The Long Night Closes

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A selection of poems before the dawning of day, when evening fades away, I love how all nature becomes aquainted with the night. The darkening clouds around me becomes illuminated with pleasures of delight, and we discover what is happening with people nearly every night.

Submitted: September 10, 2016

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Submitted: September 10, 2016



The Long Night Closes

Gerry Legister  


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Poetry Introduction  
Remember the poem “If” where if a person can do a whole lot of wired and wonderful things, then the whole mysterious phenomena of the world could be there’s for the taking. Well that’s pretty much the same thing here.  First this Volume is well within its own artistic context From an emerging poet who has a tremendous gift religiously motivated with generosity, kindness and opportunism. This work is the expression of feelings and ideas that inspiration has is given to be interpreted and enjoy by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; which has compose this collection of poems as a rendition of Artistic value. Gerry has felt the need to convey his thoughts though different subjects of love, joy peace, gentleness goodness meekness temperance faith patience in the form of rhythmical compositions rhymes and free verses. The poetry is of emotion qualities and intense beauty, with languages of symbolism and simplicity. Gerry uses creative imagery and rhythmic qualities for exciting pleasure and elevated thoughts. This is a beautiful and imaginative volume, it comes with many memorable titles for reader’s poets and listeners to enjoy

Summary of contents
1 Who Am I? 2 Miners turn to face the cold  3 dreams waiting  4 Beautifully stated  5 they wore the scars 6 The Devil in our face  7 Togetherness  8 the fallen Leaves 9 The wrong road taken  10 days of the year  11 Epiphany  12 out of angels Hands  13 The Tragedy of love  14 The Future  15 dancing on Ice  16 The Orphan  17 Requiem Reign  18 A Sonnet of Solace 19 Phenomenon in the sky  20 Worlds under water  21 Eyes in the darkness  22 Experience Liberty  23 Referendum 24 Dunes of Guadalupe  25 the Heart of Gold  26 Christmas Cheer
27 Sleepless nights 

28 Watchers in the Skies 

29 Daytona Beach 

30 I hear voices in the night 

31 Love letters
32 A being abused
33 The Broken heart
34 What is love?
35 A time of love
36 to you my love
37 When love is brief
38 Time is not yours
39 Dark Corners
40 Ashes in the wind
41 Throw my heart to the wind
42 Hard to know the truth
43 The Snow Queen
44 The cenotaph stumbled upon
45 Voices of exasperation
46 The world is burning
47 The Invasion
48 Sincere heart
49 My wish
50 On the margin of tribulation 
51 Footsteps of God
52 I have butterflies  
53 Further away past the sun  
54 The Autumn morning memories  
55 Masquerade of caring
56 The rolling calf
57 From Virtues to virtues
58 Walking on water
59 Dancing with the stars
60 A Jamaican woman
61 A life worth living
62 The Heart and God
63 the new head of Good
64 Find a fortunate star
65 Expressions of the heart
66 Autumn Rain
67 Our world in upheaval
68 A full road of promises
69 Pondering
70 Sacred Gathering
71 A better relationship
72 The inward robe
73 The decade of nostalgia  
74 upon the shore
75 Overcoming Obstacles
76 in heaven with you
77 Pain shall have no power
78 Freedom of speech  
79 Dance recital  
80 When love is not enough
81 Roses in the churchyard
82 Sushi
83 You make me feel special  
84 Glimpse of heaven  
85 Voices of the heart  
86 the religious and the contentious  
87 in the grip of sin
88 Growing old together
89 A new age
90 The fascination at nights
91 Goodbye kisses

Dedication page
The Long Night Closes  Is dedicated to all the hard working people who do night shifts
The fascination with nights

Who Am I?
Sonnet 1  
I am black, and white Yellow, brown and stripe, Fantasy in the dark, revelation in the light, I am a passion fruit sweet and ripe. Who am I? I am a traveller A conqueror of my flaws, I am sojourning being a pioneer, I am a winner even in draws.  
Who am I here to satisfy? My desire? Or strangers upon this shore, I laugh and cry and someday will die, And strangers put my bones beneath the floor.  
In spirit and beauty, I am plain, In words, deeds and duty, I am the same.
The mass production of coal is dead,
Buried infer lamps carried on the head,
Halogen miners sang the unforgiving dirge,
With fragments of flaky particles emerge,
Drilling hammers that smote the ground,
Never again to hear its rumbling sound.
Voices roar like dragons in damp vapour,
Highlighted the dangerous drudgery caper.
Its miners turn to face the cold idle breeze
Lusty diggers of cave brought to their knees.
Dust off running tears in nocturnal eyes
Sparkled pay in dissonant redundancies.
Tipping poison pouring out of their coat,
Coals brightly burn diamonds in the heat.
Hem and skirt tossed away in good wave,
The blockade collapsing stairs of the brave.
Sad hearts dramatically ending the way of life,
Miners Turn to Face the Cold Part 2  
Kiss the face pioneers abandon with cheek.
Dirty power of bygone industrial revolution,
The demise ends centuries of veiled tradition.
Looks that is lost on the cloudy grey glare,
Tunnels bearing signature of the slender tear.
Tattoo rippled down on jagged wall mirrors,
Romantic fires to stare at the mantle towers.
Underground roads in loops of fuel suspended,
Prison row of tombs lay silently on the cold bed.
Rock fractals calling from cold depth of earth,
Snuffed out the foggy union in oblivious wrath.
Dripping tar brooms lay on the dormant floor,
Once supplied daily ration meals for the poor.
Now the pit is shut leaving the empty trucks,
Pulling the souvenirs bearing burden buckets.
Into the nostril part of murky breath exhale,
Indifference steps crystallised among the stubble.
Can we face climate change of clean living?
In the beautiful candescent global warming.
Even the person who is happy Has glimpse of them Or fantasies of those realities touches within. And their hearts overflow with a longing Of surprises they cannot recognise In continuing river flowing. Deep down inside we see dreams and feel desire, From the starting point To where they blaze like fire. Dreams remain unseen In life before the print of our being, They were there in waiting. From the place where dreams comes Arise the mix of our ancestors Longing for love, we know which is all around us. In places out of reach Under different shade in shady shapes, Dreams flash by in fireflies.
As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that  wasn’t supposed to ever let you down probably will,  Exposing secret sworn on silent hill.  You will have your heart broken probably more than  once and it's harder every time, you'll also break hearts  Too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken.  You'll fight with your best friend,  and promise to stay faithful to the end.  But discover there is more than one skeleton,  you’ll blame someone for things an old love once did.  You'll cry, because time is passing too fast, and  you’ll eventually lose someone you love.  So take many pictures, laugh as much as you can much,  and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty  Seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness  You'll never ever get back until you meet the new you in eternity  You are beautifully created beyond description  God made you perfect in his unique image to be a reflection  of his glory indelible woven.
Illuminating warriors among the illumination of gloom,  although we are blind to their illustrious testimonies,  History turn pages of adventure into paved mausoleum,  which mark their colossal traits through the centuries.
They wore the scars that were precious jewels,  for future dreams of humanity they outshine,  the generation of the wise beyond fools and rules  battling with self, enemies and distant time.  
Warriors came yesterday and paid the ultimate price,  with painful scars, scared on the places they left empty  and remained legends in memory of sacrifice,  by societies who knew the splendour of their duty.  
Engrave in stone spirits forever roam in phantom stars,  Long past the barrier grief sorrow already bound,  Within souls lingering names engraved scars and tears  The ageless healing balm for a parting wound.  
Inspired from the mind the outcry of fleeting breath,  Force to step aside into another terrestrial realm,  by laying down their earthly crown before icy death  Leave this age to challenge the battle of reincarnation.
What more terror remains to fear? Having the devil staring at our face When we lose all hope and care, Grave faces fighting back despair As the salty tears drop from our eyes To fill our minds with desperate surprises And leave behind orphans full of doubt, About the future of brighter tomorrows, We see only darker days of saddest sorrow, And yet the clueless can be forgiven  For Prayers pleading to the heaven. Bounce back to earth bringing more demise.  Why does terror kill in such greater size? Only in a rare moment of second chance, We find true love and opportunity to dance  Even romance is dying to spend each day, In reposes of stealing their beloved hearts away. Suicide has no bride when joy turn into tearsFanatics are sworn to have our lives as martyrs.  To give away our children freely for a good life, Not a happy home with blue skies languishing above, Christians pledging faithfulness to the one true love, Never cease to pray with ever losing breath, For victims bowing down crying until my death.
There is a prize light in your eyes,  with a smile that is warm and caring.  Together, our lips bring touching comfort,  to fill our hearts with passion for sharing.  A world wind planned the reason for living. You are in my soul and we are in motion,  moving through rooms for improvement.  In choices, we meet hope and devotion.  Strong arms to unlock doors of pleasure,  of magical places filled with many wonders.  Inner strength holds our world together,  thoughts within bathed by warm showers.  Steams drifting into dreams soft and green,  the reality of our wishes is yet to be seen.
The fallen Leaves  
Through autumn to winter gooey grey haze  Old trees bend and befriend scattering leaves,  Wayside seeds sown on flora beds to raze a shelter in cold shadows to quell edgy voices.  
Hush stridden breeze wrapped in quaint quilt,  Sublime upper decks waiting on the rainy crest,  Keep shrubs looking green or the leafy leaves wilt  Put beauty under our feet with angry spirits to rest.  
Here appears in splendour bright posies of daffodils,  Aspired yew trees spiralled holly into fresh growth,  and roses adorn pathways and bedroom windowsill. But leaves that are broke have use of seldom worth.  
Our views tread carefully for here they are revile,  Shady opinions startling some or the pompous few,  diabolical voices ride supreme beneath the veil  the truth of reality is snatched away before we knew.  
Philosophy attractive for a while the smile they wore  covers raise against the walls crawling slowly along  in the cemetery, the hospitals, and the sentiments bore life as it seems and the message left to make us strong.  
Our people and religion in the pageantry entrench,  when it draws a breath voices rise from the abyss,  seeds of riches sleeping with thorns and wily ambush  scattered souls by the wayside like the fallen leaves.
Littering the track in yellow flops, Honesty and fraudsters travel together, And to be a winner without relapse One blighter will look down upon the other.  
To where the rules bend into deception, Then force nerves to take the wrong road, Just as good with smoother temptation And having a better claim to an illicit reward.  
The opportunity weakened in providence Fuse traces made sports sprawl on dirty floors, And comfort zone slide into human endurance, Conned the world into widespread flaws.  
Held love and guilt amid the horrors of winning Killing the pendulum, that extraneous edge. Exhilarating events of euphoric adrenaline, Flow from toe to fingertips captures the surge.  
Trodden in black, when all cheering suddenly stop, Knowing how the way was light turned to decent, And threaten to bury legends at the top Stereotyping everyone from the past to present.
Media, the torrent of continental drifts, Raise national anthems with signs of hope, Platform glazed with sleaze, bribes and gifts, Undergrowth of the florid myth of dope.  
A route to fame that has made all the difference Between winners and losers of dodgy trophies, Fairness is morality that claims patience, Without the luxury of convenient excuses.
Days of the Year  
The days of the year has quickly flown by Collecting aspects of serenity in the clouds,  For passing storms to stir the tremulous sky, The weather makes futility multiply with floods.   
Under the aquatic gloom voice that hilarious cry,  to see happy faces more lustrous make us smile. With friends whose virtuous lives will never die,  their beauty transcends the surprise for a while.  
More glee to come from the nunnery of advents  unlike other days of the year; today is your birthday,  Summary of days on peak season, outlived past events,  this rejuvenation of joy gives youthfulness each day?  
Enjoy your dreams and the sweet encore of fantasies,  Sizzle with kisses and firelight stars of beautiful optimism,  Beyond the grasp of humanity; soulful symphony echoes,  With melodies reaching the highest temple in heaven.  
Gathering the applauses commission from east and west,  Compliments make the visage of your virtues increase,  with kaleidoscope colours appeared in tears of interest,  where the value of your worth shall never decrease.
Days of the Year
Halo skipping up to the sky; the eclipse makes a happier cry,  Bright flames hides all hint of pain even the rain falling frail, With moonbeam stars swelled bright in the mocked eye, It clears a path between faint feelings and the rising swale.  
Passion cry out with satisfaction; the reaction of your soul  Moulded into the galaxy of time make the years more refine,  Endless endearing blossoms of regenerations will unfold, For this celebration is only a gap that good friends define.
An Epiphany
In search of the vows to honour  
When destiny takes me into tomorrow,  
Perhaps, God has chosen that ultimate hour,  
For angels to take up my spirit and follow.
Former life defines the new consecration,  
I hear the taunting voice in my innate choice,  
Conscience accusation to quell further devotion
Doubt renders incline to sabotage my service.  
Welcome hymns sang within retrieve conscience
Divine melodies changed my perspective on life,  
My dancing shoes move with burning experience  
Joy compel from heaven steps to take off strife.  
My inside moved away from stowaway zone  
Change pride into an epiphany of a miracle.
Revealed the voice I heard was not my own,  
It was unexpected, compelling, inspiring angel.  

