Shot Down

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short story about a British man named James.

Submitted: September 10, 2016

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Submitted: September 10, 2016



Staring down at the download meter on the computer monitor with my hand hastily hovering over the USB the number slowly climbed from 72… 73… 76 and then it pauses again.
“Come on, come on” I whisper frantically as snap my head up and look around the dark surrounding room, I take a moment to bring in its elegance and scoff there is no way a man like me could afford a place like this, dark red tapestries litter the room one of which caught my eye as it shuffled in a peculiar way, I take my hand from the USB to the holster that rest on my waist and  unclip my pistol from it and cock it slowly to try make as little sound as possible, I swiftly yet quietly make my way to the curtain that keeps subtly shuffling, I stand a small distance away from the curtain and aim my pistol to it as I use my left hand to grab it, in a jolting moment I threw aside the curtain to find a man in a swat uniform staring back at me “Bollocks” I proclaim as I slip by him to use him as a  human shield with my gun against his head, I turn back to the room to see many red dot laser sights aimed on both the swat soldier I’m holding and me “Who set me up!” I yell at the guy I’m holding, and then in came the man I was stealing from,
Doctor Walter Greesh a Genius scientist of bioengineering I was here to show the world of this crooks true colours, He’s been using refugees to use his experiments on with the false front of a ‘home’ for those who came from war torn countries, I was so close from exposing him for what he really is but someone on my side must have tipped him off.
“Tisk, Tisk such a shame James… you came so close” Walter smugly announces as he walks over to the desk, he hovers his hand over the USB and then removes it “This is information that is quite incriminating, this could send me away for years… James, what did you hope to achieve, did you really think you could pull this off so easily?” Walter continues almost as if his hubris is showing enough he paces around the round giggling to himself.
“You’re quite proud of yourself aren’t you” I reply calmly even though I’m sweating bullets, I don’t see a way out of this alive and that dawned on me, there is no way with the amount of soldiers here that I’ll live, so what do I have to lose “…Doctor?” I call out to him quietly.
He slowly walks over to me with a big fat grin on his face “Yes my dear boy? Have you decided to surrender?” He responds gleefully, this must have been the first time this has happened to him, he is relishing his moment in the spotlight.
“You’re an arse” I tell him as I take the gun off the side of the soldiers head and pulled the trigger at Doctor Walter Greesh the bullet catches his skull as the sound of gunfire echoes throughout the room, at this point all the soldiers began open firing tearing right through their own man and through me, in my eyes I am a hero and that’s all I needed as my body hit the floor and my last moments of consciousness left me.

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