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While you mourn for people who died 15 years ago, people are dying every day somewhere else, but why do we not care to help them?

Submitted: September 11, 2016

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Submitted: September 11, 2016



We're told not to forget

An era of regret

When we didn't prepare

For terrorist threats.


When two towers fall

And from the 100th floor, all

Perished but we,

The people stand tall.


Truth is, we recovered

And from wreckage we discovered

We can make a profit

From 2000 people's beloved.


So we're told never to lose memory

Of those who fell to felony

And raise the money

For people who beg your sympathy.


Behind us, lest we forget

Yesterday when they got a threat

And loaded they shot

And killed innocents – I bet

You didn't hear

Because they weren't so near

To your heart like America,

But they were still there.


The story I told

Did unfold,

Not last month or last year,

But the weekend – behold

The story of terrorism is

Nothing but a near miss

We listen to the beggars

Who drown out others in mist.


When did you last hear

About how the war is Syria

Is killing hundreds of innocents

Much more than what happened here


Yes, the stories we tell

Of how two towers fell

Are tragic, but outdated

While we ignore the bell

Ringing out for the homicide

Of hundreds watching at the side

Just from days ago

And the time, we bide.


Even as I write,

I know what I say may not be right

As we're not informed

Of the other world's fights.


You care about what you know

But you don't if the media says no

To what we should hear,

And to which we must bow

To the world spun by media -

We don't hear the heart of Syria

But we still hear the cries of USA

When it all crumbled in hysteria.


While we hear the stories of those they lost

In the shadows are the begging of those we toss

Away like dolls, ignoring their stories

The refugees you'll return across

To where they will be slaughtered

Like the twin tower's blood we foddered

But do you care when it isn't your town

Which has tragedy; a generation faltered?


Your towers fell, and so did theirs

All that happened in recent affairs

But who will you donate to this 9/11?

Remember to not be the only one who cares.

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