An Epiphany
Part 2  
Struck with an epiphany upon holy ground  
Stand in awe under the shadow of a crown,  
With faith to believe the feelings I had found,  
Spoke in a dream not with the tongues I own.  
But innocent Infant days ended ritual traditions
Finding striking realization the meaning of time,
Twelve years wasted, thinking about illusions
Conclusions celebrate these lucky days of mine.
An epiphany spirit descending sprinkling entry,  
Beautiful enhancement caroling through the door,  
A star browsing over homes with love and mercy
Aspects of hope with unlimited scope to explore.  
Out Angels Hands  
With greatness coming out of the stump Prophecy made illusive visions shine bright,  from a stone in heaven, burning as a lamp,  Lamb like flames turned into a meteorite.
We came on earth out of the angel's hands,  timid bands slowly rolled out from the scroll,  Stars of lights fitly framed in foreign lands,  Glowing rays among a disenchantment world.  
Career finds the fragrant odour of our destiny Qualified beings decoration of our professions,  Candles illuminating darkness of our community Nursing weeks unfolding the changing seasons.
Out Angels Hands
Part 2  
The weak, meekly served until they are strong others go astray quickly out of the angel's hand. Tears lament in the sacrifice of a funeral song,  Wounds pay the price which made no demand.  
The bomb is not as strong as a guardian angel holding our hands to form that credible union?  From the dusty atmosphere smells of burning shell,  but the flame of hope becomes useful companion.
Sonnet 2
Hamlet's father was in gross state of sin when Claudius murdered him. His soul, not being purified by confession,  Live by prosperous abundance in Sodom.  
Now he is playing on desert plains Conscience chasing the guilt and stains,  being a Phantom cloud wandering on earth,  the prince of Denmark confronted death.  
When tragedy of love twisted in his grasp  the heart wearing a mask began to gather dust. Restless spirit that would not let him sleep,  Desire carried Ophelia deeper into the deep.   
The silent place was so wet and grey,  He could not converse with the wind in the sea.
Hold each utopia minute close Kiss them with lingering repose, Tell someone you love them, Leave the imprint to sink deep within. For their deeds could soon be gone, The conscience of the past come undone. See the future and let the future includes you, Of anticipation of absolutes and rewards due. Let the future have a glorious home in view, Not made of clay, brittle stone or straw. When the lame fragile breath goes weak, A flame reincarnates years months and week. Fuller deeds to come will already begin Fashioning light years of decades plan. With Freedom from strain and worry The economy there has no need to hurry. Paradise reigns in peace and tranquility, The diamond now reposed in cosmogony. A perfect portrait kept in heavenly Louvre, Hearts of gold housing incredible virtue, The dimension of revolutionary creation, Beyond earthly chaos and desolation. Our diviners claim to see a better future
Part 2  
Ghostly shadows await in karma linear. Sublimed prophecies past the unreal, See a winding world move on the final wheel. Armageddon to lighter horizon transforming, The eschatology event of spirit arising. Silhouette clouds glowing brighter than the past, Footprints were in present extension exist. Visions enshrined in joyful expectations The epoch of time redeemed of all nations. After health, wealth and inevitable death, Will the second coming of celestial breath Decree the place where our soul unit destiny Treasured in the apocalypse of an orbital colony. Seraphim's race through plagues to crystal maze, Benevolence enchanted the former faze Winters gates ablaze with pearls of stories told Every step we take, we will be treading on gold.
Sonnet 3  
With laces tied, she dances to the hush of an audience, And the sparkling glint of stars shines from her blades, Display articulate waves as her soul glides on the ice, Pirouette in trance when all thoughts of glory fades.  
Into rhythms of twirls, swirling on the thermal bend, With magnetic skirt suspended out in enchanted ring, The impulse engine, flies like a solo kite in the wind, With the graceful flow of energy on a chilly evening.  
Creating a masterpiece to eclipse glances in a dream, Giving rapturous glee with each step that she takes, Body and passion brings Joy with the breath of heaven, In a globe of dance comes romance of golden applause. Aspiring elements on ice, a choice of steps and sequences, Forming spiral shadows sometimes between illusive spins.
Abundances is not a promise to everyone,
Live with joy today and love someone.
Do you know the places we shall go?
When we are not sure what form to follow.
Natural incline is filled with swift transition,
Many personalities now demand action.
Beyond the beautiful banks lies the orphan.
A Psyche in waiting on the abating strand.
To banish childish acts and nurse the old,
Maturing years that makes our wings fold.
While we had moments of light humour,
We sing and dance in spritely demeanour.
Watch pretty blossoms flourish in the garden  
Grow with crowds until the edge is broken.
Then looking around for all the branches,
Only an Orphan is left to take the chances.
With softer shoes walked into status decline,
The symptoms of life are so hard to define.
Evening silhouette faded into dreary clouds
Since only joy and triumph memory holds,
Another nightingale dream begins to dawn,
Leave empty showers after rainbow withdrawn.
Welcome the Orphan into a foreign home,
Drove back the fears and tears still to come.
Longing for someone to receive as a friend
And start the journey again to make amend.
But when opportunity comes upon tired brow,
The illustrious crown becomes too heavy now.
Sonnet 4
Darkness descends into lower depths The years take lives with supple breaths. When Martyrs fall into cruel perversity, Patient souls are drag through purgatory.  
When blood and bone make walls in the ground, Only dust hear the surge of footstep found, Numb sounds heard on a doleful road up and down, Make legends in history for generations to own.  
Determine friends await with us in unspoken cares, Watch the fading shadows that no outsiders sees, Leave the hospice through different passages of fate, And bonds are severe on either side of the eternal gate.  
Obey lasts gasp of requiem rain, ice fire and flame, Mortal tears being driven back from whence they came.
Sonnet 5
The loss of memory is forgotten in the wind
The moment we die before our breath falter,
We are fading spectators struggling to the end,
And life flushes out the things we cannot alter.
We stand to surrender, and wave the battered flag,
On chosen fields of love or career serenading misery.
Some battles we win, but in others, life wearily drag,
Our bruised soul from the ground to gain victory.
And taste serenity in arms that we are thrown,
With lifeline, we find a sonnet of solace to climb,
Fleeting days by deeds invades the journey home,
Leaving endless cares and virtues for others to find.
The adventurous world holds all claims to riches,
When fulfilment Embrace peace and final wishes.
Manoeuvre of bright dazzle in the night,  Substitutes on the sand dunes of Dubai,  Glossy glare in the eyes was sinister delight,  of pirouette towers phenomenal in the sky.  
Whose height was of Babel's dubious sneer?  Hell blazing high over flood waters below,  where the wounded rest in luxurious lair,  while in heavenly sight, crimson fires glow.  
Appear to the world in displaying of symbol  the architect tribunes of gigantic empire,  one stone upon another complex to crumble,  Spiralling ladder illuminating the square.   
Could diamond status be a sanctimonious prize?  Moral sublime of candles burning in the sky,  Relics we own and cry over warm surprise,  Our Cosmonauts floating by in stark supply.  
Eclipse the apocalypse of climate changes,  Seasons rearranges and divert our mind,  Relishes wine and dine to ignite the senses.  Normal winter no longer applies to present time.
The polar ice-caps have melted
Leaving our world under water,
Barriers of earth almost submerged,
Mutated homes floated on the river.
Mariners in search of survivors
Have seen worse floating in grime and dirt,
People trying to find pairs of dry clothes
Ripping off doors to make a boat.
The main roads are verge under water
Rising tides carrying away caravan,
Lancashire, Cambria and Yorkshire,
Celebration rain drenches every plan.

Underwater worlds with waves bustling brisk,
Busking days ahead will be severe test,
Evacuating homes where lives are at risk,
To clean up the mess and pray for the rest.
Resolute resident sailing on the governing air,
Twisted defense brace for more downpours,
River Ouse and swale, rising into the Aire,
Deluges from Merseyside to Lothian Borders.
Eyes in the darkness  
I looked out from within my ebony eyes, seeing afar the things we often despise, Becoming one with darkness in crises, fleeing light flares when agony subsides.
And hope delve into truth within the lies I looked again with eyes in the darkness.  Discovered answers that were left unsaid and turn the pages that others had read.  
Then I weep deep within that bitter black where I found the words that I often lack. I looked again from within my ebony eyes,  and watch the blanket of darkness pass.
I died slowly while I was found hypnotize,  and lost myself within that uncertain gaze. Sought light when life began new phase,  while losing my loathsome inner disguise.  
Experience Liberty  
A painter with twirling moustache,  A worker in blue taking out the trash,  A skin head dancer with pink scarf  And a punk farmer who is a dwarf  Old woman with deep wrinkles  Leggy blond causing teeny twinkles  A clown playing the rusty violin Majorette dancing with ex policemen The rewards of position and status  Adds nothing to the way we focus Whether Dictatorship or Democracy what vote will be our legacy?  We experience liberty in the characters we create with different postures.
The battle of wits who’s quickest to the target The Referendum becomes our battling ground, To silence the tongues that vanity took apart. Saying little or nothing and have no command.  
By force of nerves all generals pitted and plotted Referendum vote drummed out the matted voices, Tweets on either side of the house in cyber-chatted, Europe left with misfits and the approving choices.  
The referendum matter leads our nation into battle Conquering minds gallop in haste to beat off time, Waiting around for baited fines of further tittle-tattle, Make allowance for doubting putting firms far behind.  
Bows in the left hand; poison arrows fight in the right, A momentum pursuing no safer place but heaven, Parliament eyes have it, smart sorties smitten by night, Watch the big nations squabble for refuge mitigation.
Then Europe and the people that’s in it can dream, But every nightmare release the creepy dark shadows, Frighten fools, using outdated tools for a referendum, Keeping our identity to chase after the distant rainbows.
Could the appeasing bung taken worth smarter living? Begin to outrun the distances of our silent conscience Before looking back over on our humble beginning With Protestants breathing the ambiance of silence.
Dunes of Guadalupe  
For many years, there the sphinxes lay
Entombed in decorated silent graves,
Whose reminiscence amaze the present day.
When deities emerge out of nine decades.
The lost city unearthed something else.
Myths entrench in fear by the same wind,
Secret elements of powers and fragile pieces,
Those rare mementos buried in the sand.
Prophecy revives the spells outside
Worlds in code of metaphysical status,
Stand resolute where sand dunes subside,
To unleash the powers of dark recesses.

