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It was the night of December; 20, 1870 when Haira was in jail, alone, within the four walls of a cell, having no idea about her future and her destiny.
It was cold, so cold. She was freezing and no one cared about her, pregnant at only 20 and so hungry but there was nothing to eat. A prisoner of a crime that had never existed, she was just looking for justice, but in that epoch in such country that was unacceptable. She thought that in that country she would have become free after years of pain and sorrow, but she was wrong. She dreamt of kind people and a peaceful place where she could live, but everything was an unrealizable dream.

Submitted: November 17, 2016

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This story would not have been possible without the support of my parents and sisters; their constant will-wishing has done wonders.

I also want to dedicate my story to Mr. Elias khoury the source of my inspiration.

Many thanks to Miss Cassandra Adams, Mr.Kharif,Mr.El mehdy Ziali, Sir.Mohit Mishra, Mr. Anass Elhoud, Mr. Yassir Lairgi, Miss Soukaina Elboujnani and all my friends for being always here to encourage me. Without your help, your advice and your care I would never move on.

Finally this story is written for every soul who is still resisting and still having hope to reach a better world one day, to every child who suffered from war and looks for peace, for every innocent prisoner who seeks justice and freedom .










It was the night of December; 20, 1870 when Haira was in jail, alone, within the four walls of a cell, having no idea about her future and her destiny.

It was cold, so cold. She was freezing and no one cared about her, she was pregnant at only 20 and so hungry but there was nothing to eat. A prisoner of a crime that had never existed, she was just looking for justice, but in that epoch in such country that was inacceptable. She thought that in that country she would have become free after years of pain and sorrow, but she was wrong. She dreamt of kind people and a peaceful place where she could live, however everything was an unrealizable dream…




  • The escape
  • The captain
  • The war
  • Senchi’s injuries
  • The grandma’s death
  • A new start
  • In a summer night
  • The beginning of revenge
  • The victory




 1- The escape


It was the night of December; 20, 1870 when Haira was in jail, alone, within the four walls of a cell, having no idea about her future and her destiny.

It was cold, so cold. She was freezing and no one cared about her, pregnant at only 20 and so hungry but there was nothing to eat. A prisoner of a crime that had never existed, she was just looking for justice, but in that epoch in such country that was unacceptable. She thought that in that country she would have become free after years of pain and sorrow, but she was wrong. She dreamt of kind people and a peaceful place where she could live, but everything was an unrealizable dream.

Everything started when she escaped from home. Her parents, too cruel and hard-hearted, were main reason of her escaping. She can’t stand them anymore! She always felt they weren’t her biological parents due to their inhumanity.

In a deserted village where people suffered from famine and slavery. She lived the most unbearable life ever with them, she used to see the darkness to live with rats and mice to eat what’s left after their breakfast and lunch, she was like nothing for them, they mistreat her and torture her. 

“Who could hit his only daughter with a hot mace? Who could be jealous of his daughter’s beauty and intelligence? How dare were they when they bit her, insult her and poke fun at her? Why they didn’t have pity on her letting the poor little girl working the whole day, starting from cooking breakfast doing the laundry sweeping and mopping the floor, watering flowers, dusting the house, finishing by cooing dinner and making the beds? How can someone leave his daughter to do these chores alone and ignoring her school, prohibiting her from studying, from learning the secrets of the universe and its mystery, mathematics, physics, biology, art and languages?”. These were the questions that overwhelmed Haira, the girl of 15 years old. So she found that the best solution to get rid of this annoying life was to run away, but how and where? She couldn’t figure out the right answers.

Sunday an exception day when Haira’s father forced her to dance in front of his peers to gain money from them and making them happy by giving them the pleasure of seeing such a young girl dancing.  Haira noticed that one between them was a man looking at her with pitying eyes different from the others. She wanted to cry, to scream that she needed help, but she was so afraid from her mother, who would burn her, and starve her into obedience and submission, without forgetting her father who will beat her bloody.

So, she looked outside with her nearly naked body and decided; she had to fly or to die.

With naked feet and ragged clothes barely covered her starved frame, forlorn, she ran with all her strength to the window, jumped from it, then took a horse and rode far away, looking for a better world, a world which never existed. All the guests went after her after the money that they gave to her when she was dancing. They didn’t catch her though.

