Disk 2. Atlas

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Submitted: September 11, 2016

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Submitted: September 11, 2016



Part 2Atlas

Call us the titanic watch us fucken sink!
Were blind...blinded by the thief in the night.

Dark moon, hate how it sits, gazing it's shine of les importance.
The howls of the howling wolves t the door, waiting for us to let them in so they can rip is apart with Martial Law!

This is an abomination forget de capitation this capitalisation where if you don't get the mark of the beast you're forced to be imprisoned and forced to be enslaved to the machine

Ohhh too bad we saw this coming but no one cared, the people around me, try to cry out to god to save me!
Can't be saved when both feet in the grave!
We seek death but won't find it
We look for answers but the churches won't answer us
We are chewed up and spat fucken out no way to deny it
We can kill ourself but what good is it the man upstairs won't bother us the man with flames for a floor and pain and suffering for walls is our father as we have a second death and drop beneath the floor for our pity of existence we call "cause"

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