Day by Day Knight by Night

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This is a poem derived from my fantasy world I created as a child.

Submitted: September 11, 2016

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Submitted: September 11, 2016



Day by Day 
Knight by Night

As I walk between the trees,
My sun-bleached hair becomes a veil.
I see his face light up with glee.
His wraithlike presence is my trail.
He waves his bow as if to say
“The sun is out. We must away.”
I near his presence and see his frame
No longer shadowed by Evergreen’s bane.
We chase the deer and hunt the hare.
We play the pipe with woodland fae.
Their svelte frames arrayed with silk
Adorn the forest’s green dance floor.
In perfect harmony and rhythm, they soar.
Their voices filled with beauty only heard
Tell of stories without words
That only speak the language of the heart.

My loose-fit dress of forest green 
Is lightened by the moon’s dim rays.
His eyes of stormy gray are keen
They beckon to me as if a dream
I see him through the trees,
My silent guardian of the night.
He is my sole protector
Whose will rids me of all fright.
I play with forest creatures through the night
But he sits still as if to say
“I may not play for danger is on its way!”

When midnight comes, we follow the green glow
That takes us to the Seelie Queen’s court.
I lead the way so he can follow.
Lest danger comes before the ‘morrow.
I turn around and smile
For he is my sole protector.
He swings his sword all the while
Lest any vile creature comes.
We reach the clearing in the woods,
Where dwells the denizens of the night,
Their figures of pure grace do glow
With every step they shine with light.
But their faces are filled with sorrow.

They see me as my mundane self
And their wild eyes from noble faces stare.
I take one step towards him with fear
He sees my anguish and wipes my tears
He takes me by the hand and stops
Beside the Seelie Queen and bows
I see his respect and likewise bow.
Her bright orange hair covers her pale face
And bright green eyes give her a youthful trace
With a gaze of ice and a hear of stone.
She says with coldness in her tone.
“Come, young one. Sing and dance.” 
I follow him in a trance
And take my place among the Fae.

I sing and dance with all my might
An ecstasy has filled my soul.
He sits upon a knoll.
And watches me through the night.
He does not play; he must not sway.
His duty is to keep me safe.
I glance at him and smile.
He looks at me and waves.
He is my knight when there is no light.

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