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Poetic horror story of slavery and awakening. Non native speaker, sincere apologies for language mutilation.

Submitted: September 12, 2016

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Submitted: September 12, 2016




It was all over the news. The atrocious of crimes, her body dead found. I knew who she was, little sister of mine didn’t care of blood ties. I remember the days when everything was fine, our little home heavily secluded from world it was only faith and my precious mother of all. Didn’t know my father who he was, my mother always told.

 ?Devils drops snatched his soul, he cursed our family and left us alone now firm praying is our only hope? When I was twelve, my mother saw him, her the God. That day she was screaming out of her mind of the Heavens and what God told. In her dreams, the phantom commanded to redeem our sins. ?It must be the new blood you must bring, to this family of sins?. My mother couldn’t conceive, because of my father’s dirty deeds. Then we went to this place, where abandoned kids play. Felt so depressed in there, their happy faces hid the ordeals they have taken, we stood there and watched how they play and suddenly a little girl came to say.

? Hello my name is Annie, are you my mother? Mother dropped on her knees her eyes filled with tears.

?She is the One! Abruptly she wailed?  People were more than happy to give Annie to us, They told us, her family died long ago, a car slipped off the road and life forsaken her. We were about to leave, Annie embraced her new saviors, I didn’t like her much. That moment, I saw something evil inside of her. Silently, people stood like an army of the dead, no words said, everyone was crossing their chests. The procession ended soon and we went back home to meet our doom.


On our way home I spoke to my mother. Tried to convince her of the devils work sitting in front a false hope disguised in the childish robes. She yelled at me, accused me of the evil within.

? God will not forgive, unless you confess your sins I’ll show you his almighty will. The lightning whip and the blasphemy is spit. I started to fear, my mother’s hands firmly wield the tool. She punished me a lot. I hated the days when she all went craze, my body alternated in God’s name. The children at school mocked me all the time of my drunken father and religious mother. Couldn’t say a thing if the teachers would knew, I am through, can’t betray my mother nor faith. Got carried away for a while, I stepped back inside to servitude for God. I looked at my mother’s face I already knew, tonight she will kill the devils in my childish frame. In the mirror I saw Annie. The disgusting grin on that face, an innocent sin, although she was just six, I could feel she will make the thing even worse.

The engine stopped roaring, in front of us our holy home. Tall trees covered this place the church candles casting a faint glow from the window sills. I watched the two, walking through a pebbled path to the door. Fingers laced, their shinny faces.


All went good for some time. Annie wasn’t the devil I bespoken. My Mother, even more highly of God spoken, completely devoted.

?My family is finally saved, I knew his light is shining, now the curse is broken. Even I was left alone my weak spirit restored, she didn’t beat me for so long. I and Annie firmly prayed on our knees in God’s name and in the corner our mother so immersed in his world, pressing little cross to her chest. Our living room was turned to a small church. Few benches and an altar there were. My mother was always dreaming of it and after years and years of devotion, her dream is fulfilled. Annie and I got along really good. Near our place there was a church of St Pete. Each Sunday were going there. Full of joy and children laughter this place was. I wanted to do service in there, but mother wouldn’t let me, said she didn’t want me to be brainwashed by the people’s fairy tales about my father. So we decided to let Annie do the service in church. We introduced her to the priest, his name was father Dave. From the first sight she saw him, Annie seemed scared. He put his massive hand on her tiny head.

?There is nothing to be afraid of. Many boys and girls serve in church. With the excitement and thrill in his eyes he said. Annie still seemed concerned. She firmly was squeezing my hand. After sermon ended, everyone was eager to ask who this little angel was. They surrounded hopeless Annie like the scavenger for meat. Started to ask who she is, people were shouting it’s preposterous my mother adopted a child. No one believed she spoke with him in her dream. It’s because of my father that drunk lunatic. I heard people gossiping he was a thief and indulged himself with other women of sins. What a blasphemy, I thought, My mother, she must be feeling terrible for him, Although everyone even I hated him, his outcasts life, somewhere deep inside me raised the devils I only heard about.

That was the last beautiful days of my life I remember. After Annie started to do service in church the cross went upside down. My mother, suddenly she all got ill sanity erased from her will. People had to tie her to her own bed like a beast she became strong and vile four men brutally her tied. Father Dave the snake eyed came, sprinkling holy water and shouting God’s name.

?Demon! Leave this innocent body in the name of the Lord I command. She started to convulse, speaking in different tongues, her body bent like broken. Violently she grabbed Annie’s hand, scratched three marks along her fragile arm. Gnarling and snorting she started, spitting the blood from the foul devils mouth. A load of snot and blood hit Annie’s face.

