She said mabel had a fall. Mum thinks Mabel will be fine but she's shaken up so she didnt feel like she could leave her.” 

“Poor Mabel… poor you.. at least us girls were free tomorrow. Say hi to her for me and Bo will pick you up tomorrow at 10.. dont forget sunscreen”

“See you tomorrow, love you.”

 “Love you too Hunny.”


Faith knocks on the ultramarine front door with the copper 23…..“Tara its me.”

After a few seconds Tara shuffles to the front door and opened it wide… “Faith?”

“Hi sweetie..how you doing?” 

“Im ok, what are you doing here.” 

“To see how you are, perhaps have a cup of coffee you know… be let in..”

“Sorry…of course.. come in. I’ll put the kettle on”

“Dont worry..” Faith said crossing the threshold “You can sit down and tell me what happened. I’ll make us drinks..”


“…and then he finished with he’s just not ready to settle down yet…”

“Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry.”

“Dont worry about me, I’ll be fine………….Dont look at me like that I will.. Besides its your birthday you dont need me to be being miserable.” 

“Im always here for you, you know that. Anyway with Mum cancelling I have an opening… we could order pizza and ice cream and just pig out?..”

 “We cant do that… not on your 30th!”

“Why not were all going out tomorrow and I’m going to rebook dinner with Mum.” 

“I know but i still think we should do something a bit special…Did you cancel your table at Pacos?”

“yes why?”

“Ring him up and see if he still has the table..I’ll get dressed and we can have a nice meal out.”

:”Are you sure you’re up for it…”

“Sure, besides I love italian food, that can be my comfort.”

Faith smiled at her friend as she rushed off to peruse her closet.



“Hi Paco… do you still have that table?…. Great..”


 Tara walked downstairs wearing a demure yet beautiful coral dress, a small grin appearing on her lips… “Thanks for this… who needs men when you are blessed with friends like mine.” 

“Youre welcome..”


headed to open the door… “Faith I’ll call us a cab..” 

“Its ok I can drive us..” 

  “No I want to buy you a bottle of prosecco, lets get a cab… Please I want to. Its not everyday you turn 30 is it?!”

“No i suppose not.. ok” 


They were sitting in the back of the blue nissan…

 “Im thinking pizza” Tara exclaimed, a dreamy look and grin appearing on her face.

Faith smiled.. “You always have pizza” 

“True but atleast then I’ll know i like it.”

The taxi pulled round to the side entrance of the restaurant.. Faith combed through her purse for pound coins- “I hardly ever go in this door” 

Faith sighed “Keep your money..” Looking at Taras raised eyebrows she continued.. “Its your birthday remember, Please let me treat you.” 

Tara conceded defeat and exited the cab while Faith leant forward and paid for their fare.











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