She was lucky; choosing the unusual man’s horse. She didn’t stop, so happy for being free! For escaping! For finally breathing the fresh air as she wanted! It was the first time when she was able to see the beauty of the sky. A warm April night and the full moon shone down on the crystal and seemed to blaze there. It was just amazing and she found herself speechless in front of that fantastic nature.

After two hours of gladness, she felt exhaustion in her entire body. She lay down and closed her eyes, but she had none idea about freedom. How do you sleep when you’re not a slave anymore? Is there any special way to rest? She didn’t know the answers, she gazed at the glowing end in the dark, mulling over her ambiguous fate.


2. The captain

The next morning, she strayed in the woods, asking where all these plants came from. Maybe the right question was where they had been before she came there? Haira looked around, but couldn’t find her horse, thinking she tied it to a tree before she slept, but because of her fatigue she didn't notice this huge error.

The fifteen year old girl was walking between skyscraper tall trees; huge roots spread the ground, the grass was crispy under her feet and the morning stars were shining like silver snowflakes. The forest’s smell was fresh and Haira was too hungry so she picked the meadow sweet wild pears.

 It was the most beautiful morning ever. But it didn’t last long after she listened to a weird voice near to her it might be a tiger, a wolf, a bear, or even a lion. Haira realized that it was a dangerous place and it was time to leave that country she ran to the seaport as fast as light, she had a lot of feet, leg and knee injuries but the gladness that resides within her the fact of being finally free let her run without thinking about herself.

Once she found the seaport, she gave all what she had of money to the captain so he could sail her to El Dorado, the inexistent country. The captain was too happy he at once invited her to ride the ship.

Haira was too delightful due to the beautiful  sight of the endless waves  she started planning what she will do once she will reach the EL Dorado, suddenly she felt someone who touched her hair smoothly and said “hug me , kiss me” . Haira was astonished once she turned back it was the captain who pulled her close to him  and pushed her downward toward a chair at the beginning she  fought him and scratched down the left side of his face and neck. Then he got angry.  He pinned her under the chair and tore her clothes she was panicked what she can do in front of that 50 years old man She begged and implored him to leave her alone however  Her long black hair and her large bright eyes, her young age and her smooth skin could never hinder his desire. He raped her, bruised her arms and left her with blood everywhere. Now he tore her dress which was already torn and she found herself naked without nothing to wear she could luckily find blankets, pants and a shirt thrown in the kitchen, she stands up and couldn’t deaden the pain physically, mentally and emotionally. Does anyone know what’s raping mean? it’s one of the most cruel acts human can do, it destroys one’s life, Haira couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, couldn’t say no, couldn’t defend herself, couldn’t take a shower, she couldn’t wash that feeling away, fear would lose with her all the time, she couldn’t sleep and couldn’t stay awake, raping is an inhuman act that cost a lot for the girl’s life. She remembered each second when she saw the bruises, when she was crying out like a wounded animal, hoping to find someone who could defend her. She screamed several times, hoping to be heard by anyone, but no one seemed to be interested. It was difficult for her to cope with those overwhelming feelings she felt after that sexual assault, she couldn’t enjoy her life anymore after the captain had satisfied his needs and left her weeping for her weakness. She lost her virginity but not her innocence, not her pure soul, not her love towards freedom. she blamed herself a lot for not being strong enough to push him away from her but it wasn’t the time for regrets, she has to forget what happened  if she wanted to continue her journey looking for a better world Where rape is an unforgivable crime.

 Days and weeks had passed, she could reach the place she thought the El Dorado. so she built up her strength to continue searching, for jubilation, peace and humanity.

She left the team in the ship who hurt her not even say good bye to her she left happy but she had no trust in anyone anymore.


3- The war

While she was wandering in that kingdom’s streets, she supposed everything was fine, which was the opposite. The captain swindled her, and he threw her away into a war state. She expected to find a family who would be pleased to welcome her, a family who would take care of her, but war didn’t give her the time to understand what was happening. A bomb blew up in front of her, then a soldier shouted her accidentally with his revolver. Her leg bled, she was frightened and hurt. She tried to walk, but it seems like she forgot how to walk. It was raining heavily, and between the mud and blood, there was nothing except death, which was nearer than the warrior was coming as fast as sound’s speed. She was pale, frail, drained and awfully scared. Between the regret and the ache she was so close to giving up, she fell unconscious.