?You will fucking burn in hell you little bitch?, A contorted voice spit. Annie started to cry.

?I just wanted to thank my mother and kissed her to say goodbye?. Told her to leave the room. She stepped out of devils den and it all suddenly went quite. We were beyond words terrified of what happened here, four men stood frozen like the dead, father Dave all pale with a crackling voice said.

 ?You shall not at all cost let Annie be near her?. He sticked me a bottle of some medicine

?This will keep the devils away?. Convincingly he said.

?Promise me child, tell Annie she has to go to church each day and speak God’s name. This will keep her from your mother, maybe she will be okay some day. Now we must all pray so she could awake? I have to do what I was told, my mother’s soul above all. I pressed a little cross in my hand and prayed for the happy end. I knew it all along, with Annie was something wrong.

After people left I went to check on Annie, She was hiding under bed and muttering a prayer. I picked her up, she looked at me all guilty and sad, swearing she didn’t want to hurt our mum. She put her arms around my neck. I assured her, everything will be okay, but you have to do what your big brother says. I held her, felt so scared of what will come next, my body shivering, can’t feel my legs. Hope angels are up there, watching our ordeal.


Annie was really angry about the idea of going to church each day. Said she wouldn’t dare to step her foot there.

? Father Dave he acts so strange after church closes its gate. He doesn’t let me to leave, his slippy fingers goes in me so deep, he asks me to bend down on my knees and pray for God forgiveness then he starts to smile and blesses me with sticky tide. Before I could scream he pours down my throat some drink. After that I don’t remember much and always feel dizzy that I am about to throw up? Nonsense I thought. Father Dave could never do something like this. He is a servant of God for Christ sake. Some part of me knew it could be true. The lust in his eyes, when he saw Annie for the first time, but I can’t risk, my mother she’s so ill, I have to save her from the devils will.


Days of misery were passing by. My mother was constantly drifting between two words. When Annie was home she was rampaging like on dope. She would become all violent and not self then I had to strap her again. When she wasn’t there my mother would come clear. She would remember me, but Annie, said she didn’t know her. I whispered in her ear, ?I will not let Annie near you, God light is shinning and he will save us I swear?. I don’t know if I believed those words much, deformed and ravaged my mother’s face was. To keep her save, I had to quit school. I was never a part of that heretic group. I would stone them to death, all of them if I could. Rumors spread quickly about our crazy home. Bastards were breaking our windows and banging at our doors. One day at our doorstep I found a sheep calve with abdomen wide open. Inside there, a letter:

? Burn in hell ? I’ve seen everything now. Not even Satan himself, wouldn’t break my faith. I am a man now, had to protect my family somehow. I had to steal from the shops. It was so hard. God’s words strictly forbid this. I hate breaking his word, but there was no another choice. ? Sell me as a slave, if that’s the price I must pay!


With each year, I sunk deeper and deeper in sin. Long time since I last spoke his name, where is that firmly praying child without shame? Didn’t know my father, but surely soon, I will replace his deeds, for my mother’s needs. So as Annie. We barely spoke after mother went gloom, said she still went to school, but father Dave wanted her to stay more time in church. Little Annie, now grew so big, a shinny blossom and her rear so thick. Father Dave must be having fun these days. ?Oh dear!, my mind shrouded with scenes of her on the knees, begging me to wash her sins. Her dirty crotch in front of me invites to dive, inside her deep. Forcefully, I turned my eyes away from her, red circles painted my face so weak and hopeless I felt, that tingling sensation deep in my veins. Got myself together, told I was really proud her. Maybe one day, we will see our mother bright face.


Then one night a profanity arrived. A clock just struck twelve in the midnight, outside dead silent night I was sleeping on the side when suddenly I felt soft lips nurturing my little pride. Thought I was dreaming, but the sensations felt, I was overwhelmed. Aroused and confused I jumped from the bed and saw Annie in her dirtyself. So passionately she was playing with a tiny Jesus inside herself. She was praying and moaning

? Father help me, pray for me, Fuck me! Fuck me! I pushed her out of the bed. It is succubus sent by the Satan himself to seduce me. Dirty slut. She jumped on me and kissed me, I kicked her in the head, she still came on me so strong, I had to silence her somehow. Grabbed rosary from the table, wrapped it around the devil throat and all I heard was: ?Gimme more ?. The stench from her dirty mouth, was the same repulsive stench that my mother medicine gave. That moment it all made sense. Annie was telling the truth. All those years she was constantly abused, by the fathers dirty truths. I let her go, told her never to come home. She started to cry and left without a goodbye. Felt so terrible for doing this. All my life a bible was a friend of mine a book that doesn’t fell it only tells you how to feel. I banished Annie from home, but where will she go? hope she’ll come back home


