Easy Come Easy Go

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Nick and his friend Lucas Coleman are attending a singles only party. Lucas is need of a personal rebound, having been dumped by his girlfriend. Nick, like any good friend does, will try to help his friend. The results are something that even a writer like Nick couldn't come up with.

Submitted: September 11, 2016

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Submitted: September 11, 2016



Friendships are the basis for existance of our society. We have had ideas inspired by being around a group of friends. It didn't matter if the idea was good or bad, the fact that you a friend there to share it with meant that you could have the confidence to go through with it. In my personal experience, my friends have inspired some of my best moments personally as well as professionally. They have also inspired moments that have made me question why I was friends with them in the first place. 

Lucas Coleman was the most popular radio DJ in Ridgeview. He brodcasted in the afternoons on 97.5 KJYX from 3-7 PM. KJYX was the only station that was clearly Ridgeview. It was one that claimed to "Play anything". People liked Lucas's show because he played the classics. Anything from Nat King Cole to Billy Joel and Paul Simon to Linda Rondstadt. Lucas was the guy that believed in a formula he called "Outside Looking In". What that meant was Lucas never truly accepted what society's rules were, so he would try to straddle the line as close as he humanly could. This formula has lead to success beyond Lucas's dreams. He even got a call not too long ago for a interview with Sirius. 

For all that success, Lucas could not succeed like most of couldn't. When it came to love, Lucas hit all the wrong notes. He was either to dedicated to the career or found the women that were to stupid to really expect anything from him. I had been out on double dates with him and his choice of women were ones that even a writer couldn't come up with. His last girlfriend was a waitress at the Holiday Inn Restaurant. Her goal was to be an actress, but to all of us she couldn't have delivered a worse performance. Lucas ended up with her for 5 years. 

When she left, Lucas was crushed. He would never admit to anyone that he was, but to those who knew him the guy had his heart broken. Calling the station and telling them he was taking time off, Lucas withdrew from the world and started drinking heavily and listening to Frank Sinatra's "Strangers in The Night." Great song but after the 569th time listening to it, you would have thought he slipped into complete and total madness. 

I had just left the gym, when I heard my cell phone ringing. Looking at it, I noticed that it was Lucas. Thinking the worse, I answered immediately.

"Hey Lucas," I said.

"Nick, old buddy of mine," Lucas said. "I need to ask you something."

"Sure, anything. You know that Lucas," I said.

"I was wondering if you would be my escort tonight," Lucas said,

I paused before answering. "What do you mean?" I asked.

"There is a singles party over at King's Plaza. Wanna go with me?" Lucas said.

King's Plaza was the big convention center in Ridgeview. Located on Hart Boulevard, It was the place where big events were held in RIdgeview. The last big event that was held there was the high school prom. It was a big gray warehouse converted into an aspiring New York buliding like Grand Central Plaza. If there were any events to go to, it would be at King's Plaza. Which is not to exciting.

"You know what Lucas? I would be glad to." I said. 

"Are you sure? I don't want to disrupt any work that you may be doing," Lucas said. 

"No, I'm not working on anything at the moment. What time is this event?" I asked.

"It's from 5:30 to midnight," Lucas said.

"I'll meet you at 7," I said.

"Great, I appreciate it man," Lucas said. "I'll see you at 7."

I hung up and got in my car. On the drive home, I started to think over what I had agreed to. Lucas and I had known eachother for almost 25 years. We went to school together and we were pretty close on a lot of things. One of our big disagreements was in lifestyles. As a radio DJ, Lucas had been one to always partake in the gypsy way of life. Bags packed and ready to at the front door. At a moment's notice, he would take off to go on the next trip. I was more conservative in the fact that I preferred to stay in one spot as far as where I made my home. I traveled for work, but I always tried to stay in one place for as a long as I humanly could. I guess it boiled down to how we viewed planting our roots. I wanted to stay in one place, where as Lucas didn't care for that. But we were friends and friends stuck with eachother no matter what.

I made it to my house. I lived in a single story ranch style home. It was the perfect place for an aspiring artist. Photos, books, posters, quotes and all kinds of inspiration for the writer or creative person looking to create. All though for this occasion, I could not find any inspiration for what was about to transpire. I wanted to help my friend, but I just didn't think this was gonna work out. I got into the house and changed into a pair of khaki's and a blue t shirt. I put my hand on my face and decided against shaving. I put my watch back on my right hand and made my way toward's King's Plaza. 


I made it into the parking lot. There were a couple of valet's and parking attendants directing traffic. I followed the directions and parked reasonably close to the building. I got into the building and immediatly saw Ridgeview at work. For a singles party, nobody really dressed for it. People were wearing casual clothes like sweatshirts, sweats and jeans. A lot of casual laying around the house type clothes. I shook my head, but of course I had no room to really complain. I went in search of Lucas. 