Dunes of Guadalupe
Elliptical shrines lost in the track of our mind,
Defining age with the archetypal grains,
Dunes of Guadalupe covered in layers of sand,
Timeless images enslaved on silent plains.
Where symbolism of the ancient world
Meet beauty and harmony of the new age
Subliminal entities, interpretation of the soul
Incarnation carved out of limestone image.
Heart of Gold
Sonnet 6  
Heart of gold with eyes of glass, She has been there when I am alone, In challenges now and troubles past. I see the wonderful person at home Colleagues and foes expect no good to last. I tell them once more with the ability To laugh at the wonder, she has done Beautiful miracle relieved from injuryThat can atone for all the wrong That I have done.She has a heart of goldI am wearing her band inside of my soul, Flaws meet heart where ice was cold,Slip into support if I stumble or fall.
Christmas Cheer
Sonnet 7  
When I have much I am glad, but if I have no wine  I justly contend myself with water or cheap beer,  and wish I could find some hotel to pass the time  celebrating yuletide and enjoying a good cheer.  
Year end is about the most bonus I get from work,  contending with reprimands inside the door,  It will be Christmas cheer for bosses and staff,  Wishing prosperity but not aware that I am poor.
Waving handbook in every fluctuating event  running meaningless figures to compensate profit,  I will be just as content with a dollar or a cent,  if I go empty, than to be treated as a fool sold out.  
With all losses quickly sent away where life went,  hearing my name mention in what ridicule meant.
Sleepless Nights  
Sleepless nights kidnapping the score of dreams
In moods of jeopardy to keep drama underground,
Until some iconic moments release pixel images
Of secret Insomnia lodges before they were found.
Enjoined taunts turn brighter lights on in the head,
Some familiar pattern emerges from the storage
Macabre journal sleeping at the other side of the bed,
Reading the diary fills more watery pages with rage.
Looking back over sleepless rooms in confident air
Some debonair are put back into secret frames.
But those expose are the ones we choose to share,
Leaving the skeleton standing there without names.
Sleepless Nights
Part 2  
A phantom walking the floors sleepless in the night,
And dine with frozen moments in the lull of time,
Memories explained creaking noises in slimmer light,
Echoes never silent always knowing something refine.
Appear prickly in smoky images come from deep inside
Wanting wishes before boatloads of changes sail away,
Freeze the moments with view of cold slides from outside,
Pour tears into the dreary eyes dream that won't stay.
Long enough to see the things they want to do
Or to do anything at all before the scenery disappear,
Never call again on mystic places where the mind go, To stare, but wouldn’t want a reminder to go too far.
Watchers in the sky
See the days how dark they really are with scientific technology advancing so far,  making morals obsolete and force players offered by frenzied saints and goodly sinners to solicit help from watchers in the skies.  Repairing stations with astral disguises,  The Conspiracy theory coming too late  Earth remain in a moral bankrupt state.  
Do celestial eyes see pain unrove?  That tinkling parts alone cannot remove  the brood of wild terror hidden in sight.  Even the moon and stars have mild light obey laws of asteroids immutable way. With daring signs and illustrious display,  in the travesty of injustice vacancy appear;  fierce coals in smallest grain of the hair.  Spears kept in keyholes made on secret road,  Walls that holds faint and sad mode.  Ambush voices with positive answers,  Europe speaks softly with tied tongue tours,  Once life brought extraordinary thrills,
Watchers in the sky
Part 2

Far and near reverberating noise chills. the lovely dove with ordained voice disdain,  when will the hush of paradise come again?  For now, satellite provided answers to our cries from silent watchers marooned in darker skies.  Watching us instead of watching the demises.
Cyber-attacks, the hackers with back-packer  every penny's worth made entrepreneurs richer.  Devalued communities poorer than they are worth Traditions can't pay back transition of new growth.  Fretting ruins will run for many miles outside  Hide in underground holes with cunning pride,  of shadows creeping up a communicable shaft.  To dwell comfortable by slow smouldering craft.
Moving the atomic minutes into winds that blow  to shape slow minds into what society already know,  from watchers in the skies, we should open our eyes  Lest being engulfed by cosmonaut's hypothesis,  make inside roof and walls become black as space beneath the thick cloud of turmoil waste.
Sonnet 8  
A solitary figure stands barefoot on the dancing sands
And the watch the sea bears down towards the land,
Casting rings of pale dizzy waves towards the stands,
In battlement force with roaring tunes of a dashing band.A soft breeze stirs the air in the watery planets below, Almost in harmony with the moving earth beneath my feet, Hesitantly started and stopping before it reaches overflow, It seems like a living being was in the sea to meet.I started to reply with inner voice, but no one answered Watching me stand barefoot on shifting sands of Daytona,
I imagine people sitting on their deck chairs were half glad,
For their eyes following me in groups firing off bonanza.As the evening comes in softly small foot trails disperse And fade back in a path of the smooth sandy course.
I Hear Voices in the Night  
When the last golden sun streaks is vanishing  
Into clouds under the darken canopy of night.
The shivering dust settles behind the evening,  
Cloudy Satire coming with a new dawn of light.
Patrolling the traces of low whispering voices,
Following the Verve of strange words in the air,
Sentence disappear again into clandestine vices
The choice of deeds nights is reluctant to share.
Bar and restaurant recommend going the extra mile  
After losing their keys the best thing to do,  
Is to make guests feel welcome with a smile,  
The assured voice speaking louder than we want to.  

I Hear Voices in the Night
Part 2  
Amorous thoughts locked behind closed doors,  
Only the sound of voices breaking the silence,  Herero’s of the night, walking by on hotel floors,  Bound in code by the laws of their conscience.
Energy rollaway into spaces of sleeping room
Corporate pleasure at the expenses of leisure,  
Upper decks not lowering into drapes of gloom  
For lovers to lay their heads and count treasure.  
The day is lit again rinsing away voices captured,  
Amidst the wanderings curious moments flow,  
Remains a mystery to know the voices that chatted
Behind the closed doors where hunger desires go.
Love Letters
The call of your voice drifted by the wind Sentimental feelings that warms the blood, Followed romance to where the postage send, Love letters strolling through winter's flood.The contents being sent was of pearling intent. Tracking the inflame heart each step of the way. My treasury of words stored in the postman’s tent. Letters about things we pray and want to say.The slightest hint opens wider eyes full of surprise, Each blink holds a beautiful smile that paints A perfect portrait, speaking silently about future prize Eyes wide drips happy tears into cheerful complaints.And follow the path that leads the fragrant breeze Into ecstasy of dreams where love letters concealed, The pinning mine of gold to make our voices freeze, And feelings unfold in millions of kisses revealed.The splendour of romance in the dance of desire By candid fire, in the hall, startled hedges in the park, Rush risk and twist the senses in fragility of pleasure, And do all endeavours to let the emotions talk.
Love Letters
Part 2
Forever, till it ends or love is a never ending story, Putting our hearts under a spell to clean and miss, The engrossed summons daring to make us worry,Love letters bound softly forth in scrolls of happiness.Moves our emotions in the twilight of folding nights, Into highway carriages smelling the trove of rare scent, Envelope transporting the innumerable contents,Opening out into joyful radiance that beams absorbent.Reciprocation of those feelings to care and cherish, Dreams and hopes, between now and moments awayIn which every heartbeat goes into the unfathomable wish. And becomes coherent that radiate out physically.With drops of watery tears, that makes the stars  Go around the moon, because love is a beautiful,  A blade of pearl makes romance blossomed like flowers,  In droplets that we clasp eternally close to our soul.
Being Abused
Demeaning words go deep to hide a person from view a being abused, locked away in a jarring prison,  dwell as a frozen recluse in basins of less value,  wishing the nightmare would go into oblivion.  
Poison waters of broken tears turning into real streams and oceans of fears running into a river,  burning the churning waste on a moving wheel drive the weakling soul deeper into a dark mire.  
The abuser in rooms of gloom sharing swollen faces,  a vivid blur of faltered tongue trembled and shake,  Keen to hide secretly the anxious emotional traces,  moans beguile the revenge that convictions make.  
Pride holds the abused a nobler prisoner in chains,  by ransoming illicit favours outbreaks become a slave,  Towards the abuse, controlling intermittent pains Intensity makes individuals feel that life is grave.  
Darkness of night walks tight on borrowed fences  Raging war of words color the extreme atmosphere,  severely evoke wounds for attempt of daring defines,  but barriers of hurt row hard towards the safe shore.
Being Abused
Part 2
From profound courage in engaging waves unabated,  crying out seemingly in bitter groans by each blow without choices, the violence is wild and aggravated,  tattooed dated, marks imprinted by the infernal glow.  
Freedom finds a way aspire with desire great girdle,  rolling the tide to wipe declining tears of lament,  Then mending mind mingled in pain jump each hurdle,  truth beams rays of light exposing the cruel torment.  
On the road to recovery, tinkling dreams take time,  laden with guilt and the interwoven weight of futility,  mental afflictions move on into memories combine the realms of hopes, opens new doors into all eternity.
The Broken Heart  
The broken heart fierce and paraplegic  Spends time with conscious metamorphism,  Estranged and indifferent afraid and optimistic  the beautiful and tragic trails into a frozen chasm.
Before the uneaten tiredness lower anxious deeds,  Nights with broken dreams come together to sleep,  in rough cradle, a gloomy moon rocks repress seeds,  Reflections taking the images into a weak deep.  
Social defibrillator used so many times to awake  Mind rewinds, trying to recall the previous state,  enduring the heart-breaking up into separate relief,  it’s not true that you die, but your heart did ache.
Longing to meet refreshing hope again at dawn,  the fighting spirit awoke to hear chirping longing,  and leave the tears rustling in the eye of the storm,  triumphing over pain turning towards leaving.  
Your guardian angels watch you for a moment hoping your heart would open so it can receive,  Healing from the pounding nothingness discontent,  but habitat of the air is content to stay and live.
The Broken Heart
Part 2  
Forgetting the soul save from the clutches of death,  Return to see wild dreams looming on the horizon,  Make break ups stand up in pneumatics or in faith,  Betrayal, confirm the squirming of blighted emotion.  
Retreat from mood sinking, thinking styled infinity,  But the past is muddied and the future building  is a new designs model of the person you want to be  with indifferent modes of consciousness disappearing.
It takes courage, to sprinkle the ghost riding by  Bitching and stitching the ridges with broken nails,  and may hear the shout of vengeance incessant cry  Lost in the clamour where best thinking dies.  
Crush the odour and demons of inflammatory affair Esteem demeanour arises from wounded knees,  Pride and peace cure the spread that scorns the hour,  to serenade sunrise as complaint dies and life thrives.  
Its physical panorama going through heartbreak,  with dreams stretching across the chambers of pain,  taking the giant ice hurt into a galactic lake,  to make your soul refresh again by the healing rain.
What Is Love?
What is love? Love is a portrait of art and love is precious.
Love is amazing poetry, simple imagery of alluring beauty,
Love is wonderful presentation filled with nice surprises,
Love is the first duel in the field to conquer honour and duty.
Love comes at dawn with welcome arms full of charm.
Love lives in the land of glory, by bristly heroic sacrifices,
Love is a language the conscious noun use of genres form,
Love is a life light until our soul eclipses the eternal skies.
Before pall bears, shadows fall smouldering ashes in a fire,
Love is the vows we make and the vows that we will shun,
Requiem powers of the dead lend strength to the survivor,
Love is in colours of the rainbow that glows for every nation,

What Is Love?
Part 2  
Love is the scroll on which romantics wrote symphony of notes,
Love is the road on which they walk towards elusive goal,
Love is the boat on which they serenade carnival floats,
Love is in the air on streets of gold catching snow and windfall.  
Love is many laughs and as many cries we treasured most,
Love is risk and adventures floundering in the sleepless night,
In a chasm of abyss leap the soul above incarceration mist,
Clasped the fantasy that yearns for passion in secret delight.
Love is a cloud on which birth surprisingly thrives on earth,
In time, our emotions tear down the walls on which it stood,
Until we go back in reincarnation blur along the same path.
And consume the hearts splitting off into tiny pieces of good.