Clouds covered moonlight stream, as my faith, has almost gone away. I felt so tired as if someone has drained my powers. My sapless body, dropped on the floor and then I stepped behind the dreamwall And I dreamed of the full moon veiled in scarlet cloak as it was bleeding and calling my name. I stood there in awe, felt pressure on my chest could breathe for a second looked around for some help all around me laid a void of nothingness. All of a sudden blackness was filled with a violent winds tossing my weak body like a doll and bit by bit tearing all my clothes off. Felt so exposed and mere as if someone was controlling my fears, I was screaming, screaming from my very soul for this nightmare to end. Finally it stopped, and I began to sink in the black. Slowly I sank didn’t feel anything now, only mesmerizing strain in my head. Such irresistible and seductive it was, drawing me to the source I couldn’t comprehend. Don’t know how long I was dreaming, so vivid and real, this nightmare is. When eventually I woke up, felt transformed. Entirely soaked in sweat, daylight was now stroking my confused head. I rushed to see my Mum. And there she was lying, like nothing has ever concerned her. Got my wind back I sat on the chair. Many strange thoughts now circled my mind. I was tearing off the pages of the calendar on the wall. My mother can’t describe in what state she’s  now. All she does each day is staring with her empty eyes up there, hoping he will be answering her prayer. So pathetic and miserable all looked, a misunderstanding of her former self. I had to feed her through tube. Is that the life she deserved?  Annie never came home. I found her floral dress on the floor. I took it in my hands sweet memories of me and her in the church had passed my head. Couldn’t control my tears now. All alone and abandoned I stand, my heart drenched in despair.


It was deep autumn’s morning. Felt freezing wind coming inside. Woke up from bed to check and saw front door wide open. Under my feet, a sachet with a postcard of St Pete. Didn’t hesitate for a second, opened it up and my eyes could believe what I saw. Full of money its contents were. Knew it wasn’t some scam. The postcard with our church. Father Dave, a perverted man of his word. He took Annie for good now. The Devils whore, is finally no more. I was clenching my fists, am I to judge her for the sins? Somewhere deep inside, in the corners of my darkest mind, I still had faith, she would return with smile. So much money, can’t bring my mother from her dream, but I can be sure, she will peacefully fade into the blue. ?Eventually I will be caught for stealing, get arrested and then? Who will be there for her? Took the goodies out, the postcard burned down, with a wicked grin on my face, I will take this secret to my grave.


Those money helped so much. I found a carer to look after my mother. Neighbors were shutting doors in front of me before I could speak, but this lady, she happily agreed to do what it needs. I went to town and hired her up. Even bought a TV screen. Each morning, like mother and son we were watching the news. I was making jokes about the world outside our home. Although she was not there, hope she understands. When carer was at home, I could go on my own. Refurbished our little church room. Painted the benches and fixed the altar, so long this room wasn’t used. The smell of the old days. Mother also had the little flower garden. I took the weed out, planted the new seeds it shone like never before. With years darkening our idle family home, my faith in this word is restored. Maybe it’s not too late to pray and one day will speak his name again.


After winter cold days, spring kept crawling so slowly. Amidst melancholy and joy, I discovered my dark secret void. Carer was feeding my mum, telling her you have a great son. I stood in the doorway and silently watched the two. Had this vision in my mind that one day she will rise again and no one would stand in our way. Her deep blue eyes would be the first thing I’d see in the early morning sun stream. Normally I would peck carer to cheek before she’d leave, but that day, I was fantasizing about my mother return a lot and accidently kissed her in the corner of her full red lips. She all blushed told me it wasn’t necessary. She walked outside, waved a last goodbye and then it all began. Nervously she started to walk, and make the circles of some sort. The look on her face, seemed like she was losing herself. Franticly she started to lean forwards and backwards, forwards and backwards she swung cracking her bones of the back. Completely lost, her blank face, increased phase, she was heading towards the window where I did stand. Couldn’t, understand what is happening I just stood there and with enormous force, her head came flying through the window. She kept smashing and smashing with her skull. Glass shards were tearing off the meat from her face. Blood and screams it was all I witnessed.

? Die, fucking die, fucking die! She kept shouting and smashing, like possessed, completely breaking my window in shreds. Frozen in fear I kept standing there. The macabre show was over, she dropped dead, a kiss of death.  Took me some time to free from the terror I was in, knowing she was already dead, I still came to check. Instead of her eyes, a glass there was shining bright, jaw pierced with splitters and nails, her face all painted red. Cold blooded I took her broken body and buried it in our little flower garden. It’s all clear now. The day Annie kissed my mother, cursed her forever, but the day I was kissed, I survived, don’t surely know how. Didn’t feel so guilty for her death somehow, I felt as if I was meant for something greater that the life itself. Went back home, kicked the heavy boots off. Full of mud from the garden they were. Like nothing happened, I sat and stared to the talking box in front of me. My heart almost stopped.