The main room of the Plaza resembled what a prom would look like. Men and Women on different sides of the building. The band was an awful local bar band playing bad covers of Steve Miller Band songs. They had a table with food and beverages on it. I walked up to it and grabbed a glass of Punch. I stood and looked out amongst the crowd on the floor. Barely any movement that resembled dancing. I walked through the crowd and caught looks from certain people. I wasn't sure how to respond to it to I kept walking. 

As I made it through the crowd I found Lucas sitting with two women next to him. They were both red headed twins, wearing identical strapless red dresses. My eyes were opened wider at the sight of this. I pulled up a seat next to the group and started to smile.

"Lucas, you never cease to amaze." I said.

Lucas turned his head towards me. His eyes widened. "Nick, let me introduce you to the girls. Ladies, this is the famous writer Nick Brennan. Nick, the ladies." Lucas said.

I nodded my head and smiled. The ladies giggled at me. I felt this urge to throw up. The ladies got up and walked to the dance floor. I moved over closer to Lucas.

"You OK?" I asked.

"Why do you ask?" Lucas asked.

"It looks to me like your falling in the same patterns. Those girls have the IQ of a pencil eraser. What's going on with you man? This isn't right." I said.

Lucas straightend himself up and looked right at me. "Hey man, I just wanted to hangout with my best friend. Why are you being a jerk? If you don't wanna be here leave. I can do just fine with out you." Lucas said.

"Look, you called me. You asked for me. You didn't ask for Chris or Jake or even Casey. You asked me. You and I, we've been through a lot of battles together. I have you back and want you to be happy. But to me, Lucas, this looks like a cry for help. A singles party? Come on. You used to make fun of these things all the time. Why are we here right now? The real reason." I said.

Lucas moved his focus from me and his eyes started to wander around the floor. Personally, I never cared for things like this. There is such an air of phony behavior here that makes me sick. Falseness in the gestures. You go to a community event that ultimately are not about the community. It's an excuse to get drunk and pick up someone for casual sex. I didn't condone this, I figured people were people regardless of what I thought. Lucas on his radio show, would tell some of the best jokes and insults about these kind of events. This wasn't him at all.

Lucas turned his attention back to me. "Nick, you and I are pretty well known. Maybe you are more well known then me, but regardless we work in the public. Everyday I work and work and people know my voice. When I get on the radio and tell the people what is coming up on the station, it is a rush. When the station sends me out on live feeds, people come up and see me. The DJ. But I have never had anyone come up and see me. The guy I am when I'm hanging out with the group. I've always wanted to have that guy be front and center. I find who I think I can reveal the true me too, and it doesn't work out at first. Do I have good taste in women? Not what so ever. I'm trying everything I can man. This is just the latest thing I am trying. I just wanna see if it will work. All you are Nick, is an extra set of eyes." Lucas said.

I let that sink in for a moment. I have had that kind of problem too. Writers more often then not create a sense of an image that might not match with their real selves. The only way I have found to conquer this problem is to limit my contact with the rest of the world. Now granted, becoming reclusive is not exactly the most healthy option but it seemed to work with me. I spent time with my main group of friends, a couple of associates and my publishers. Occasionally the Gazette I got in contact with, but other than that I stayed at home. My books were what people saw the most of me. But for Lucas, nobody really saw him, but they sure heard him. I wondered how people could get to see a man completely. Voice and all.

"Look, I just want you to be happy," I said. "We have your back, Lucas. Just don't give up on the world. You are well known man, You just have to make sure that you make all of  is out there for people to see."

Lucas hesitated. "Hey I will be right back OK. Just gonna use the restroom." Lucas said. He walked out of the room. 

I stood there, thinking if my words had sunk in and if I did enought to help my friend. It was true that I wanted him to be happy, but I just felt like he was slipping into uncharted waters. I continued to watch the crowd. The dance floor got a little bit fuller. The band stopped with the bad classic rock covers and started playing a little bit more upbeat dancing songs. I smiled and enjoyed the excitement of the crowd. 

As the song ended, the band said that they had a special guest in the building. I assumed that they were talking about me. I started walking to the stage but stopped as I heard the singer call out Lucas's name. I stopped and stared at the stage.

Lucas was wearing a black trench coat. I didn't see any pants on his legs, for the lighting wasn't that great. I had a hunch of what was gonna happen next. I wasn't dissapointed.

Lucas grabbed the microphone and proceeded to yell. "WHO WANTS TO ROCK OUT WITH YOUR COCK OUT!!" He took off the jacket and ran around the whole dance floor. Security tried to chase him out of the building, but he was litterally running circles around them. The crowd was laughing uncontrollably. I was horrified and shaking my head. Lucas finally got out of the building, with security and a large crowd following. 

I just shook my head. Lucas was a gangly loose limbed man with curly hair. But in that moment he became something of a legend in Ridgeview. 

It goes to show people that no matter what happens in life. nothing is truly what it seems. You can't help those who don't want to be helped. But they sure as hell could be entertaining.

© Copyright 2018 Robert Logan. All rights reserved.

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