Frank's National Sugar Rush Day

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Submitted: September 10, 2016

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Submitted: September 10, 2016



Hopefully, you know Frank. If you don’t ,that’s not my fault. Read another one of his books or something. But if you do know Frank, lucky you. You are allowed to read this book.


If you did not know, it is Valentine's day. Now you do. If you say “WHAT! are you crazy! it’s May the 16 !”-that’s not my fault ,again. You’re reading this book at the wrong time. Back to the story. B-D


Frank was skipping around. Lalalala. When he saw a sign that said “Happy Valentine’s Day!” He thought “what does Valentine mean?”. So he decided to go ask his grandpa Frankford. “His grandpa was pretty old so he must be super wise”, thought Frank. So Frank  went to his grandpa’s house. What Frank didn’t know was that his grandpa was not wise. Once Frank got to his grandpa’s house he saw a few pieces of candy on the front porch.He knocked on the door. “Knock knock knock”.No one opened the door! So Frank decided to let himself in. He didn’t see his grandpa. But he saw CANDY!!!!!!!The candy filled the house!


Frank started to eat the CANDY.He ate about eight pounds of CANDY before he found his grandpa. His grandpa had been knocked out by a 10 pound gobstopper! Then was hidden underneath a super duper king sized Hershey's chocolate bar wrapper that was three feet wide and seven feet long! So Frank just  kept eating CANDY ‘till Grandpa Frankford woke up. 12 minutes later his grandpa woke up. So Fat Frank asked Grandpa Frankford what Valentine meant. “Well, said Grandpa Frankford Valentine means sugar rush! So Valentine's Day is National Sugar Rush Day! Frank didn’t really understand but he still was excited!


Fat Frank ran around town with a sign that says “it's National Sugar Rush Day!”.Everybody was interested so they followed him. Fat Frank led everybody to his Grandpa’s house.They all went inside and ate candy. Now Frank wasn’t the only fat person around. Then everybody ran around and acted like little kids with sugar rushes! Oh! Wait! That’s why Grandpa Frankford  said it was National Sugar Rush Day! Everybody gets a sugar rush because they eat so much candy! Frank understood! Finally!


So Frank finally understanding what Valentine’s Day meant decided to go eat so more candy! He wanted to keep the meaning of Valentine’s Day of course!




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