What Is Love?
Part 3  
Love is a mixture hidden deep in faith, of belief small or great,
Unhinged the carriage driven by mortals in athleticism flame,
The contagious nectar of taste refined more palatable than hate,
In rhapsody of human glory, the acumen brings no shame.
If you had love? Would you give it away or keep it as a gift?
Finding ways through prison bars up the stairs and into the stars,
Love is too costly to waste scratching your head tearing at yourself,
From the almighty plan, it is our needful breath of joy and tears.
We make time for what we value most A time to share love before the martyrdom move In close near people passing the multiples of test, Find bonds in the virtues of leverages we give.To bind us closer when earth is in upheaval, Eruption of nerves, all the curves point to an end We will turn and run in latter day’s further uphill From reactions and the person, we took as friend.
Worlds in collision seeking the amendment balm, The boundaries are breach kingdom and realms Near to heaven, down in the earth’s intensive storm, Love is the tool to break the mood of nuclear arms.In a time of peace entangled the prophetic war, Retreat on the anomalies which are less rewarding? We do well discreetly withdraw on land and in the air, Make time for sweet dreams and quiet breathing.
A time of love  
Part 2
A time of love approaching the apocalypse of hate, We shall bloom out of gloom grand and grandeur, Flowery wreathing on the marble tombs of fate, Some shapes take away dark spirits sprouting near.  
In atmosphere choosing between crowded priorities, The busier we get the less time for importunity. Ceaseless activities labour daily with survival chores Neglect relationship by walking on the edge of security.What will we do with despots, if loveliness increases?The busier we become leaves less time to share, It will be small comfort passed into a moment’s bliss For incomparable privileges that are no longer there.
To You My Love
These four words are given On this lovely day, they are saying To you my love, I will tell you again.  
I thought about you today, And wondered where you were going, Crying tears on your way.  
Seeing the lonesomeness on your face, Turned into bright clouds on cloudy days, And your eyes searching for another place.  
My heart too is reaching out with you In those dark and shrouded corners Where your mind is searching through.  
I thought about you crying with the pain, Wishing I could have taken your place And make you whole again.  
I thought about you tonight dying silently And wondered if you were going Somewhere beyond the sky.  
Your shadow moved gently through signs And head towards the moon staring at me Wearing shades I have seen so many times.  
The pain cannot reach you now Where you are on the other side of the world Somewhere over the rainbow.
When Love Is Brief
The autumn rain fell briefly that day Replace by a sudden appearance of the rainbow, Illuminating without warning, all that was grey And the sky turned the colours into a glow. I became happy as do lovers sprung into relief Entourage thrill to consume wild emotions. But if the sudden change brought luck or grief On either side of the day, choices make decisions. To play or stay with hopes dawn badly down Lulled by pain, unable to see the appearing light Behind the cloudy paths staying longer on, When the sky is starless, with bleak winds blown. If love is brief, happiness is a slender treat Some dreams may end in grief, become incomplete, And trust will beat quickly into a rapid retreat, Overtaken in defeat repeated mistakes we hate. If love is brief; will there be any other dreams? That we could chase? If we could follow our rainbow After showers wash away the hurt with tears From our eyes, which thrilling places can we go?
Time Is Not Yours
Sonnet 9  
My dream went astray in a vision that day
And yet my mind had not gone away,
And none was there to say what they had seen,
All the colours or schemes within that dream.
Taken to the air on wings of how I feel
Parting the thrills of deeds within a wheel
I wait and waited late until night falls,
When I cannot sleep I turn and look at the walls
Surrounding me, and signs coming closer
Reply with dreary lines blown into the air,
What to do when you have time to spare?
Pass the time when it feels like years of despair.
Waiting in the queue with strangers
You are not there and time is not yours.
Dark Corners  
The battle of wits quickest to its target  Parliament becomes the deciding ground,  for silence of tongues in the beaten heart,  Say little or nothing and have no command.  
By force of nerves generals pitted and plotted,  Referendum chorus drummed out matted voices,  Tweets on either side of the house in cyber-chatted,  Left only with misfits and approving choices.  
The vote that leads our parties into battle a host in haste gallops quick to make up their mind,  No waiting nor baiting with further tittle-tattle,  the allowance for doubting was put far behind.
The people in whose lands their opinion’s forgotten  Labour and conservatives two protagonist appeasers,  Sneer on their wishes with decisions already taken,  But the cold commands shadows in dark corners.
Dark Corners
Part 2
Bows in the left poison arrow in the right,  Momentum pursuing no place safe but heaven,  the eyes have it, smart sorties smitten by night,  Watch communities squabbling for mitigation chosen.  
The earth and the people that’s in it can dream,  but every nightmare has its own dark shadow,  a trap for fools, using tools of good to cause harm,  Keeping virtue and chasing after the distant rainbow.
Could the risk we take worth a start for all our winnings?  To outrun distances of those bitter wicked conscience,  and go back again to foundations of early beginnings,  until at last we breathe in the ambiance of silence.
Ashes in the Wind
The blistering wounds leave our heart  sore, and filled days of sombre wrath The Ashes in the wind; tearing emotions apart,  Requiem king reigns supreme in dying breathe.  
Daystar arises to outshine doubts and fears,  in rosy clouds changing the atmosphere.  Night weakens the mind suppressed by snares,  wipe away tears brandishing chilly nightmare.
Hearing spirit in the wind whispering claim channelled in the flame running on the refine Join our progenitors leaving behind sad re-frame  where intermission crosses the wide borderline.  
Timely stars faded from that lamentable realm,  reach into the mind with detached matters,  inside our hearts, burns the lowest flame,  Physical reins painted and twisted in tatters.
Ashes in the Wind
Part 2  
The Ashes in the wind divided into loose ends,  Fanfare of friends gathered on the mourners green,  acres in heaven bound around the colossal diamonds,  sparkling flint every soul becomes a monumental gem.  
When you are looking out on the falling rain  there is another reflection looking back at you indivisible courage plant a seed beside the pain,  clinging together bright color and flowers renew.
A balm to heal the wandering spirit in the wind  seeing faces mixed with the rare beauty of grace,  send the ashes to where mortality was destined  With Beatitudes by prayers of saintly penance.
Thrust the blade of sunset into airy shapes of dust,  and walk bravely on the path of receding anguish,  feel the wind dropping like a diadems immutable cost,  Float back on wings where the soul seems to languish.
Throw My Heart to the Wind  
I will throw my heart to the wind,  what am I to choose between anger and malice?  It will be a driven soul pursuing an end,  then bring me solitude that gives me grace.  
Shall I wish for nations to be friends?  Bright and bubbly thin and pretend,  Hate is the drumming of distant words,  implore the gold and the good in them,  Or plead for nations with covering to amend that burns in them hot and dim.  
Shall I go in the air by feature or fleet?  Or Into the state of rural seclusion,  before the mourners go about the street,  and the unruly nations anger drift into action.  Careless rapture of half chaste experience  with hearts of durable granite. Sob no tears or career sense.
Throw My Heart to the Wind Part 2  
Seeking gems other generations inspire,  Angelic symbols of warmth and beauty,  Roaming twilight set political course on fire,  and demons go about disguised in frightful duty.   
I throw my heart to the wind,  and solitude came back over the mountains,  Skipping between the trees and watery bend,  Traveling for miles to make new friends.  
Gathering up the fragments of a thunderstorm,  those small pebbles making urgent lashes,  I can see a window in the eye of the storm  if breeze speaks softly in our ears, what are the choices?  

Hard To Know the Truth
Battling with sword tongue and kind heart,  to know the promises I might have broken. It's hard to recall the Eros fought,  by unkind things loosely spoken. Now keeping a watch with eyes widely open.  
It's hard to know stories beyond the lie,  Truth that was rare and fantasy that bear fruits of scoundrels in stories of beauty,  making rattling sounds chaos in the air by trapped wind mutiny in the atmosphere.  It’s hard to know beyond scores of grief  if people are telling the truth with a slant,  too bright to surprise too dumb for our belief.  Consistently mending powers of reverse,  matters arising with entangled nerves.  
The muzzled truth gradually comes  with body language the explanation kind,  finding success in the circus of lies if learning strangers or friends were blind,  and tell all they want truth cannot be denied.  
Prayer brings penitent to my chastening soul  caught as a prize the vanity in baiting traps,  turn on my wild back into a new world,  hope plough through shrieking wrenches  and spurn those howling trenches.
The Snow Queen

The snow queen walks in the snow,  with cautious steps measured slow,  Ice white eyes watch the powder snow fall,  Caught in the air making a snowball. The snow queen is soft and white,  But can easily slip into a frostbite  When night is dying and mist arriving,  Numb the wax on fingers and toes burning,  The snow queen wears many crowns On throne of the kingdom she owns,  Sit regal with ice and peppermint scent  There will be slips, trips and accident  Cold continent weather follows the nose. Even the early burly whom dawn chose Tremble with snowflakes in their shoes,  Children play in ditches and wet amuses  Dowse adults with ghost portrait memory,  Of plenteous styles frivolous and naughty  Watch the days faded into inky stand cold,  Beleaguer love walking out the life they hold When the gloves were warm and full of charm,  Early burly man would trudge through the snow  Bring home remnants of weary woe  Dusting off the cap and trowels on his track,  Pull his knapsack and coat tight on his back,  With pride at place he goes off in the snow  With cautious steps that are measure slow
The Cenotaph Stumbled Upon  
I stumble upon a cenotaph searching thought,  Lengthening strides stroll into heroic mortality,  in prime the best of beauty arise with strength,  the memorial names in view once more was pretty.  
The portrait pierces my heart with spirit filled art,  Painted praises sang rare rest over their shade,  for the worthy cause where our heroes fought,  Stumbled and fell after their magnanimities fade.  
Going on through architrave door into their rest,  for the full enchantment in days of bravery known,  Courage renown, stored in pride of envious zest,  the living only knows a cenotaph found in the town.  
Wore the names high for peaceful purpose strained,  sacred quest wrestled for the nations myth and mirth,  Virtuous inquest found many more stories sustained,  in kindling birth borne the merits of grace and truth.
The Cenotaph Stumbled Upon
Part 2
In duty muse courage convened fear seldom own Fame and agony gushing downstream into my soul joined bands playing sublimed tunes decades known singing anthems where every win was worth the goal.
We stumble upon their names our children inherit,  touched the cords neglected by time and chance,  reflect the gleam gems of memories in our heart Intrinsic glances charmed into an immortal stance.
Voices of Exasperation  
I heard the rain pouring down for a day trapping water in the trees and in the garden,  I wanted the sound of exasperation to go away,  it was like political voices filling a vacant ocean.  
As I waited for the rain to empty the last portion,  Threads of vapour weeping fall into a timid atmosphere,  I am caught in an endless queue at the train station,  Hearing rumbling of voices on mobiles everywhere.
Voices of exasperation won’t leave you alone,  with the continuous deluge of opinions each hour,  the sharp voices that roam often follow you home,  But the flush of anguish will not last forever.  
At home, on air flow, irritant calls of inconveniencemakes atmospheric words tremble with my lost breath,  they never dissolve quickly enough into the distance,  while questions raise brings on rage and wrath.
I am discontent with explicit contents, nuisance callsthat don’t make sense, are impossible to count,  corrupt policies, sporting abuse using us as shelves,  Many multiplies sharpen edges risk being caught out.
The World Is Burning  
The world is shaken by Armageddon awakening, Kingdoms began to rise and fall with repetitions, Crying out for peace and security monitoring Apathy and ignorance the coalition of Nations.The world is heading into perpetual state of war, Renegade barbarism spilling out against everyone, Whose forms are drying the dripping tears all over? As the pain wanes, fear comes again to bludgeon.We have much more to learn from those confuse With the flames as they burn in effigies of regret, Dilemma and derision with jealousy that lit the fuseBlazing rivalry on this kindred planet in our orbit.What became of Constantine long legs of Byzantine? Shoots of Europe rose and swell into Nordic spell, Metallic statue in gold stood with Iron of Great Britain. The world is burning and manoeuvring out Israel.