The soldier approached her, looked in her eyes, her long black hair, her legs which were shaking and bleeding. He noticed that she was the young girl of 15 who was tortured by her adoptive parents. He was the different man that saw Haira’s dancing in her parents’ house. He held her and took her to his grandma’s home where she cared for her until she woke up.


 It was the day she turned 16-years-old. The old woman was next to her caressing, her hair. Haira asked for food, she didn’t say any word but food. The fighter’s grandma went to prepare for her something to eat.  Haira ate with such strong appetite not so much eating as devouring the plate's contents. After she finished, she asked the woman the reason she was there. She thought about her parents, out of the blue, she moved enraged, a mixture of emotions she didn’t know how to control it.

The past, the present and the future were nothing for her; the bandages and the wood house were enough to remind her how the captain had scammed her for the second time.

It took a loud shot to bring her to the sour reality.

She interrogated the grandma about the sound who answered quietly that it was a gun, and she needn’t be afraid. It’s natural. Haira couldn’t understand what’s natural about war, what war means and why war exists? The old woman couldn’t reply.

Haira apologized and asked for a warm cardigan to go outside. The grandma wanted to stop her from going out, but she didn’t listen. As soon as she opened the door, she saw the soldier, the unusual man at once, she wept. She thought she became mad, confused between the reality and illusion. She asked him whether he aimed to return her to her parents, or to rape her as the captain did or to kill her as he tried to do.  The soldier, named Senchi, responded with one word. “Wait”.

 He invited her to enter, but she declined.  She wanted to get answers for her many questions. Senchi agreed however the next bomb forced her to get inside the house. She didn’t comprehend what war means, why people have to fight, to kill each other when they could fix everything by discussing. Senchi could answer her by repeating her question. ”why you couldn’t talk with your parents? He asked. Haira didn’t reply.

At that moment she realized that not everything could be solved with words. Haira wasn’t convinced of killing innocent people. Why should we torment the pure spirits? What was the fault of those babies who were born orphans, those children who don’t know their parents affection?  Why do babies pay for their ancestor’s crimes? Why this cruelty, inhumanity and all of this savagery? Can’t we find the peaceful solution? Can’t you think of those mothers who were dead waiting for their sons that never came back? The families who were died due to sorrow, the grief and the famine? Can’t you remember that we are one body, one soul we are one humankind? Won’t we find the right resolution?

 Senchi answered that it was a matter of politics. They had to defend their politics, their land and themselves. Haira looked oddly at him. She concluded that those were just pretended reasons; there is nothing that could justify the act of killing a person; no matter who is he or what his crime is. Everyone has the right for another chance to change, to reconcile with himself first, and to reconcile with humanity. It was so hard for Senchi to accept her point of view, even though with time he became familiar with peace that should overwhelm the entire world. The 16 year old girl didn’t know where she could go, the only place where she could find a bed, a warm blanket and motherly care was the soldier’s house with his grandma. She discovered what a mother’s affection and tenderness meant, between them, she could experience what generosity meant.

Once when she was walking home from grocery, she saw a 5 years old boy killed by a gunman, he shot him because the little boy didn’t give him some bread, that boy was probably aiming to give it to his hungry sister or mother or even his grandmother who was dying because of starvation but the warrior didn’t understand this, he looked at the child’s eyes he saw courage, then shot him for no reason. What was unexpected for Haira is that a group of people saw everything but no one from them could interact or defend the kid even when the police came and asked stupidly who was the murder, everyone denies seeing what happens the gunman quit and the police didn’t even care about the child not even reassure if he still alive and need help or not, they went it wasn’t important for them.

Haira couldn’t say anything shocked by what she had just seen, she got worried about the destiny of that child’s family how they will understand that their innocent boy was  killed, she blamed herself for not protecting him but how she could do this and a group of people was watching the scene as in theater? How would she interact? She turned home and got mad. Haira at that time knew the real reason of war. She said with a loud voice: “you are ununited”. There are traitors between you, weak men scared from losing their houses or their money but not from losing their freedom and dignity.

