short story of snake zodiac

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Submitted: September 11, 2016

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Submitted: September 11, 2016



the story of the 12 Chinese Zodiac movie: MY philosophy of Snake soul

It represents seduction, and sharp mindness, the devil always 
sees the serpent a valuable team player for his dominion. 

The serpent is meant to be a symbol between good and evil, 
it is given the freedom of choice, no matter which side it chooses
it does not get blame, as this is planned from the creator. 

Given its complexity of persuassion and blindness from 
the devil it takes a intutiive understanding in order to reach this person, 
which comes from the heart.  

It is senstives to lies and deception, when truth is presented  and
light revealed the probability of the snake to abandoned what he possessed
for a greater good is a possibility, for he once sees what he possess 
thought to be good but sees a greater good, like trading silver for gold. 

Therefore, First you have to be able to see without eyes and once she is 
quarantine in that special place of goodnessshe becomes a queen of the 

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