the women in the blanket

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" there once was a women in a blanket, she was covering so much more then her body in that blanket ,she was hiding herself her soul in that blanket! "

Submitted: September 10, 2016

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Submitted: September 10, 2016



Rachel yes that was her name, I think that was her name, I don’t remember that for sure well her name is one of the very few things I don’t remember for sure but yet there  is so much about her I remember very clear, I was using that online chartroom,  I didn’t really liked to spend a lot of times on these chartrooms but loneliness makes us do a lot of stuff we I logged in with a fake name as i always do,  trying to find something real with a fake name and fake emotions when I met her, I sent that girl a private chat request hoping that I could finally find someone interesting to talk to, 

Hello there I typed,



Where are you from ,

Russia she said

Russia , great place never been there but sounds like a cool place to visit,

Oh Good,

Where are you from

Im from pakistan,

Well nice to meet you im Rachel,

HI Rachel im john,

Offcourse I didn,t told  her my real name,

Btw do you really want to talk to me john

Yeah why would you say that

Well I am nothing then a sad story I might bore you to death so I was just thinking I didn,t really wana waste your time or anything,

Well miss Rachel from Russia turns out I really like sad stories, so care to share

Will you listen john? She typed with a atleast hundered question marks

Offcouse I will listen,

Well I just wanted to ask you that,, because listening for me is understanding john, sometimes we don’t really listen to each other we just take turns talking, its something I read somewhere once so I wanted to be sure,

Well try me Rachel I got a lot of time in the world ,, as I don,t have anything better to do, then spending my time with a total stranger believe it or not, but its true, right know I don’t have any better options than that,

Okay so here it is john,

I am originally from Armenia, I was born in a Christian family daughter of a priest and premarital sex is forbidden in the world where I am from, a bride has got to be a virgin at the first night of her wedding or it’s a great shame to the bride and her family to be a non-virgin,

Well its not the most unique of different story in the world, remember I told you I am from Pakistan and yeah things are the same here in my world, they do judge a women’s character and her purness by these kind of pointless things, so what happened next,

Well I was in love with my boyfriend at that time john and I lost it to him, my virginity and and he left me, I know it’s the oldest story in the world, repeated by people again and again, but the pain of betrayal is just to much to handle john, my father arranged my marriage to that rich Russian business man he is in his 40’s , I live with him in Russia these days,I guess he loves me,

You guess he loves you? What do you mean by that, I know it’s an arrange marriage you didn’t, deserved to be married with someone you didn’t like but is he really in love with you? I asked

Well john after what I did, broke my father’s trust and ashamed myself by doing something that terrible, I went against everything , my religion my faith and my honor just to have that pleasure I am disgusted by myself and there is nothing I can do about it it, I have to stay in that marriage and obey my husband wither he loves me or not,

Obey him? Honey you are his wife not his slave you don,t have to obey anyone, you are a free women a person of your on and why do you feel bad about something which was not even your fault and if you did something like that, it does not make you any less honorable

Well Rachel can you do something for me?

What ?

Turn you cam on, I have to see you if you are for real,

Okay but hey you gotta go first,


I did turned on my cam,

And waited for her turned,

And then she did, the came was on, and I saw a beautiful girl lying on her bed, she had long dark hairs which were covering the left side of her face, and it was dark in the roomarrow-10x10.png she said its raining outside, she had light brown skin color and the darkness was putting a mysterious shade on her skin her dark beautiful eyes were stare right on too her computer screen, and she covered herself with a white blanket,  felt like it was not just her body she was hiding under that blanket there was so much more she was hiding, and ever since I saw her on my computer screen, I just wanted to see her throw that blanket away, free herself from that guilt and that shame, and stop accusing her self of crimes she never commited,

Waoo you are more beautiful then I thought,

Really? Yeah don’t you believe me, have you ever looked at yourself,?

Thanks john,

Btw why are you covered in that blanket,

Well its raining outside the weather is really cold so,

Ohh btw I loved rain, there is nothing like sitting on a couch while holding your lover in your arms , drinking the hot coffee in the cold weather while looking at the raindrops dripping form the window glass,

Hmm you are romantic, she smiled this time ,

Well that I am, btw nice ring Rachel is it your wedding ring,

Yes it is , my husband says it’s a very expensive ring so I have to take special care of it,

Take it off  Rachel,


Sorry I never meant to be so aggressive but would you please take it off you’re a few minutes,

She took the ring off and looks at me like I asked her curiously,

Why did you asked me to take that ring off  john ,

You know the most expensive thing your husband has is you,

No one can pay the price to by your love your pureness and your innoce that’s what you are Rachel,

John what are you talking about, I am none of these things,

Ohh baby you don’t know your worth,  its not just your husband but not a single person will respect you unless you start respecting yourself,  stop treating yourself like some sort of a criminal,

You are not wearing that ring anymore,, think of yourself as a free women for a second sorry but that ring seemed more like a chain put on your colour by your honor, tell me if you don’t feel free, tell me if you don’t want to talk to me more freely about yourself, come on talk isn’t that what you came here to do, you know cyber word is filled with all kind of people tell me what you  really came here to do,

And think for a second is that how you are going to fulfill your desires,, I want to talk to Rachel not some foolish girl who think of herself as some sort of a criminal,

Ahhh Rachel sighed,

I don’t remember the last time my husband touched me john, what if you were with me right know, on that bed, I am wearing a nighty I brought to wear I thought that something my husband might like he might think of me as this beautiful women for desrevers his love but he didn,t  noticed he never did what I  wear,

If It was me with you I would not have let you wear it, I would have you covered you body with mine, I would have let you wear my body Rachel ,

Would you have had sex with me john

No silly , only a fool will think of having sex with you, I would have made love to you, with all my passion and desires, I would have worshiped your body I woul have respected it,

Take off that blanket Rachel , don’t be ashamed of yourself,

John i will be half  naked,

Ohh Rachel you are already naked, I can see your soul through your eyes, its so beautiful so pure , so naked and so proud , so unashamed,4

I saw a tear coming out of her eyes as she took her blanket off and underneath that there was a beautiful women who just had to relaise that her womenhood is beautiful and ther is no shame in it, her sould is pure and so is her body,

I wish you could kiss me john,

There is no need for that, I have already kissed you, I have kissed your soul silly girl,

Rachel before you go could you do something for me, well actually for yourself,

Yeah tell me,

Go infront of a mirror take your dress off,  take a closer look at yourself, stare into your soul and you will come to know, how beautiful you are, how unashamed and proud your soul is, you are like a pure open book Rachel , you don’t have these flaws in you, love yourself,

With that I logged out, I don’t think there was anything else I could have said to that girl,

I don’t know why I told her what I told her, and why she felt so femalier she neve felt like a stanger , and for a moment I loved, love can be found in stranger place, Its been years I often think about her, and find myself so close to that girl in the blanket, that beautiful girl hiding her shame under that blanket that beautiful girl trapped in a golden cage  I hope she is free by now, setting our souls on fire is the real deal what they can trapped is our bodies but what they can never trap is our soul, only If we don,t let them , our soul is the only thing we own, and she was the purest  of all.


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the women in the blanket

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