4- Senchi’s injuries

Haira  hardly slept that day and the day after while she was helping the grandma washing the dishes, she thought of Senchi, how he fought outside, it’s raining cats and dog, it’s too cold and he has nothing to eat, he might be hungry and low temperature can make him frozen to death. How he can avoid painful, sometimes crippling cold weather injuries without having equipment, no first medical aid, no heater, no stove, no tent, Senchi used to sleep in isolated caves. When she suddenly heard someone’s knocking the door offensively. She looked through the window but she couldn’t recognize the knocker. She bravely took her rifle, not aiming to hurt anyone but when there was no man in the house, she had to play her role of guardian, as she promised Senchi to protect herself and his grandmother from everyone who can hurt them. Haira opened the door carefully, and then she was surprised by Senchi, who was injured with three shoots in his chest. She screamed, thinking he was dead. His grandma fainted believing her.

Haira was paralyzed, unable to say a single word. She dragged him indoors, checking his breath and realized that he was alive! But no one could say for how long he would bear his wounds. In a deserted area there was no doctor, not even a nurse who can control his state.

From that time, her role of guardian had ended and the nursing profession would start, she boiled water to sterilize the scissors, the razor and other things she found in the kitchen which could help her in her future surgery.

This time, she wasn’t afraid at all, her main goal was to save the soldier’s life at any price, but she forgot that being unconscious doesn’t mean being anesthetized. As soon as she cleaned the blood from his chest, he moved, she paid no attention to his reaction, busy, thinking in the best way to take out the three bullets.

Haira began the surgery under the candle’s lights, he yelled stridently moreover she didn’t care as he wasn’t crying and shouting. She was at the moment deaf and mute, removed the first bullet, the second and third was ejected by the body itself without any effort made by Haira.

She then relaxed, and returned to her senses, and then heard the warrior’s moaning, Senchi reminded her of sewing his chest, she went to look for a needle, a thread and sewed it, covered him with a wool blanket then went to prepare a bitter soup that might cure him as a home remedy.

 The old woman was astonished of Haira’s ability and how she was transformed to a nurse a cook also a guardian at once. The young girl took the old woman to her bedroom, assured her that her grandson would become well, he needed rest. The grandma trusted her and she slept without worrying. 

Haira waited for Senchi to wake up, she wanted to feed him the soup and to ask him how he got wounded. she had to stay the whole night next to him. It was raining heavily and Haira was so tired that Senchi woke her up. she felt happy seeing him fine and able to talk but Senchi was dumbfounded, he couldn’t find the words to describe his astonishment, at the age of twenty seven and a young girl of sixteen years old healed him, speechless to express his gratitude to her.

She fed him and he was looking at her regretfully, he felt guilty for not assisting her at the first time when she had to dance. He blamed himself for not being brave enough to defend her then, he apologized Haira for his irresponsibility, she couldn’t comprehend what he wanted to say but she could understand that he was sorrowful.

Furthermore, Haira had two questions for him, the first one about the reason he visited her father, and the second one about the three bullets found in his chest. Senchi answered with a soft tone he was invited by her father to drink a mug of wine so as to help him in buying emerald from their country at a low price, otherwise to steal it even though he declined. And he was shot because he honestly followed her opinion of being peaceful as she mentioned in their discussion last time. So while he was trying to protect a little girl, he was the victim, but at any rate he saved the child’s life, they could rape her or just sell her organs to strangers they don’t care to children when it’s war nothing could escape from the evil.

Haira was happy because Senchi’s heart started feeling how bad war is. And so she was so proud of him. At that time Senchi and Haira were siblings, a true brother and a real sister who shared everything and anything.