The world Is Burning part 2
Atomics and allies the former history recreate
Within the European Union, I saw the long legs of iron,
Driven by fewer hands who knew not how to consolidate?
The fallen empires of Egypt, Assyria and pivotal Babylon.
Our world is ending and we are in the shady ambiance
Hearing the Echoing sounds of extravagant Atlantis, Noah’s unconcerned generation, drowsy in science
Bulls of Basham coming from the labyrinth of Abyss.
The Invasion  
They wore Armoury of hailstones As a cloud to cover the land,And come up with many nations To make walls fall to the ground.Having a sound raid at dawn, Shake depressing hearts and mind, And break rare mountains down Riding through the storm.Invasion calls for the sword Vindication throughout the land. By motto and the veto code, Oh victory, where is your command?The fury of revenge spilling blood, And the reign of fire upon roving bands, Galvanize all the rivers into a flood, Pour sickle cell disorder into desert sands.  
For crimes against humanity, The avalanche dowsing with a pendulum, Will we ever again find our sanity? Under occupation and the annex of gloom.
Sincere Heart
I am strong only after I become weak I am wiser now because I have been foolish, I am older now and sinews are ready to break I am still making progress, but I am in no rush.If we live pure our heart still has a secret store Opportunity brings the chances we must take, Life is short, and the pathway to death is sure Escape is denied once inside that eternal gate.  
 The appointment will not delay for small or tall When the heart has been brought inevitably low, Envy and strife insist on making us feel small But through hopeful eyes we shall see a rainbow.  
 Shining brightly behind the mask of darkness Love is a kingdom of families bringing people closer, When forgiveness answers the call of distress, If hatred is defiant, Gods mercy becomes bigger.
Sincere Heart
Part 2  
Be not afraid on parade, if your heart is sincere, It will open the door that leads to a perfect world Cross the sky upon stairs to where stars are rare, Antiquity for both transitional realms that we hold.The stars don’t shine so that others may see All the faults and failures we wear upon our lapels, They shine so that through you others will be Rare jewels of gender that prevails.When you are hurt and the bruises ache inside, God hears the prayer of a sincere heart Climbing through doubts saddled in earthly pride Looking for healing inside to make a fresh start.
My Wish  
I do not wish to fret on the bed of death For the relief of pain circling my body, Besiege around the gap forcing out breath Making faded strength heirs to eternity.I do not wish for those shedding tears Be mournful by the seizure of a sudden urge, When fortune favours decline in my affairs, For the soul has many more plagues to purge.I only wish to find the forgiveness hereafter And the crown of life in which freedom was denied, By friends who came slowly and went quicker Into fame from my association may have find.All the treasures which make careers wishes Richer bound for that better life to live, Doctors and lawyers and the alphabet full phrases, Discover the cure they were trained to give.As the undisclosed mystery beams towards me The future and its pointless things have taken wings, I wish to be clearer, but that wish I may never see While lips and mouth unto silence clings.  
On The March of Tribulation
Once more the road beneath our feet quakes Where marauding faith in generosity appeared With kind words embrace enemies within our gates, And turn that grace to strike hearts unprepared.When storm arose and the emotions spilled over, Find smouldering faces peering through gothic rails, No agreement or friends can stop the seething anger Breathing fire once concealed by pretentious walls.When the strife first began to stumble and choke It forbid loose tongues to tell of any pleasantries, Quenching breath on trial when humour is not joke Heated fumes drifted like smoke defending sentries.False words that see god being friends of ambush How can we see the good? Covering the fake image, On the march of tribulation, ablution was accomplish And we never did understand the blabbering language.
On The March of Tribulation
Part 2
In every frown lies the barking sound of vile terror They look around and examine the splendour gain, Extraordinary treasures we have in galleries galoreBut their thorny vestige will never be found again.The vows repeat hastened to their responding feet, Choices made inner conscience rip apart this path, Gathering troops in tight loops on the margin of defeat And die like fools plunging into their own murky death.That which was burned its hostile pride will never evoke Tight girdles beyond the margin where the story lies, Fervency burned out beneath bitter drifting smoke Whose liberty do we enter to cross over on brighter shores?
Footsteps of God
As the afternoon fades away into a silhouette,  A light wakes the soul that risen from slumber, And voices in the night drifts into a calmer beat  Of footsteps tapping on the threshold of the door.In the dim eerie night, a lamplight brought belowShadows of the trees like phantoms growing tall, Radiant clouds of firelight came with closer glow And the form fall takes a pathway upon the wall.Fears came soundless and trembling in my feet, A messenger coming downward from the skies,Like the ambiance of hope so still and so discreet, The shadow transformed a gaze into my eyes.Invoke spiritual guide with serenity heaven sent, On abandon scroll wrote the note of sinful demise, Aridity and reproof being more beauteous lament, I saw God’s ery wore essee ad oproise.  
Steely impression strolling in the peaceful footstep, Comes and walked right through my foreign body, Takes my vacant heart and into pools of tears leap With utter calm, I remember the voiceless call only.
Footsteps of God

Part 2Lay prostrated in the water looking up into a stream, So still and saintly I hear soft music warbling at me, From those footsteps mingle the syncopating rhythm Strings stir my conviction into a voiceless decree.Which I could not comprehend the divine addressing Reason why the spirit came so far from the stars, And breathe into my heart soft rebukes and blessings, Until all my fears were taken away into deep skies.
Inside my stomach, I have butterflies, A mockery coming to take me by surprise, I have brittle thorns piercing my eyes, Each hour growing into a terrible size.My soul is wrapped in frozen compassion Walking tongue-tied on the edge of fragility Exposing a swarm of words in the afternoon Horrific malady beating the floor critically.Not knowing what's coming to catch my breath And see the power of death between flames, By the extreme force of depleted strength, My agonies become cold icy blown grains.

Part 2Reality awakens by lamentable cries on flight, We see the souls arrived in stars shining galaxies, Painting the sky with lives of the brightest light, Their images are captured on enviable spheres.  
I am in a different realm, my heart is in pain On silent wings of changes in the atmospheres,Is this the place of eternity or do we try again? Flapping our wings to crystallise like butterflies.
I want to go out past cold memories again, And visit under reincarnation the light that drives The soul further away past the sun.Come back into earth on traces of past shadows Pierce the gloom and trace you from your perfume, Upon autumn leaves turned black with sorrows.Moonlight reminiscence preserves life they breathe, I miss the songsters and the lunacy even in the trees, But I am invisible and the cherubim stopping my breath.Stand with curling leaves looking at the stained glass Cramp fingers move lightly through the atmosphereDrifted into the ambiance, a kind light parted us.The air traces disfigured paths into a dispersing realm, Lifts our form further into the homecoming of the sun And send the soul away in a block of flame.

