A Belated Epiphany

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His Name? Alex.
His Purpose? He Doesn’t Know.

Say hello to Alex Worthington. Because you’ve got at most ten seconds until he can’t hear you anymore. . .Now, Alex doesn’t live the dream life, to be honest. He’s not too happy in life. His only Girlfriend Rebecca Left him a year ago for a starting Football player. Alex is one of the smartest people you’d ever meet. He could tell you when something’s about to happen before it even does. He’s also got VERY strong opinions/theories in and about life. Unfortunately. . .
He doesn’t have a-lot of time to share with you in his mind what he’s thinking. . .”Why is this?” you ask? “Why wont he hear me in ten seconds?” you ask?. . .Well let’s find out.

Submitted: September 10, 2016

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Submitted: September 10, 2016



 -Chapter One-



It’s an interesting concept, really. Plummeting at what? Like, 120 miles per hour? Well, No matter the feeling, it’s happening. You may ask why I’m falling. . .Well, so is everybody else screaming at the top of their lungs right now. I guess they’ve never seen a guy jumping from a building before. Well, too bad.

I suppose that’s it, isn’t it? We all just want perfection in this world, and the moment there is an outlier, somebody different, everything’s traumatic & dramatic. I suppose it’s true. I never wanted to be the center of attention, but i am now, and there’s nothing i can do about it. At least it’ll all go away in a few seconds.

You’re probably like them, aren’t you? All shocked about what’s going on? Well leave if you are. I’m not much for people who act like I’m some sort of shock factor. You’ll get used to this pretty fast. That’s what society needs. We need people who are willing to conform for the better. Everybody thinks they’re so much better though, and that they don’t need to change.

Well I’ve got a newsflash. Nobody’s Perfect. Look at me. I’m probably more intelligent than your college Professor, but I’m about to die (WILLINGLY) in a moment. I’m too smart for a few people, actually. People don’t get too attached to me just because they don’t understand me. At least i try to understand.

That ground looks pretty nice. As i look into it as it approaches i see myself resembled by it. It’s flat, it won’t move, it’s cracked, its grey. I guess i could die on it. It’s not like it would hurt the sidewalk. It’s not like it would hurt anyone. I can still hear the screams, but i know they’re fake. Nobody cares about me. Mom & Dad are gone, Rebecca Obviously doesn’t care about me. I’m an only child. Nobody cares. So Why Not?

-Chapter Two-


That’s a good question, isnt it? Try to give me a legible answer. I’d like to bet that you can’t. All my life has been a sad story. My mom died at birth. So i guess you could say i killed my own mother. First child she had killed her, so she didn’t have anymore. My dad loved her, blamed me for it all the time, and pursued to getting revenge by “abusing” me for 14 years.

Then on my Eighth birthday, He bought me a gun. “We’re gonna go hunting,” he said. . .”It’ll be fun!” he said. Yeah, I suppose. If your version of fun is getting so pissed off that you point the gun at your son every time he makes the slightest mistake. This continued for about 6 more years, until one day I got the news while at school that my father had been found dead in a Hotel room we had checked into the day before. So yeah, that sucked.

Now I am 15. He’s been dead for 1 year. I’ve spiritually been dead for 15 years,but hey, Who cares? Answer. . .NOBODY. This is why today, May 17th, is a day nobody will care about any year, any second, even today. All these voices screaming, They don’t care. Even I don’t care. I’m just an object upon many in this void of existence we call the Universe, this Grain of salt we call an Earth.

So please, earthling of those many, Tell me why our Existence is serving any purpose. We don’t change the world, even if we do, this earth is not going to last forever. Nothing lasts forever. Why are people screaming in fear now, but don’t say anything when somebody dies naturally in a hospital or something? Their screaming will be unheard by me in a couple moments, though. So I don’t really care.

I wish i could tell you everything on my mind. However we don’t have much time, friend. I’m full of alot of pretty interesting theories. I guess you could say that I’m the equivalent of a legitimately “limited edition” source of wisdom.