5- The grandma’s death

The war was so destructive ,there was neither factories nor laborers to work , there was nothing except war , dust , blood , weapons everywhere and the smell of death  spread in all the houses , in seas and mountains , in caves and camps . It was impossible to hear a bird’s tweeting or to see cats running. a bitter winter followed by a beautiful spring , the sky returned blue and the butterflies flew happily thinking that the peace has come back , they were wrong , Two swallows were setting up their nest when abruptly a bullet took one’s  life,  the other was terrified from this scene. For less than three seconds and then both of them were parts of the past. Insects, animals, human being, no species could run away from this massacre.  In the last morning of this wonderful spring the grandma breathed her last breath, but before she passed away she called Haira, asked her to stay forever with her brother Senchi as well, he was alone in this life he has no one to take care of him or to just let him feel at least that there is someone who cares about his life, “ please daughter never get angry with him, you are siblings and no one can break this relationship, you have to overcome any obstacle, together you can face the entire world and let them know about your opinion and your beliefs, the world will live in peace one day so do not let the humanity wait more just take the initiative and fulfill the world with love and serenity” the grandma said,  then her  breath becomes labored and gurgled after few seconds  the grandma give a long out-breath followed quite a later by what seems another intake of breath. After that she left Haira alone, disconnected from reality she couldn’t understand how and why the grandma has left, she truly knew that Senchi couldn’t bear this separation. In the afternoon the soldier arrived home as usually, running from outside, hoping to kiss his grandma’s soft hands to laugh at her wrinkled face and to ask for her benediction still this time, the house was cold. with the 16 year old breath the house couldn’t find its warmth , the grandma has passed away at seventy seven , the soldier didn’t weep and didn’t laugh, he stopped like a monument looking at his grandma  whose face was clear and brighter than the moon , no single wrinkle, a face of a twenty year old lady, a large smile marked her face, the eternity beauty was presented in front of him, she was covered in a white tissue and her long white hair was wrapped behind her , Haira was stuck in the corner shedding tears , when Senchi run to his grandma hugged  her and cried , cried with all his heart, he was shocked and couldn’t believe what was going on is his grandma truly dead , he felt for the first time loneliness , shadows devastated him and  pain tore his heart into pieces  . Haira asked him whether there was any cemetery next to them to bury her or not, he stared at her weirdly then he grasped that it was time to return to the cemetery where he left his parents, his sister and his twin, at that moment he remembered his past, the brutal past which prevented him from living a normal life, the past that ruined his entire life, the past that didn’t distinguish between a boy and a man.

thus it was time to separate from his second twin, his grandmother, he held her on his shoulders with all his might and then went to the burial ground , he dug a tomb with his own fingers, he dug as deep as he can he feared that wolfs or even dogs will devour her, so he dug in the same way as her grandma and he did when they bury his parents and siblings, it was pouring rain the clouds couldn’t not cry on the  grandma’s loss, it was so hard for Senchi to leave his grandma there, once he buried the old woman in the tomb , leaving  her there next to her husband,  sons and grandsons he went back and his heart full of sadness and shame, he felt puny in front of Haira; he wasn’t ready to face the reality.

On the way back home he could easily remember each day he spent with his lovely grandma when she fed him her hearty meals and when she overwhelmed him with insistent hugs and kisses, she was the source of joy and laughter, he sorely missed and he spent the whole next year trying to subside the pain.

6- A New start

Summer, fall, winter, spring and so another year has ended and found Haira more gorgeous than ever, Senchi was the chief of the army, he became stronger than before, and he taught Haira martial arts, to defend herself using no weapons.

He taught her how to write and how to read so as she wanted to. Haira started reading a lot of books in different languages; she could speak English, French, German, Arabic, Russian and even Hindu. Her love towards books, art and science has become bigger and bigger, she read everything she found on the shelf of Senchi’s library, war’s history, the universe, ethics, philosophy and so she began even writing poems, stories and critical articles where she criticized the world she lived, from different sides. Social, economical, emotional crises were all treated in her writings; she had some brilliant thoughts that needed to be shown furthermore she had a lot of targets she had to achieve.  the seventeen year old girl had turned into a cultivated young lady, so she knew how to become a mother and a sister to Senchi, advising him, reading to him, discussing ideas together, and even playing with him, she found the child spirit behind his stocky body, she gained her childhood and they were so pleased to find the peace among their souls, they could easily understand each other and they prepared together serious plan to stop the war and to bring harmony to fruition.

Senchi was too brave, he decided he would do his effort to bring this massacre to an end, so he asked the army to stop killing the innocents, to not kill the old and the women and to fight with just the opposing soldiers if only they attacked them first. The plan worked well and succeeded, but the dreadful wouldn’t accept this defeat, he sent a messenger to Senchi, a rough discussion started between them.

The messenger said: “I’m the dreadful’s messenger and he ordered you to surrender because if you do not, you won’t be safe, this is war and you should admit the reality, keep this audacity at home, we are warriors and we won’t stop assassinating your citizens and we won’t ban destroying houses and hospitals as you do. Say that to your clan too and ask them to leave their sympathy away we want none peaceful solution”.

