Disk 3. Atlas

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Submitted: September 11, 2016

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Submitted: September 11, 2016




We have secured the homeland
Homeland security is in plan
And we can make our move
With the mark on the hand

We need special invitations 
That was our past
We kick the door down
And tear the house up
Looking for the book
The one that hit let tried to burn
The one with the answers 
The book

We can get no answers
The questions are in statements
They know here doomed 
And uprising of atlas
CERN was a trial 
A test by truth
We can beat the ocean 
Cause we bet you
They still don't know

There hearts are gold
There soul is fertile 
Can't be sold for clothes
It's useless unless it's cursed
I it's white as snow Jesus will take it first

I've even trying to reach it
For some time now
Been searching the mountains
And down low to find the arc 
Of the. Covenant
What's the point of gold when you have a cave to shovel it in
And nothing to spend it on
When he came he made half he world drop
And he rest realise that there not being stepped on cause he mark of the best ruined there deception to see

That he the big man made them blind to see
Whoever had the mark on forehead or hand
Can't see the big man but he can see me
Death is not close 
But it's pretty intense
You can't see heaven 
But you can feel hells presence

The roaring of a goat
Means I'm close

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