ALKA the little Deer

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Bedtime story for children

Submitted: September 11, 2016

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Submitted: September 11, 2016



"ALKA" the little DEER


On a hot sunny noon ALKA the cute little deer walking along with her mother, in search of water in the drying forest.  They kept walking longer and longer in the swltering heat and get exhausted, Alka's aged mother fell down and could not walk further. The mother Deer asked Alka not to wait for her and send her to search for water as soon as possible to survive. Alka with heavy heart ran hard to finaly a little pond with very little water.


As she tried to reach the water she heard big roar just behind her.she looked back and shocked to find a big ferocious Lion so close.She begged to the Lion "oh King of the jungle, please let me take the water to my fainted mother a little distance away and, I promise you to come back to you soon.  Eventhough the lion has not fully convinced it let alka to go.


Alka immediately goppled the water in her mouth ran faster andreached her mother and fed her with the water and told her to reach the herd soon and she will follow her after quenching her thirst. The tiny deer went back to the lion and said "My Lord, Iam thankful to you for letting me fed my mother with water, and it reached the lions cheeks and kissed her with love, and said now you can kill and eat me.   The lion is very much moved by the little deer"s love for her mother by willing to sacrifice her life and her honesty by coming back to him.  The Lion blessed the little deer and let her go and join her mother and live happily.  ---"Love never fails".

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