Reflection of Us

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Whose fault? Ours!

Submitted: September 10, 2016

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Submitted: September 10, 2016



I started to write yet-another rant against the media, when it dawned on me that the way they're covering the most important election, ever, is just a reflection of us, society. We don't seem capable of understanding anything complex, so the media is dumbing things down for us. I was blaming the media for the hollowness and lack of substance in their reporting, but it's really our own fault. We don't want anything that we have to think about, because our heads would explode. 

The rise of a shallow, crude liar like Trump, is on a level we can understand, a walking, talking 30 second sound bite, because after  straining to pay attention for that long, we tune out. I was going to ask, "where is a journalist willing to stand up to Trump, and reveal his ludicrous and obvious claims to be lies?," but the more obvious question, at least to me, is what are we doing, to let them get away with substandard reporting? Through the looking glass, I see it's our fault! 

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