Friend of Me

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Submitted: September 11, 2016

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Submitted: September 11, 2016



My dear friend, I'm sorry if I offend


But I have to.


Upon knowing you, things were looking blue

It's true, I must confess your wicked charm,

Had me believe it was all because of you.


Winking smile and bliking lies,

Every step we took was another step forward for you

and a mile back for me.

You kept me by a string, I was your puppet; your thing

I thought I knew you best and you thought you knew me best

but alas it wasn't to last.


Oh but the bitter sweet embrace of your swaddling dialogue fills the mind with a kind of 

safety line

You became my closest friend of me

my remedy.

It trusted you with my life's health, but all by myself,

you let me be, which, 


isloated me.


You stabbed me in the back, where there already was already scar from your last attack

you left exposed to all my foes.

I know your show and how it goes

Your soul filled with coal,


The mental slave you are only flourished in the darkest of times

you lie

you cheat

you beat me into keeping the slightest sense of,

Envy or jealousy 


I gained your trust but you took mine

And you still think things are fine!


Judge me!  Hate me!  But see me 

For my words, and come to terms with



A friend of me became my enemy,


And I- I could not perceive in me the enemy, when

the enemy is rooted deep within me. 



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