dream big

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Submitted: September 10, 2016

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Submitted: September 10, 2016




have you ever wondered what it's like, to be up on stage, flashlights shining on you, fans chanting your name, everybody knowing who you are? Well me, yeah I think that everyday, just a typical 14 year old girl, I'm not the brightest kid in school nor the dumbest but I do try. My life is hard I go to school get that over and done with then go home stay in my room and sing all the time, even if I tried I can't stop myself from singing it's basically my second language. 

Anyway enough about me, let's get this story started!

i hate Monday mornings, for example last Monday morning i had to get up at 6am to get ready for school then when I got home it was homework homework homework. I do hate that word. Well back to school, I walked in with my best mates and as I walked into the school gates I saw Nick just standing there staring at me! I should probably explain Nick to you first..

he has brown beautiful eyes, a lovely smile that you just couldn't resist, amazing black hair and a great personality. His the boy every girl has a crush on! He lives right next door to me, wee see eavhother sometimes but never had a proper conversation. 

Anyway so as I was saying, we had pe first, Monday morning and first lesson is pe could this day get any worse? Well it did.. I forgot my pe kit so I had to borrow the schools, it probably hasn't been washed in years. It was way to big for me and I was so embarrassed. I walked out of the changing rooms to see Nick and all of his mates talking. I tried hiding behind poppy, my best friend but they turnt around and saw me. It was so humiliating. 

That day did only get better tho!  No one knew and I mean no one knew I wanted to be a singer when I was older that was just my hidden secret. So later on it was drama, I'm really good at that to! Well we got put into groups and then got told we had to do a talent show act and someone had to sing. Everyone else backed away and I was the last one to say no so I got that part. Know one ever Hurd me before so I was terrified! It got to are group to perform to the class and I started to sing. My hands was shaking I was so nervous. 

"Wow who knew she could sing" "wow she's amazing" is all I could hear from the class whilst I was singing. When I finished I couldn't see miss. Everyone told me she went to get the head to come back and listen to my performance. They thought I had real talent they even said I was born a singer. I went home and told my parents everything. They was shocked by happy for me. I am now auditioning for the worldwide talent show for next year! I'm so proud I was brave enough to sing that day because if I didn't I wouldent have the self confidence in me now to perform Infront of large audiences. 

Oh and before I forget. Nick saw my performance and he actually spoke to me after. Who knew Nick would ever speak to me face to face?! 

To be continued...



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dream big

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