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Poems from Love

Submitted: September 10, 2016

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Submitted: September 10, 2016




To accept fate is to be defeated from the beginning and to honor life as an opportunity is to see clearly. One is not here to watch the wind blow by and to live in love is to be rewarded and live a life without strife.  Only to be where the blessings are abounding is to seek the face of God unchanging. We are all to honor love and surround ourselves with a passion that will never end for the terms of self are soon ending. 
What is the goal of your next mission and what is there to find on the trail of life. Only peace is to be kept close for if your thoughts agree with the scorn of life you have a beast in your garden. It is not what happens in times around you it is only what you allow to enter in you. For your thoughts are morsels of movement taking you to a place that may or may not be correct for you.It is the instruction I have said to keep before you as I see the rainbow I will never send a flood toward you. If you live in a place of strife accept the protection and lay aside doubt and corrupt thinking for it will only spoil and make one smell and feel disgusting in life.

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