Senchi answered: “our warriors and even yours want to live in harmony and peace. Why do you refuse? What will you gain from this truculence and this cruelty? Why do you want to take others’ land, others’ traditions and culture?  Haven’t yours?  You’ve already created yours and so please do not destroy ours, we won’t threaten you, we won’t hurt you and this is a promise. Believe us. Say to your master that he needs to think of future generation we don’t want them to blame us for being stupid and so destructive, at the end we destroy their environment, let’s not be selfish, we can create a better world for them. We spent money and effort on idiot things, we can cooperate and collaborate, build schools and hospitals with this money instead of spend it on the army; you must keep in mind  that this army is based on  engineers, teachers, doctors, cooks, farmers, and so many people who could exercise their real profession instead of playing the role of soldiers. why do you aim to force them to join us , I know that you will say you don’t force them but please think logically, when someone steal your land and violate your kids you undoubtedly need to defend your family your homeland, you are indirectly forced to do so”.

The messenger said: “shut up, you have to stop your philosophy class now, what will we gain from building schools and hospitals? Ill people must die and citizens must stay illiterate. Illiterate people are easy to trick and it’s exactly what we want I’m amazed why you aim to create opportunities for these people”.

Senchi replied: “ I’m sorry but you’re wrong, our goal now is to have a society of creative, dynamic, innovative citizens who collaborate who follow the right ethics and the good behaviors who are tolerant, brave, fair and trustworthy we can’t do anything and we can’t improve our situation if we don’t start together we are one body and we should stay together no matter what our religion, color, beliefs, ideas ,race are different  I know that we share one soul  and one  land we are one humankind sisters and brothers side by side so why all this hatred then? We should understand that the goal for what we are created is supreme than fighting, we must discover how our universe was created how our organs work, how this bird is flying, can’t we fly like it? Can’t we swim like a fish? we are the weakest creature in the nature and the only thing we have to be distinguished by is brain this brain we have to use it in a positive way somehow to seek the truth, instead of war we can spend our time with our family in front of a warm chimney, narrate beautiful stories, fairy tales. It’s clear you are exhausted and trust me within you there is a pure heart that agree with every word I say but unfortunately you can’t express it, do not be greedy, look for others’ happiness, instead of war we can share everything, we will be focused on inventing and helping each other finding cures and developing architecture so many things are waiting for us for the time we announce our independence we were born free and we will die free, so say to your master to the dreadful that freedom is the answer, we want nothing except peace and freedom, except peace and freedom”.

The messenger answered with tears in eyes: “ you might be right but listen you won’t escape from the dreadful anger, he will tear you to pieces he will enjoy drinking your blood and leaving your flesh to be eaten by wolves, I’m amazed by how audacious you are I doubt on the source of this patriotism, but I appreciate your words I’m warning you they will poison your food or shot you if you didn’t yield, give up you can’t defend yourself alone, they will kill you, do not scarify your life, you’re young and you ignore the dreadful purposes he won’t accept your disobedience he won’t.” 

Senchi answered with a large smile: “Brother please do not obey the evil, follow your heart follow the logic, use your brain you won’t regret trust me brother you won’t regret”.

The messenger answered on his horse: “I wish I could brave captain, I wish I could”.


7- In a summer night


In a summer night Senchi went to bring water for the camp from the spring but a milky way  took his attention, he couldn’t stop gazing the dark sky and the beautiful stars upside when he heard something moving around him in the grass, he couldn’t identify if it’s a human or animal,  it was too dark,  once he turned back, a bullet took place in his arm and was unable to defend himself, he was facing his death when he asked about who the shooter was, the second shot took place in the leg and Senchi then yelled “the dreadful” yeah it was the dreadful, the evil who has no pity in killing other people with such a cruel manner, he asked him to stop but the shooter was ordered by that man and he must obey him, After he was sure he assassinated Senchi with seven bullets in his body, he went back. The poor Senchi was still alive he crawled on grass till he reached home, he knocked the door with his 7 bullets in his body, the first one hurt his left lung the second harmed his right kidney, the third and the fourth bullet injured his back the sixth in his leg and the seventh in his right arm.

Haira opened the door and find that Senchi wasn’t stocky anymore, the frail body fell down in her hands, she believed that it was a nightmare, it was impossible. She closed the door and came back to her bed , until she heard her name repeated several times by a wounded voice , it was real or not she couldn’t know anything about the voice’s source she opened  the door carefully .

