Grandmother's Memories

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This story is about a child's love for her grandmother. The mode of the story is suspense/horror but at the end, it's worth-reading.

Submitted: September 11, 2016

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Submitted: September 11, 2016



Grandmother's Memories

by: Jovelyn J. Sarosad

There are times when I cannot control the tears from my eyes especially when I can reminisce the moments I spent with my most-cherished grandmother. Grandma was aloft, strict, disciplinarian, and peculiar in many ways. Nobody wanted to stay with her. Some of her grandchildren, in-laws, and neighbors were afraid to be with her since most of the times she acted differently. Whatever the reasons, I didn't know why.

Our old house was two-storey. We occupied the second floor while grandma occupied the ground floor. Her life, shall I say, was stodgy. She spent most of her life alone.

After several years, grandma got sick. That was the first time I saw her sick. She was confined in the hospital but nothing happened. Her three sons, including my father, decided to bring her back to the house since they could not support her hospitalization due to poverty. Her sons were all married, with big families, and their meager income were just enough for their daily needs.

Father decided that grandma would stay with us in the second floor so that my mother could take good care of her. From that time, we were able to eat together with grandma. I felt pity for her because she was old and weak.

Days passed. Grandmother started to act ghastly. My siblings and I started to be afraid with her. In the middle of the night, grandma woke up, raised her hand, and swayed them as if she was catching something. We heard her produced annoying and horrifying sounds while sleeping as if she had a bad dream. We were troubled by her condition.

Our neighbors reckoned that she had "anting-anting" or an amulet. Everybody in the community was puzzled on the way she acted. According to them, she wouldn't die unless she can turn over her "anting-anting" to one of her grandchildren.

One night, I arrived home late. It was dark that I almost ran in fear when I saw a shadow under the big acacia tree. Then, I heard a voice saying that my grandma was dead. Upon hearing the voice, it was then that I recognized that it was my uncle. The news came like a bomb exploding my ears badly.

As I looked at grandmother's dead body, I was terrified. That was my first time to see a dead whose mouth was opened. I thought I could only witness such in horror movies, but now, it's in real situation. My neighbors who were there at that night said that the "anting-anting" should be turned over to the eldest grandchild so that she would have peace on her death.

Tears started falling from my misty eyes. I prayed, asking for God's intervention. In a moment, I didn't noticed that I was already near to my grandmother's dead body. I cried and cried. I talked to her as if she was alive, "Grandma, if what they were saying about you were true, then I won't accept that "anting-anting." I begged you, have pity on me, grandma."

After few minutes, grandma's mouth was closed. Everybody could not believe what they saw. Even I myself could not believe it.

Whether "anting-anting" is true or not, it does not matter for me. What matters most is my love for grandmother that does not change. Now, I could no longer see her presence, but her memories will always be treasured in the deepest corner of my heart.

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Grandmother's Memories

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