Mute and uncomplaining autumn comes around,  racing towards winters slippery snake heels,  when brown leaves fall to the shallow ground,  a change of equinox the landscape feels.  The magic season rend the wiry smiles from our face,  And something new shelter where autumn sprung,  spreading its might from trees lofty embrace,  Birds perch on the hill with lucid leaves clone. Autumn morning memories I cherished dear,  Express the winning leaves beneath the trees,  Blends with the seasons changing atmosphere,  with old age the crisping color in beauty chase. With icy fringe against the frozen compound,  autumn quench its caress and colourful splendour,  Wet with sweeping noises to adorn the ground,  autumn mourning lights the kindred lamp in the air.
They run and tumble down into a hopeful mine, Moving goals from suburbs into different towns, Rail and barbwire were challenges of dividing line, Looking for the familiar faces that kindness owns, The clandestine brow weaving with wrinkle trials, Skittle over pastures, cobble streets and obstacles.Eagerness of freedom raises the temperature of toilIn jagged vessels crossing cramp seasons on pipeline, Nature epitomise when screaming armies are foil, Grappling with choices including yours and mine. Danger lies where paradise appears more refine Wearing the masquerade in the checkout line.Their trembling hands reach out and firmly hold, Friendly blade of light shining boldly with surprises,  Neighbourly love in malign hearts cross into the cold, With the hooded veil, a prism of doubts raises voices. And crisis bartering into an age of ulterior specialism, To sanction the silent uproar of sentimentalism.  
But where dreams arise bright; the risk is worth taking, And clandestine embrace chances opportunity brings, Their defence surfing the ethereal waves to begin, Possessing a newer life and the underline blessings. They see people wear a masquerade of care outside, But cannot interpret the brooding anger boiling inside.
The Rolling Calf  
The eyes of the Rolling Calf was bright Galloping through the villages at night, With scary looks that froze the eye Flames in fear made stricken hearts cry.In what distant past did a myth exercise? Sacred rites burnt in the fire of surprise On what Alter did the occult aspire? What daring hand reached into the fire?And what sacrifice made strong the black art To frisk the pulsating rhythm of our heart? When from within each beat began to sink, What terror causes the eyes not to blink?When the spasm opens into a dark entrance The soul is grimly chained in a furnace, What conjuring evil? Can creep and grasp The meek with deadly claws of terrors clasp?Stars from our eyes and threw them down Did rolling calf smile when its work was done? Leaving terrified souls speechless and dumb Back into practice, disguised trick succumb.The eyes of the Rolling Calf faded with light Retreating through the atmosphere of the night, Into frightful dreams which close the eye About stories that made stricken hearts cry.
From Virtue to Virtues
The people worship him,  pray and made him their refuge,  in a world laden with atomic sin,  redemption transform the age.  He was vitreous from the beginning,  made the endless particles of heaven.  Smash every obstacle on arriving  He lived in the middle of a rebellion.  And the hand of God nurtured him.
Today; the world is in search of peace  waiting for him to come again  make captive hearts free and wars cease.  He is destined to return in a storm.  For humanity to find hope shortly after,  placing his strong feet upon the mountain on the plateau of nations and traditions,  the rule of tyrant’s ends and millennium begin,  for the majority of those saintly believers.
Communities will be taken on a new ride,  people who love to live in harmony,  away from crime and synchronized pride.  Never again will they be lonely  filled with virtues until death changes to eternity.
From Virtue to Virtues
Part 2
Pure rivers flooded many times over.  Waters of life flown off into the crystal sea.  Our days of vendor will be filled with splendour.  
The millennium crew creating fuel.  Never see the clan turned to restless degrees,  and attacked views with ridicule by weapons of hate and jealousies,  branded believers as clueless and fanatics.  But the Redeem of the Lord shall return.  With elected minorities who respected him.  They found a way to the highest pinnacle  on wings flown through galaxies to immortality.  From virtue to Virtues reigning with silence.  World leaders want to be acquainted with him.  They recognize his power and influence  Becoming the icon of great phenomenon
In this life we can walk on water  When all our work is done,  with miracles perhaps you have forgotten the earth too; will walk on clouds to come.  
I trust not on the person that I am,  or what I know, but on Christ the solid rock,  I will stand up and be like that man  when all of life is done; cemented into a block.  
The journey will have just began,  Eclipse decoy and the impotent past,  and trudge through prepared mansion,  where paradise lies in peaceful rest.  
In time humanity will find the invitation of intricate desire to walk on celestial water,  and reach heaven by divine intervention,  that spurn my youth and found me growing older.   
We are on a journey and we cannot hide  the optimization that reduces the empty miles,  The Widening transparency of logistics free guide  Technology to master the complexity of surprises.  
But it will end one day in the most bizarre way. Walking on water is a thin layer of faith,  Taking souls to the heights of eternity  but the road we walk today is not the path.
Dancing with the stars  
Airy tune plays the starry notes we adore the wind creates a breath of vibrancy found,  Tapping a polite crescendo beat upon the floor,  Judges joined in the finale of encore sound.  
Notes spinning in flames swirling the flare around,  the enchantment full of awesome performance,  shifting body weight perfectly from off the ground,  Contestants wooed the crowd with exotic dance.  
Disco costume the glamour of appearance calling,  Showbiz trial before platform of bigger audience,  dancing with the stars until your eyes are shining,  don’t think you come here to hang out in a trance.  Into this magical movement of swing and speed Trapped charm glowing in space by metallic plates,  the choreography steps and style will succeed,  to shuffle the dance in the combination creates.  
We want to have the audience upon their feet,  but we don’t know yet; how much we love dancing  until television shows the moves we often repeat,  Bring out the best twists and turns from within.
Dancing with the stars  
Part 2  
Unique blend for either student or entertainment,  Evoke rhythm seductive flames with creative elements,  Flown to where the original inspiration went,  they are allowed to dance with unique movements.
Fluttering like trees continuous wave in the breeze,  When all at once you have the crowd on their knees  The outstretch hands hope for more to receive,  And you finally become a twinkle in their eyes.  
Lively bodies enthused with cheering to the end,  dancing with stars in modes of thousand sequins,  the choreography disguises shapes with each bend,  and you have your hips swaying more tantalizing.
A Jamaican Woman  
I see a Jamaican woman,  dancing to reggae music,  She is looking more attractive,  Taken by different shapes of the body,  She moves in a trance to display her beauty,  Ingenuity, paused in aghast breath,  And mystery binds a haven of thought,  To embrace the moment’s pleasure,  winding away in a dark corner,  You can hardly see other dancers near,  Smoking with rhythm inhale,  The addiction of love is sweeter kisses,  dried in the silent morning coolness. I see an older Jamaican woman,  kneeling, praying, digging, and then burying The sacrifices she understand,  With her love offering in the land,  Society chanting, another reggae song,  This time, guiding the new age mothers,  weave idle sighs like mourning birds,  Rocking on trees fell by hurricane,  Never had they work in the sugar cane,  And sweetness is a flavour only in the wind,  I see more desirable Jamaican woman,  On exotic parade defining time,  wearing tiny cloth upon their skin,  I still see them not dancing, but admiring.
A Life worth Living  Sweat dripping down into a lingering forge line  to wrinkled brow nested firm on the fretted face,  through the deep fog into the dark murky mind,  Feeling an aching pain the heart must embrace.  
The sharp pain cuts a deep path into the cleft that’s a wound so far it cannot quickly be healed,  from the sudden pain that left the soul bereft  down in despair creaky bones becomes dried.  
The skeleton man works hard for a life worth living,  Paying back the debt the mind owes to society  He look so weak and frail when the day is ending,  His time is limited but he dares to claim the victory
In dreams he hears hopes blowing in the breeze,  softly whisper between the walls and the pencil trees,  the burden carry release began to move with ease,  His awaken soul tumbles upon the wounded knees.  
A stream in the soul flows and grows into rivers of cure Release the struggle to find that life is worth living,  And sense the purposes of reasons we are sent here  Distinction is worth values to prolong the ending.
A Life worth Living
Part 2
And finding faith brings joy afresh into his only being,  Blowing opportunities from where he last had seen  His esteem dreams were broken down and left in ruin,  the surge now is to fight for something worth having.
In dreams he hears hopes blowing in the breeze,  softly whisper between the walls and the pencil trees,  the burden carry release began to move with ease,  His awaken soul tumbles upon the wounded knees.  
A stream in the soul flows and grows into rivers of cure Release the struggle to find that life is worth living,  And sense the purposes of reasons we are sent here  Distinction is worth values to prolong the ending.  
And finding faith brings joy afresh into his only being,  Blowing opportunities from where he last had seen  His esteem dreams were broken down and left in ruin,  the surge now is to fight for something worth having.
The good of hope and faith in mankind can also be hidden,  when life is lost in the realm that appears to be sacred,  Belief finds providence the reverberated truth within?  By the light making life worth living in all that was dead.
The heart and God  
In these things we are more than conquers, In every part of earth, we live in a binary world, On angels wings, by self, or with principalities, And wondered if we got there alone or with God?The heart and God, is entwined in all humanity, In the eyes of a globe, we see a mirror crystal clear, Of sparkling flame makes paradise so incredible, Burn as fire, hot coals bloom in the atmosphere.Innumerable company beneath the dome of heaven, The hope we bore in a trance; blessed blissfully, An Inseparable mind hidden in the shield of passion, Words we say, melody hung like stars within the galaxy.

The heart and God
Part 2
Gathered the warbling tune clustered in our heart, And mount the trail where joy and turmoil converge, With praise sang to God serenading loves fuller note, In dreams boldly arise spirit flight with courage.  
And the heart for God in this wonderful world unite, Stronger chain binds an inseparable love of loyalty, Though we fail with sinful shadows betwixt the light, Our lives define the beauty of nature and reality.And turn our dreams to seize the hope in turmoil, For the testament of memories is inseparable love, Soluble powers we understand our minds hold, Till time let go, and we climb into a glow above.
A new head of good
A new spiritual head of good,  in canvas clothes the royalty clad  among principalities divinely stood  Wave of power in the wand he had.  
In the hand that must be strong to rule people's hearts far and near,  in native shores of many pilgrim land the hearts that is willing to hear.  
The bells chimes make us glad for we see changes in the wind,  bring a new vision heading for good,  avert the dangers and start again.  
With this new spiritual head of good Carry the oracles with humility and care,  upon the pinnacle of society stood  advertise self in start of penitent prayer.  
The world pause now, but later judge after the honeymoon stories are written  of the same speeches on a different page,  and the proofs by the world are seen.
Give me some innocent moments to daydream  Dare in fare travel over trees, hills and mountains,  See the color of earth mixed in art brightly beam  Light reflections of seas in the haven of heavens.  
I want adventures going to the fairest horizon,  wishing well, but things aren't as easy as it seems  to see the silhouette in bright tints of early dawn,Pull the veil winds along and sail over the oceans.  
Watch the painted sun comes and hides darkness  in the picturesque views of earth and marvelled sky,  Spread patriot beauty over large continents to cross,  on speedier wings, ancient lands covered in mystery.
Waves weeping on the shores call to draw the attention,  in ambling cloudburst by rain decent with frozen vapour,  like crystals of snow collecting drops in their formation,  Conceal in cases of hail the dainty spongy texture.
Part 2  
I want to see treasures of snow in storehouses of Alaska,Watch blue whales swim, but this is not as easy as it seems,  I need money, visa and good reasons to enter America,  My heart is inspired to search all the pieces in my dreams.
Going far, bugs in the air should not be harder than going near,  Starting with, making things more easier than they are,  I will wedge the fear, and pledge to make it boldly in the air,  Find the fortunate star; it will be somewhere in the atmosphere.
Expressions of the heart  
Poetry is the simple expression of things  that we take in life for granted  summer days flow into gentle springs  with the Luxury that time has invented. Like the sprawling wave of sea breeze  we embrace a light in the morning mist  poignant stars going down softly with ease  and a refreshing kiss our lips can’t resist.Expressions from the heart through the eyes  we mortals see lively picturesque scene  of difficult times becoming our dreams  Relish in happier moments the vision seen.Emotions of felicity soften with fresh tears  The love and loss of values found again,  Emotive qualities that go beyond our years  Wonderful words reminiscent of the painfeelings and vibes we treasure and embrace  The language of love makes us laugh and live;  Poetry engage the nectar of taste in beauty and grace  A gift from our hearts to others we give.
Autumn Rain  
When we see summer changes  the clothes we wear quickly disappear,  and the next season rearranges  Clouds more fastidious in the atmosphere.The fall is here; it means a new challenge  for our clothes, shoes and hair  from the warmth of summer to darker rage  autumn quietly drifts in unaware.Let the autumn rain fall upon you,  Let the autumn rain beat upon the trees  until the leaves fall down and become new.  Let the autumn season fondly releasethe changes that time replicates  Shadows on the floor and rain in the air,  with pools of water running off the trees  and wash down into the gutter.Let the rain fall softly while you sleep  and make the rhythm night beat  with a lullaby playing upon the housetop,  a note of intrigue to adorn the light.When pools of water from the sidewalk  Splash upon you with quick surprise,  it makes you walk with a waterpark  to mark the perfect spot on our tresses.
Our world in upheaval  
I am in your arms beneath the shinning moon,  Charmed into wild storms of fatigue and intrigue,  while loneliness invades the world with gloom,Earth weeps in the upheaval it has sown with grief.God guides words design to chasten our hearts,  Come free from heaven the showers we need,Wash clean on seraphs wings the guardians imparts,Defeat in parts only, some strong demons concede.The world is torn in upheaval by divisions, good and evil  trying to be the masters, but who wins the prizes?  We are caught between realms as a traveling vehicle  People are torn between the choices of lovers. The fabric is fraying; decadent society is falling for magic  Looking on the moon, observing all the planets  Looking everywhere turn upside down for another trick,  not seeing the voids of relations in the continents.We find grace and mercy was meant to share,So in your arms, I do not fear darkness in the cold,For I have received your love, and feel well secure,A paradox opposite the world has made it into gold.Amidst natural disasters we find strength to cope,  Few sweet melodies rose from the life we are living,  Answering the call from many souls seeking hope,  Sharing and giving where emptiness is unforgiving.  
A Road full of Promises  

