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Submitted: September 12, 2016

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Submitted: September 12, 2016




The  first day of the vacation has started and Asif's family is filled with his cousins and other relatives,then Tamkeen came there with sweets she is very happy to see her  brother after long time.Tamkeen,younger sister of Asif ,a very lean and fair girl with long black silky soft hair resembling waterfalls.Khan's house is a huge one with different rooms for each family.It is a joint family with almost all the guys persuing their studies out of the town in hostels and all girls studying in the same region.

Khan's a very reputed family of muslim community in the village.They own a chain of pharmacies and transport business and are active in local politics.Khan brothers are five in number and only three families live in the ancestoral house and the remaining  stay in nearby city. 

As the Khan's are in a festive mood by the arrival of all the members of their family suddenly a voice came from the pharma shop.A guy is standing at the reception and started smiling after seeing Asif .Asif in a joyful voice said " helloooo are you? ....I was waiting for you man..lets go n have a puff".Salman said "ok...go n tell your mom that you will be back in half and hour".

In 2 minutes Asif came back and started the bike..."Lets go for a walk from the adjacent lane..stop the bike and come with me"said Salman .Asif got surprised "are we going for a walk? but why am not interested to go from that lane come lets go by bike". "No Asif today I will show a girl whom i like so much and am following her from around a year and I want you to see and tell me your opinion on her"."Hmmmmm...sounds interesting let me see who is that pretty girl in this village who made you follow her for an year."


"I dont know why you always send me to shop for everything.....Mom please send nithya this time" said Naina with a low and convincing voice."Please for this time from the next time Nithya will go" said Supraja.

Naina started walking to towards the door and saw Salman passing through the house along with a tall guy.Both of them looked at Naina and started whispering.Naina started thinking her mind"Who the hell is this tall guy and why this idiot Salman is talking to him about me, definetly something is gonna be fishy...If my dad knows this he will kill me...this idiot is showing me to everyone as if am a doll in a showcase".....Naina's thoughts got scattered as her mom called her and asked " are you still here...go soon and get vegetables"...."Ok maaa I am going"


Naina is walking behind Asif and Salman just a few meters away.She is trying hard to see the face of the tall guy who grabbed her attention in just a glance.Shuddenly Asif turned back and looked at her,she turned her head and started walking fast and overtook them and went to the shop.

"Man she is cooolllllll....I never expected such a girl here.I have never seen her all these days.Are they new to the village?"asked Asif."No,when you come for vacation she also goes to her uncles home a nearby village..thats the reason you have never seen her.She is the elder daughter of Venkat uncle...I think now you got an idea about her."said Salman.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"She is pretty ....topper of the whole area in academics and other activities.Her eyes are big and black and her looks are still in my mind....a confused yet cunning expressions ....Why she was looking at me when I was walking?..Why she hide her looks from me when I turned??"..."No I shouldnot think all these ...Salman likes her...But did she like him?..All thoughts are confusing Asif and disturbing his sleep.

Who is he?The tall guy...Why I looked at him again and again?No...I should avoid all these thoughts..I dont like Salman at all..then how could I like his friend..It is impossible...come on Nainuu sleep..sleep...sleep...his eyes is having some magic....NOOO....sleepp idiot...Nainuu..sleep



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