Nobody seems to care about what i think, though. I’m just a bump on a log, a mushroom in a forest, a meteor in this galaxy that science hasn’t even made a name for, solely because nobody cared enough to find it, study it, or even observe it. They simply focused on their main objectives: Bigger & Better.

This is a reason society is crumbling. We focus on the best. If you’re not on the sidewalk of fame, you didn’t have an important life. At least, that’s what people think , anyways. If you didn’t date the Football Jock, or the Lead Cheerleader, What kind of social life do you live, that people actually pay attention to you? NONE.

If i could live in any other world I would. In fact, that’s what my goal is. I’m just trying to find a better place to Re-locate as a spirit if i need to. Find something i can do to get what i deserve. What we all deserve. A life. Not to be treated like an object. Not to treated as property, but to be treated like a human being. Its rare to find that. And i couldn’t. Everybody thinks I’m a monster for doing this, but really I’m just a guy who has different values, beliefs, and opinions.

But nobody focuses on that. They focus on the Objective value. They focus on what i’ve accomplished, my mistakes, my appearance, and my vibes. Nobody realizes the Value. Nobody realizes the Inner being. I seem to be the only one who can actually see the world for it’s grass. But that grass is gonna be what im under, metaphorically speaking that somebody even bothers to bury me. If any one does, i leave to you my happiest memories in life. You’re basically receiving nothing.

I wish i had more to give, but i own nothing of value. All of my belongings are mental. I can give nor receive anything. These two seconds are pretty enjoyable, for the most part. I can see everyone’s faces. They look scared. But i know better. Under that they’re grinning. Laughing at my own Dismay.

-Chapter Three-


How do I see past them? People aren’t that hard to read. . .We all know this, right? As far as i know, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell when people are faking an emotion. I got faked upon just about every day of my life. I still am in these last dying moments.

Im a supersonic bullet of pure unending misery that only i am aware of. Nobody seriously even wanted to know how i was feeling for once, what my thoughts were. To give my opinions for once. Well now im letting all of it out. I dont even care anymore.

Im not the one who punctured this hole inside of me. The Fools of who some of you in society are is not what is helping. Its hurting. Im not slowing down. I cant tell you the pain i feel. But im used to it. So dont show any empathy now. It’s too late for that. I don’t Fake stuff.

Give what you want. I wont accept it. Ive got low amounts of time, and you are well knowing of this. Realization is a bliss if you apply it. Understanding is also a goal that many of us should try to set. The Acheivement of obtaining that sense of understanding can be harder said then done, however.

We think Understanding is simply Mental Process. We’re wrong. Understanding is a concept of true reality that nobody takes the time to actually get through without needing to ask people Asking a question is a key to alot of locks, friend. Finding the lock it belongs to should come before you obtain the key.

Since when do we do that, though? We always just come off as understanding, without even realizing where we’re going to open the vaults with that factor of Understanding that we had obtained.

-Chapter Four-


If anything i’ve said has offended you please leave now. I dont care if i lose a couple readers. Im not gonna know any of you anyways. I just wish i didnt have to leave you so abrubtly. If i could have simply kept my spirit as a looming cloud of Theoretical Wisdom that could follow everybody around. Just know that i thank you for listening. Im not very fond or familiar with new amounts of a feeling of respect.

Not all figures in this game of Earthlike Tennis. This ball is constantly coming into my court before i can hit it back, just for it to comeback. Just keeping the ball back though, because its all you can do. Im not all for Extra things, but happiness is possible. And im about to go, so listen. Happiness is something you can obtain. And to get true happiness, all you need to do is-*ALL GOES SILENT*





-Thanks to Christian Sayre, My Editor, & My Inspiration to take time and actually write a story.

-To Karen Rivers (author of “Before we go Extinct”) for Indirectly helping me out with the storyline

-Emma Swihart, Who immediately took to supporting my idea about this story and getting it done.

 -To my Parents, for helping me with the materials i needed

-To all my future and or current readers. . .Thank you. 

© Copyright 2018 Kyle Snowden. All rights reserved.

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