 It was Senchi looking at her with his twinkled eyes, his tongue stuck in his mouth unable to pronounce a single word but Haira. His only sister and protector, he wept,  and she gazed at him, flabbergasted, shocked and stunned. She held her brother between her arms, implored him to stay with her, she didn’t sob or scream but she begged him to stay alive, although he wasn’t able to fight with the fate this time, it was too late. 

Senchi passed away, after he had asked her to fulfill their aim, their journey, seeking peace and freedom. Silence and madness of sorrow stuck her and every pore of her body was moaning, she opened her mouth to say something in his ears then a grating, gasping sound emerged as though she was in her death throes. It was the night when she became an eighteen- year-old girl, when she recognized what pain meant, she carried him to the cemetery where the grandma and his family were buried, and without cleaning him or washing his clothes without covering him in the white tissue, she laid him to rest. Then she returned home moving like a sleepwalker, unaware of her own existence.

Her life became meaningless she refused to acknowledge this blazing truth. The truth that burned her every second. Days and weeks passed and Haira’s health got worse. She stopped eating and decided to die; this world doesn’t appreciate Senchi’s temerity. How could she realize her promise then, in a heartless world, the humanity would never find peace no matter what she would do.  Haira took the revolver and wanted to put an end to her life yet her hand wasn’t bold enough to kill an innocent soul.

She sniveled, threw the revolver away and made up her mind for revenge by reaching for that missing peace. Haira disguised in Senchi’s clothes, cut her long black hair and wore his hat, closed the door and swore that she would have never come back before accomplishing her mission. She at that specific moment set in place a new life. Her only goal was to take vengeance, facing multiple difficulties to surmount, yearning for victory.


8- The beginning of revenge

It was fall when the army realized that Senchi was rescued, even when he was shot by the dreadful, they looked a lot for him but they didn’t find him because they didn’t know even his house, no one knew anything about Haira. It was a foggy day when Haira introduced herself as Senchi she looked like him and they couldn’t recognize her, she had to hide her identity in order that she could easily reach the dreadful, and the army thought that she was Senchi, they felt relieved. They guess he spent these weeks taking rest and so he came back to complete his mission. The brainy Haira arranged everything; she called the civil society for aid, she planned to improve the situation and to empower her army, and everyone got involved in, it was a matter of living in peace and calm or living as slaves under shame and disgrace.

Everyone thought of the pros of peace, happy life, which doesn’t mean a perfect life but a superb family a warm house, delicious food and educated children. Haira talked to the world in order that it would support them and her wish was realized everyone was on her side against the anarchy. Haira was nineteen years old when she took the decision to visit the head of this disorder, In other words the dreadful.  The central of this war, to find out her objectives. To come up with freedom from strife.

Unluckily, she was tricked by this latter, as he imprisoned her and discovered that she was a woman and not Senchi as he reckoned. Another year of resistance but this time is the hardest ever since Haira’s army didn’t trust in her after she lied to them, they sensed abhorrence towards her, they were loyal before, and Haira wasn’t considering this loyalty though.

Everything started when The dreadful met her and torture her, but he doesn’t aim to kill her he wanted to make her his wife but she refused she would never accept being the spouse of such a man a terrible one who destruct everyone and who was the killer of Senchi, she wanted to kill him to let him feel the pain Senchi felt before he died but she was weak, too weak without eating or drinking anything for days, she wanted to let him feel guilty of being so rude and of having such a black heart and dark ideas, she detested him especially when he started  interrogating her :