By the time I found out we were already,  too late to change on the road full of promises,  Hard to let go of things we love and things we try,  Clutch the shadows in sunset of joy and crisis.  
Darkness flood the light from dawn converged,  trying to hold onto everything we deserve,  Changes came to our lives, and crosswords emerged,  fell in pieces and broken dreams stayed reserve.  
No likely end could opportunity bring than sorrow,  And with the cross down drop upon our knees,  the joy was dim and breathes grimacing as we go,  in pulse beat emotions on the road full of promises.
Sweat reared as water ski, coil and swiftly swan,  in the spring of love anxiety ambush the heart,  and tears rang; became dreams come and gone,  in the laden flame that glows fainter by sight.
We meet our fate on the road full of promises,  And in pain, somewhere along the road we stop,  only to think briefly by guilt fury our gain and loses,  those that we hate they could have been loved.
A Road full of Promises  
Part 2  
The impulse drove windy tumults in our mind,  Search happier state of this life where we had been,  the breath we wasted on the path left behind,  Brought sorrows to define the duty held in a dream.
Some dreams came true from the start to the end,  But the pledge of other promises left unfulfilled,  The reduction were never woken, and went unbroken,  Fortunately they made me smile still in silence stayed.
Pondering plagues the mind in almost every person each day worn out ideas attracts our attention,  coveted battles vying for minds to wonder about things,  when there is no way of knowing where it all begins.  We might say that, it is a mystery flame in the brain or something effortlessly arranged in a time frame. There is no way of knowing, how much we had to say,  when the heart stops its beating, and we pass on our way.  
We hate the thought of death, the very idea makes us fret.  Although some people in denial live on with self-regret. But what decree will happen when we all cease to be?  What becomes of the spirit and soul of you and me?  Do we sleep on for eternity or wonder through a cloud,  with halo arriving from heaven where angels sing aloud. Is there a beleaguer hell where souls are cast down?  And creaky voices screamed out with tortured frown.
Such a place of intensity would only provoke thought and soak the heart with imagery of profound Art.  It's a questions of what will be happened after death. If the mind is allowed to ponder before the parting breathe. Looking up into clouds before the thunder starts peeling  Back the dark sky and filling it with rapturous lightening. Do we mortals become ripples of another reincarnation?
Part 2
Quickened with redemptive force to be a new generation,  to live on land and in the seas, in the wind and in the trees,  Sauntering in the valleys singing with the birds and the bees.  Do we come back again as a failed test to live ill at ease  or become the wind that whistles lonesome in the breeze?  Will we become the stars that light up the summer days?  Or grope in darkness without power to chase nightmares away?
Will our lives become a fleeting memory when it is gone  and no one near remembers taking us gentle by the hand? Only the thunderclap in the cymbal of a requiem song?  We hear the echoing serenades marching melancholy along.  There is no way of knowing for sure where the future realm.  Will start or what pain will take us away into the flame.  So we may not know exactly when this life will cease to be,  and what becomes of you and me?
Sacred Gathering  
Shadows swamp the air with a blanket of fog,  Move mythical clouds from under the dark sky,  fitting the past sleekly within our memory,  Familiar faces buried long ago in the cemetery.Nimbly stood stones erect as ruin pillar post,  Though names shimmer in glory halls of fame,  A sacred gathering in the future with the past,  Meet history looking for friends to rise again.Spirits gather to watch at every funeral,  a world created to celebrated charm and wit,  Innumerable Company possess the ethereal,and our heroes walk slowly up into the dim light.The rapture of delta forces multiply in the sky,  with the justly bless resurrected and translated,  Churned by the world but greeted in eternity,  And given the rewards they had anticipated.The tears we shed make our heart frail,  but in heaven there will be a sacred gathering,  that no method of frail flesh can assail,  till all humanity groan in woes be forgiven.
A better Relationship  
They looked the perfect pair;  embracing polite expression,  people stop and stare,  whenever they walk into a room.  
With immaculate and charming taste,  the fragrance they wore  formed an incredible camouflage,  exhale in splendid honor.
But everything is not what it seems,  the relationship has broken barriers,  the outward smile only falsely transcends  the appearance of marred interiors.  
Their angelic lives are a song of deceit,  anxious to see the happiness they earn,  gathering melodies to make them complete,  and seek love guiding their path to freedom.
A better Relationship  
Part 2  
Consumed by their own sarcasm,  they hide truthful insult to be honest,  but unity and love lack so much enthusiasm,  Life becomes too serious and perilous.  
Everything is not what it seems,  No one hears the arguments behind closed doors,  causing them to walk away into separate rooms,  and console fears in dreams of lonely nightmares. But together, brokenness will find hope again,  Walking hand in hand getting along with living,  and the pretence of picturesque fame  will dissolve into a better relationship regain.
The Inward Robe

I can see the dreams you are longing to own,  they look like they are far away in another realm,  but they can easily be the ones closest to home,  burning in your heart with the brightest flame.  
Looking for an audience; but your stage is bare the curtains that came down was in the last act,  Unveiling again the inward choices standing there,  Whispering into your dreams the faith to react
Time may choose to echo by pain with patience,  a change of your circumstance for prosperity,  and make the inward eye see that secret place,  where your dream and vision becomes a reality.  
We wear a robe that has been turned inside out,  Garments proudly shown is not the one we own,  actually covering the house of a beautiful retreat,  Veil in the soul a splendid emblem of our dream.
The Inward Robe
Part 2  
And only shadows remain with impenetrable walls,  Victory is assured if we trust in faith and love,  we shall wear that inward robe to cover the flaws,  and see our dreams open to enter the gates above.  
The shadows will mark where the roads has diverged,  you look for treasures, but opportunity is a proverb,  the road you least expect is the one to first emerged,  Wearing a garment that is veiled by the inward robe.
The Decade of nostalgia
The prosperous decade of nostalgia was a new economy  popular novelty experience renaissance in the 1950s Peace and harmony join the race to entertain morally,  a romance in space and red scar face flush with kisses.
Ladies classy dress impresses wish aspirations of the mind, Cornets hearts drifted out softly among the starry realm, Moving love affairs cross the country into rush of dream Comic pages gently charmed romance in pink champagne.
On restored flame ignited romance amorous torch of fire,  Young love embrace fame run away on sunset Blvd moods,  Valiant fugitives of 1950s found adventures to treasure,  the far flung emotions to known world in romantic clouds.
Spy the morning cult delight flying high in Pandora’s flight, A passionate generation burning with romance and pleasure, Teenage bride felicity groom tenderly beneath the dim light, Weep joyfully on the coral reef in buccaneer wet danger.
Take chances out in rural country and parcel wooded land, By shade the nectar taste of songs rewinds the fifties dance, Saintly laws go by morals and mild mannered demand, 1950s retro years of nostalgia was with graceful romance.
Upon the Shore
I dream of you standing upon the shore That grew with pride and costly sail, Turning waves from the ocean roar Into a trance where I hear nature call.And twist gently at this mighty command, The sea to unleash a trial of captive dance, And gather up a journey towards the sand Where opportunity meets and embrace.The seductive wind tearing at your hair With suspense that almost lose control. In the thirsty force and aquarium adventure By a rapid beauty that twirls into a trail.And tells us of its craving for emotions That we find hard to express an interest, In the feelings that lies in the exoticisms Of excitement and the passionate past.Gazing into ritual desire that was once on fire, Like a volcano that prowls beneath the sea. I watch the back draft of your fleeting figure  Creep back into where the shoreline degree.
Overcoming Obstacles
Courage sometimes is the quietest voice That roars loudest from within,  Making faith a distinctive choice  And compelling motivation to try again.  
When obstacles invariably come your way,  into every direction that you have turned,  A thousand misery comes in a friendlier display  to take away the strength that you have gained.  
Faith stands strong like a colossal wall of courage,  Ready to do the things that you could not do. Bold in confidence with a conquering message,  Making difficult boundaries appeared new.  
You can go on overcoming obstacles,  which at first looked almost impossible,  Success is not worth having if there are no mistakes,  and there is an ability that lies beyond the solar pole.
In Heaven with you  
I’m in heaven with you,  Spirited away on a burning sphere,  Inside of me are the new Imprints of this adventure.
You came like a dream from above,  then the world I knew change suddenly,  and the things you love,  I will take with me into eternity.  
The presence of love joy and peace,  each emotion with its own truth,  holding intimacy in close embrace,  feels like the splendour of new birth.  
You are here sharing the breath,  And consciousness of my being,  Transported on a paradise wreath,  into divinity of angelic realm.  
I’m in heaven where my soul is alive,  this earthly feeling never existed before,  with countless reasons I do believe,  we were meant to be with each other.
Pain shall have no power
The pain we hate shall have no lasting power,  And weak it will be when we shall see the sane,  Go without dominion into deaths final hour,  Sink into the ground where they will rise again.  
Caught up to the stars to have their names regain,  When new breath is blown upon their dry bones,  Pain shall have no power nor leave the sting of stain,  Lying under wet earth to clean splintered stones.  
Where the wind blows a rose will bloom more,  and lift our heads to see the rainbow in heaven,  but your shadow will bring the clouds together,  Spilt colourful bow until the clouds break down.
Faith in God shall give the sinews strength,  and overcome the cries to the distant ears,  though changing years have split friends by health,  the pain we hate shall be forgotten in tears.  
And no more bright daisies made sad by fear,  strapped to guilt when they love to pray,  the pain we hate shall have no lasting power,  and our brief parting shall only be for a day.
Freedom of speech
Freedom is the best of our day A oet’s peae fro the fury. Enough talk has taken into rest A Philosophy of the seaso’s est.
Semitic grammar dumping logics  Upon liberal conservative desks, Opening Panorama with a new trick.  Today goes away with their rhetoric.
And the policies are easy to recite, But the road is hard as hell to live with, Have you ever tried romance with logic? The quirky dance becomes so tragic.  
Unzipping the industrial wet pants,  Sleazy season with creeping serpents, If tomorrow promises a wider shaft,  The window opens with a frosty draft.  
Flimsy fingers and thumb feel the pain,  Migrants shut out in the wrenching rain.Freedom of speech is best in our day  The games we play; May go either away.
Freedom of speech

