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the thoughts that ran through My mind as i woke up.

Submitted: September 10, 2016

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Submitted: September 10, 2016



Julian's Saturday morning dish.
As i quickly wake up from my long slumber i peak over at my phone to see the time. To my surprise even in my groggy state i see 8:02. 8:02? I think to myself, that's a little early for a Saturday morning. So i put my phone down take a quick glance through my window and slowly fall back to sleep. My quick power nap only lasted about an hour as i woke up and this time my phone was telling me its 9:12 in the morning. I deemed this an adequate time and decided to wake up. Normally the suns bright rays would shine down on my face making me a little upset but before i went to sleep last night i decided to close my blinds just a little bit, preventing the sun from completely dominating my room or at least making an attempt to do so. When i reached for my phone again i thought to myself there must be a game or something on T.V, i mean that's the only reason why i would wake up so early. So i click on my soccer app because yes i am a soccer fan, and scroll through to see if there are any good games on. It was then that i noticed Manchester United vs Manchester City?!!!! The Manchester Derby, yes of course i'll watch this, especially now that my favorite manager is now coaching Manchester City. I click on the game and see a score line of 1-2 with Manchester City leading, holy crap this is going to be a great game. My eyes travel to the left of my screen and i see 87 minutes have passed. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I've missed most of the game this is terrible plunging my good Saturday morning into complete darkness. I'm of course joking about that.

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