Go Away

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You're making a mistake. You can't get close to me. I won't let you.

Submitted: September 11, 2016

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Submitted: September 11, 2016



Go away

Leave me be

There's no place for you here

You'll only hurt me

That's how it always ends


You were my fantasy

I looked at you from afar

And admired your beauty, your perfection

And when you looked back at me

I turned away

I used to think I was just shy

But now I know the truth

The truth that I never deserved you


Why did I ever fool you? Why did I fool myself?

How could I think it'd work out with you, when I've failed with all the rest

People I grew up with. People I clung to. People I paid.

They all couldn't stand the sickness that was me.

So why would you?


One day I'll hurt you

And you'll hurt me back

And I'll deserve the pain

And the shame

And I don't want it

I don't want the disaster that will inevitably come

So leave


You made a mistake

You shouldn't have fallen from me

You should've kept your distance

You should've stayed a fantasy

How could someone as perfect as you care about scum like me?

Are you a deceiver? A manipulator? A thief in waiting?

How could you possibly love someone so beneath you?

Maybe your love is a lie


Besides, I never really wanted your love

I only wanted your pity

I only wanted you to hold me and please me

Because I could never feel happy within myself

I've been using you

Yes, that makes me a wretch

Yes, that makes me a monster

Yes, you should hate me and curse my name

Yes, you should leave and never talk to me again


You're better off without me

Maybe the world is better off without me

But I'm too cowardly to end this pathetic existence and leave

I'm too heartless to put the needs of others before my own

So go. There's nothing worthwhile for you here

If you stay, you will only be used by me

If you stay, I will berate you and insult you

Because you threw your life away for me

Leave me alone


I'm okay with staying alone

I'm okay with living on pity

Because I don't deserve love

Because I'm too disgusting to even want love

A bastard who only uses others for pity and pleasure

That's who I am


Dying alone would be a mercy

It's still a better fate than what I truly deserve

But what I won't accept, what I can't stand

Is your love

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