  • The dreadful said first: “gorgeous, young, ambitious girl, fighting with the army, what audacity? You are so bold, what is the secret of this boldness. Who are you? And why do you want to change this situation? Why do you seek peace? Listen, I can marry you and you will be one of the richest women ever; you will have anything you dreamt of, maids, diamonds, and authority you will be the one who order here. Why do you refuse marrying me?”.
  • Haira answered with rude tone: “ I’m Senchi’s sister, I’m sure you can’t forget the chief of the army you killed that summer night with no pity, you were too cruel, you killed your messenger first and then you sent that gunner so that you will get rid of him. I’m sure you had no idea about me, I’m his sister, I’m the one who suffered from this war, millions like me are bearing the same pain but sorry I’m not patient I can’t support it long, I won’t let you live a second, I had never the idea of killing but when I saw you I remember my brother’s breathing, his voice, his tears, when he agonized on front of me,  he was shaking from death, he didn’t deserve dying in such way, I’m Haira, the girl who was tantalized by her parents first , raped by ship captain but at the same time I’m the girl whose Senchi and his grandmother take care of, they warmed me with their kindness and with their generosity. Trust me dreadful I won’t forgive you I will never forget the face of the child your soldier easily murdered, I won’t forget the bullets I remove from Senchi’s chest, I won’t forget the hatred that overwhelmed  me. Oh dreadful let me show you how much I hate you. But guess what, I won’t kill you I just can’t be like you, I used to say that everyone needs a second chance you might need it too, however keep in mind you won’t escape from remorse, you have to say sorry and to ask for forgiveness from all my town as Senchi did before you, My brother had murdered no one from your children, women or old people, He had never combat out from the battlefield even though he apologized from everyone, I wish you can do as he did I hate you and will hate you for the rest of my life oh that’s of course if you will leave me alive. I think now you get the answers of all your questions, now you have to choose, killing me or liberating me and let us killing you with our victory I promise you, you will punish and chastise you, no one will elope from punishment, fair is the rule and injustice is just an exception which we will find solution of it now or after, prison is waiting for you but I will be shocked if you accept it then, arrogant people like you rarely repent, I will never lose hope, you might change, may be you will listen to your heart one day, I’m afraid that it will be too late when regretting changes nothing” .
  • The dreadful was strangely looking at her and then responded “ I got you point girl so you think I’m the evil, I won’t kill you I will exactly do what you asked me doing be ready you will be my spouse tonight , no words you don’t have the right to choose I’m the one who orders here, no words. Let’s see each other at night”.
  • Haira screamed loudly: “you can’t you’ve already raped my gladness, my vivacity, and my youth, you raped everything, stay away from me, you’re dreaming trust me you’re dreaming, wake up, wake up wake up”.
  • The dreadful: “we shall see who is dreaming , he ordered the guardian to tie her limbs  and to take care of her he gave her water and she couldn’t refuse drinking she drunk it but fell asleep, unfortunately water was mixed with somniferous medicine and it was the occasion for the dreadful to violate her, she was raped for the second time, once she woke up at night she realized everything and she yielded one phrase  : “ freedom, I want my freedom, you’re a coward nothing but a coward you just can’t face me I won’t forgive you my whole life, I repeat I won’t forgive you my whole life” then she kept calm and motionless.


Months passed, the army didn’t give up and decided to combat and look for peace even though Haira’s attitude towards them... A year of preparation without asking about Haira’s situation. It seemed as if they'd totally forgotten her, as all the love and respect towards her had changed to loathing and odium. She was alone, jailed in a disgusted cell, raped for the second time by injustice.

She carried a monster in her belly , she had a strong desire to get rid of him ,but she felt powerless , an innocent monster who grew up after each day , proving her existence , and encouraging her to hunt for freedom , for justice for peace .

9- The victory

She was twenty when she was freezing in her cell, she made a loud ululation, expressing her grief, her mourning; it was time to give birth to the little monster.

While she was facing the unbearable pain of labor. Senchi opened the door, came to her and caressed her hair, it was as painful as she had her insides twisted, pulled and squeezed.

Senchi’s words of consolation helped her lot, breathe and push; those were the only words she remembered after she found her baby in her hands. Senchi had disappeared. She cried and cried for not accomplishing her mission, she missed her brother.

But once she saw her baby’s eyes she smiled and enjoyed the special moments of jubilation and joy, moreover heard the victory sound, the army liberated her when, the injustice had given the ghost , the dreadful drank poison and suicide. The peace was the winner moreover Senchi’s victory was the name of the new baby. The world had finally understood that peace is the best solution to all the conflicts. Everyone forgave Haira for her lying and thanked her for her great role she played. Haira was the first young woman chief of the strongest army ever. She called for help from every part in the world the north and the south; she was their leader and the protector of their ex-chief. Everyone was proud of her and she was proud of her baby who gave to her strength to face loneliness and unfairness. After that, the new mom came back home, as she promised Senchi, except that she had a new member with her that presented the reconciliation between the two countries.

The baby that deeply presented the forgotten peace and freedom.





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