Part 2
Our own dream is the brightest star, Aim for the rewards where you are. The late rescue was never in mind,  Tata Steal departed before closing time.
Without financial merger to emancipate, Take away the worth of our little estate. Health and education uncompromising, Every tax syllables define a bill paying. Let us not extend any more sympathy  Today has come for voyeurs of iniquity.  
Exploratory care takes a shape intake,  The way modernity staves deeply punctuate.  Every touch dips and raises the cardiac,  And everyone can write a book on that.  
Dance Recital  
You may dismiss me during the fast Moving performances taking place,  Pay more attention to costume and cast a spell over those sitting in the audience.  
If you had sons or daughters in the dance  you would know what this means outside,  Stood behind the crowd to get one chance,  and join forces to cheer the recital inside.  
Before the end we congratulate the children,  because they had done something new to hear others opinion and had a great time,  Waiting in the auditorium for another review.  
The thrill of recitals is filled with pleasure around the stage whole families are waiting Moments to treasure the experience together,  and know recital time is even more amazing.  
Voices on screen caught joy in a million pieces,  and there is a finale all entertainers gather in,  a sort of camaraderie hierarchy of artistic faces,  took their deserved bow for gladly performing.
When love is not enough
When in this land you have given your all,  and not think twice when someone needs forgiven,  Love can cover the hurt every time you fall,  but bruises will be hidden beneath the value of sin.  
Even in death love may have its share of grief,  but that will never be enough to comfort the bereaved,  Roaming within the fate of solitude and disbelief,  the search may go on until the heart is relieved.  
If love would have been enough to dispel all fear,  you would not be left alone with emotions and regret,  the two protagonists; they find a path more unclear,  And eyes cannot see paradise where there is neglect.  
The world we knew was once full and glowing,  but when dreams fled into streams of darker abyss,  though time may conquer that delta force from within,  Love will never be enough without true happiness.
Paradise was such a beautiful place in our mind,  Exist only when we find time to go there in spirit,  on a trip; in this realm of splendid sublime,  Bliss is given to only those digging deep to find it.  
When love is not enough, there is a place to escape,  Found in the wind that floats through the passing air,  Can we dare to go and be where those memories fade?  And fond embrace becomes the only treasure.
Roses in the Churchyard  
Did you see the Roses that grew and made changes to the church yard?  Inside the providence of Gods law  they painted the imprints of his word.
We learned to walk upon inspired petals,  having heavy feet to trample and crush,  the softest rose that grew betwixt nettles  in beautiful color that are saintly precious.  
When a Rose is given; we should appreciate  what it means, keeping with our dreams,  holding the embrace of something delicate,  in the treasured breathe of our hands.  
They grow with wings like a tiny butterfly,  when the wind beat upon them from the wild,  sweeping aside leaves in broken piles of lily,  their crumbled state with nature collide.
Roses in the Churchyard  
Part 2
For a rose shared brings essence to an Alter and the gift of harmony lifts voices to sing,  and makes countless angels rejoice together in the grounds where saints go marching.
Flowers touch more lives in greater depths,  the elegy of memory is a friend ever present,  maturing with our thoughts to higher heights  prettier when we are in a state of turbulent.  
Roses brings our smile to change from solitude and knows nothing about the joy or tears it brings,  or the supremacy that creates mysterious interlude Grown among thorn bushes with flapped wings.
Love not too much by many,  Edible flavour found in Sushi,  Press into ball shape Varity,  and Smelled raw like the sea.
Etiquette cuisine as distinct as nature,  we look away leaning across the table,  and see scattered rice and Nora,  Lay bare and feeble.  
We are very tired when we are hungry,  many fingers to this palate would drop,  Eating Sushi rolls to make merry,  Even if given bucketful of gold.
Rather eat an apple or a pear,  than fermented fish evolved as it descend,  from the mouth to later appear,  where the wind comes cold.
Wash with the morning vapour,  Separate thoughts wept and crept,  to ease the accentuated flavour,  Wrapped floundering in secret.
You make me Feel Special  
Under Your spell make me feel special,  Share my doubts, remove all my fears  When you smile I fall under your spell,  you wipe away so many of my tears.  
I chase the taste of your lips into the night,  in the moonlight I find bliss securely waiting,  I reach the stars to see the breaking light,  and it feels like the sun will never grow dim.  
Together we are together connected,  beyond the prism that friendship has define,  Things we love others may have rejected,  but our love will last for a very long time.   
I believe strength can wash away the pain,  you make me forget the sadness for a while  and we can walk together through the rain,  under your spell love makes me feel special.  
Under a spell and make me feel special  taking the time to say something enchanting,  then take me to the place of your smile,  you make me feel I was worth something.
The Glimpse of Heaven  
Love can be glimpse of heaven,  with no sand castles or moon dunes,  floating beneath the brooding sun,  No politicians or shopping trolleys.  I want to see who made the moon,  Hung the stars on a curtain of dreams,  Left behind the crucifix coins we wear.  Even the cripple have a triple crown the lame leap with dances in a song,  going to see a king on wings of prayer,  Indulgencies of the weak can be strong,  Bind the death howls and smearing fire. Exchange miracles borne amongst angels,  Moon beams spread the tapestry of heaven.  The kingdom come over every tropical isle,  Praises flung with jewel beads in the air,  and live on whatever God’s grace brings. Bare the nature and the invisible power,  Life will be peaceful; we can play and sing,  Heavens jubilee innumerable company,  with stars to guide the beauty of the night,  they paint the sky in a transparent ring.
The Glimpse of Heaven  
Part 2  
Speeding arrows engulf with showers,  Holy Grail shine in the sky stained light,  a halo makes a road on the celestial trail. The rising sun sees another day unveil,  No night of sorrow to drape with fears,  the curse of sin gone with unfriendly realm. In early dew strung the ephemeral intent,  
Dotted in houses where there was no room,  Robe with immortality to split the firmament.  Rising humans leave the empty tomb,  Forgiven words left with fleeting kisses,  Rapture saints the immortal tapestry given.  Tribulation disguise drop a star in the abyss,  Splattered garland around the throne,  And we see only faint glimpse of heaven.
Voices of the heart
A shadow far away coming nearer each moment,  with foregone enchantment swifter than light,  the voices of my heart pierce the shadow of night,  Eyes could not have seen the cries made of fright.
Mute stranger not hearing the shuffling prance,  Swayed in dance from the gripping hold of agony,  I did what no opportunity would have given chance,  Pass hastily with prayer into the realm of misery.  
My naked soul made the call of hopeful choice,  to try and stem the tide of emotions from inside,  on the floor I went, to end the screams in silence,  and pluck up courage where shame tries to hide.
The bruises appear delirious with implacable scar,  beyond the soul stronger voices torment the heart,  with imagery pasteurizing the grayscales of fear,  crying for help, crippled by the passions once felt.
Woken from a dream to the glow of another rising sun,  Visions not forgotten rode by on a brighten screen,  blearily pursue the papal breath broken and undone,  were these voices of my heart or a voice from heaven?
Voices of the heart
Part 2  
In me all the hurt is repeated without honor,  and nothing is forgotten without leaving pain,  To feel the cold chill pass upon destiny€™s shore,  Hearing voices of the heart quietly lamenting.  
They had pierce safe barriers and brought cute hell,  far darker than the torment life has given,  repeated voices that arise from my heart to tell,  the story memories would rather have forgotten.
The Religious and the Contentious  
Get down on your knees and plead for mercy,
With burning tongue whispering torment of sin
The embarrassed heart remain just as guilty,
And you are seen fit in heaven to be forgiven.
The faith factors arise out of classical issues,  
and we in Britain and schisms around the world,  
the religious and contentious pride of outward epistles,  
Penitent measure with lifestyle to tempt the soul.
Internal forces contemplate our eternal fate,  
we seek the bread of heaven in a hungry world,  
but the peril known to humanity cannot wait,  
eventually faith will diminish and we grow old.
Leave the system of belief to a new society,  
to changing cultural roots and religious views,  
the principles pertaining to holiness and piety,  
Relate to humanity, spirituality and moral values.
The Religious and the Contentious  
Part 2
Devout people adjudicate judgment wrong,
Lent imbued with exploring outward exhibition,
Religious attitudes blinds the reality with demand, The young see the old as strange holy phenomenon.
Concern for reflection of what others may say,
The current state and where religion should be
the religious leaves reverence for God in subsidiary, The power of good and truth overcome by iniquity.
Makes religion a hostage to the forces within,  
War and desolation alter opulence and poke fun,  
the contentious is a grim joke with a mind stain with sin,  
and the pernicious condition wins if you are immune.
Global cult driven to funerals by inexplicable mirth
the virtuous theology embrace multicultural world,
The Religious and the Contentious  
Part 3
Justification reap the benefits engaging new birth,  
Restitution remodelled version bought with gold.
The capacious taunt from beyond the grave echo,  
Resemble the spirit of just men made perfect,  
Holiness transforms the passage in centuries long ago,  
Prophet and priest in visions beset by the Holy Spirit.
On conscious highway society will turn its head in rejection,  
but old cathedrals will have both on the cutting edge,
In the grip of sin The gripping sins that we can’t imagine Wherein God being an objective judge,  Brought hope out from beneath the pain  and vows can only be something our pledge.  
In tone and moods to capture the aura  there lies a sense of ominous danger  in deeds where sin blames a new idea Guilt carries the same tension of fear.  
Pondering whether to confess or supress and swallow the whole dark enormity  until penitent call the black light darkness to ascend from the descending enmity.  
In fright; we find insight of rules and dreams,  and get debasement to accept the blame  when our sins surface under the skins  we fail and fall being called by another name.  
We believe ourselves to a different person  When the darkness of sin has passed away we are here as survival of the faults we own  although we could not take the blame willingly.
Growing old together  
In slow pace older men walk and bend,  Hung their heads limp as mysterious sage,  with drooping shoulders unable to stand,  the demands of a new climate change.  
Growing old together has a heavy cross to bear, We stop and stare but signs are still on the face, Then shake worn hands with regimental care, And continues on getting slower in the race.  
By carrying crosses borne through the years,  Too heavy to find who will share the burden,  In solitude they lives find memories and fears,  On sublime crest made shelter from the rain,
The is spirit willing when we fall upon our knees,  Trying in stages to conquer the unpleasant storm,  They will come and we will go beneath the leaves,  That grows like lilies in this proud land.  
The old man we know has a halo of lovely praise,  who has quenched the breath taken unpredicted? As a son and a father; and husband to wife of those,  they saw his deeds to celebrate without regret.  
Together we grow humble laughing not as loud,  when we do hug the arms decide to move safe,  around poles worlds apart from the new crowd,  to create joy in the growing years we inherit late.  
A New Age  
Beyond this present strand,  Herald the dawn of a new age,  with another incomplete generation,  and we leave the past to go on pilgrimage.  
People reaching out for a new start,  fleeing the present awful destiny,  with the shame and guilt of our past,  crossing the rippling tides of history.  
To explore a beautiful concept,  leaving the dark dusty spirit,  of this fading world dying debt,  with guilty pleasures we must neglect.  
There is doubt in every candidates vote,  stumbling on with promise accountability,  History rewritten on a new bank note,  and each decision causes more anxiety.
A New Age  
Part 2  
The new age owes no maintenance,  over the darkness of this generation,  but offers hope and a life more intense,  than the existence of present cohesion.  
I will watch as new horizon turn the page,  Bands play music for the decade to dance,  wait patiently at the crossing of a new age,  the decision of faith spun by chance.   
New age may bring hope and credibility  But only where things exist of simplest nature,  to brighten the future with our destiny,  In pursuit of many more hopeful desire.
The full moon messes with my moods I see goddess stars dancing in the sky,  The dazzle dispels melancholy cloudsSweep the sparkle dreams into my eye.  
A fascinating night stirs the senses  Guests sharing experiences of a lifetime, All magical languages warm the temples And causes some memory to be decline.
What entity governs spirited emotions?  With the flow of romance in the veins,  And out of the heart comes wild reactions  Leaping unruly through cloudy dreams.  
Before dawn shiver under the morning jolt,  Joyfulness flows out of my veins, and rent  Endless scores of the tastiest intrigues feltThe spontaneous inclination of natural content.
Part 2  
As though a magnet dragged the dark road, With obsessive interest esoterically pursued,Love set my heart upon task which I was lured  Under a canopy in many ways to managed.  
The fascination before dawn comes round again Intrigues that must have been there in my blood,  Keen nocturnal business in the theatre of time,  Night found secret desires of something good.
Goodbye Kisses
We kiss long before we say goodbye,  and you feel lasting passion to thrill,  when there is nothing more to say the flavour of love walk tall.  
Goodbye kisses leaves shadows Of soft imploding image,  Sauntering along the morrows With physical camouflage  
A kiss prized the heart open And bring a message through the air,  Arise to haunt everything  Eyes lips and hands share
Engage the waiting atmosphere Being in love captures desires  The flavour of spring and summer Gives a heart the greatest pleasures
In the shade of the dark  
The light that is yours; is in your heart.
It may be the goal that is yours
To do all you can  
Upon these terrestial shores
to reign on earth  
as you will do in heaven  
with new breath.
Our night is but a dormant  Metaphor of the day  The dreams that awake with us Shapes the course to another way.

© Copyright 2018 Gerry Legister. All rights reserved.