? Crime of the year. Grizzly crime scene was found yesterday 7. Am by the woman who was walking her dog in the woods. She phoned the police and couldn’t normally describe what she saw. Police arrived to whereabouts of the crime scene and found a woman shocked in terror. They investigated further and the scene they found they described as ?atrocious and disgusting? A young girl was found crucified upside down on the wooden cross, here head was severed and pierced on a stake nearby. Forensics expert say she was raped multiple times, perhaps even for years. What is even more disturbing, she was eight months pregnant. FBI and police urges people to respond as quickly as they can as it may reveal young girls identity and lead to the criminals who committed this gruesome crime? I could take it anymore. Rushed outside blindly. It was raining, raining heavily, Big drops fused with my tears as I fell onto my knees. A fragment of her innocent face appeared in my head, all those sweet memories we shared, crushed into despair. I knew it was her body there. I blame myself for all of it. Death and destruction I only caused. Couldn’t even normally take care of my Mother. It’s my own fault! I pointed my finger there up high. ? No!, No! it’s your fucking fault the One above. ?Day by day I heeded your word, believed in the fantasy world and all I got, was a false image of hope. Mother entombed to bed, father drunk to death and poor Annie, impregnated by the devils and left for dead. ? I am the apostate and I renounce your faith!. That very moment lightning scorched the sky. I stood up from the mud, stretched my arms into the sides and proudly raised my head into the sky. Rain washed my sins and there I madly danced, the devils dance. I laughed and I cried, sending middle fingers to the sky. In the eye of the storm, an ungodly plan was born.


The other day I saw on the news, a convention of priests and it happens to be, in our beloved church of St Pete. I knew it will be hard, to fulfill my vengeance plan, Carefully I  thought about my every move. The first thing to do, was to invite priest to our home. Those arrogant perverts, they will never step a foot in here, unless I trick them. So I sent them a letter, crying about my afflicted mother and if they can, unction her for the suffering to end. Knew she was already gone, there was no turning back for her. Surprisingly, I got the response really quick and after few weeks of sleepless nights, here he stands. A priest named father Keith. At my doorstep one step from hell. A prelude to the end. Unawared of the inevitable like a lamb to the slaughter he came in here. Concerned look on his face, when I show him my mother’s state, all fucking fake. The scent he bore, had reminiscence of the same numbing medicine for my mother’s woe. The soutane he wore ? I bet a lot of children can fit under there to suck your giant cock? But it will be over soon, the Satan whores for the eternity will crush your balls. Gently he said a prayer. My mother, up there still stared and I just stood there, didn’t really cared. After his false words were said, followed the second step, He was about to leave, saying he was really sorry for my her, I stopped him and offered a nice cup of tea. He couldn’t resist. Greedily and hasty he drank, saying he has to be somewhere else. I burst into laughter. ? My plan, it’s working, it’s perfect?

He strangely looked at me and said? God is with you? and left. My hands were shaking, could believe this is happening. I took my mother’s car and began to follow him. Many thoughts now pierced my brain. Is this the life I always craved? To free from the chains I was in. I am the master now not a slave! Through the narrow wood road I kept following him? The tea he drank, was brewed in hell. The gift I received from Annie, a kiss that send people into frenziness. I put my saliva inside the tea. I knew there is not much time when he will be all pulled astray? With each turn the road went gloomier and gloomier. My heart rate increasing, heavy breathing, all my body shaking a wild excitement ahead is waiting .No fear or faith left inside me I am my own God now, I am the one above the Maker. Beyond the fringe of the woods and there it finally stood, the gates to hell. I left my car deeper in the woods and walked by the foot. I already heard screaming, asking for forgiveness. I kept pushing through the trees, louder and louder I heard the screams. It’s almost there a silhouette of hell. The moment I was waiting for and scene, I didn’t expect to see. Priests running amok, ripping each others limbs off, biting the meat with their teeth. Hissing and gnarling like the wild beasts they were. Their eyes, replaced with wooden crosses. Bible was talking through their perverted maws. Goblets were bathing in their decaying guts. All happened so fast. A sacred land has sheltered the scattered body parts. Under the light beacon it stood the unholy church. It went dead silent. Only a tree soughs now, finished the macabre show.

I sit in a shabby motel room now, a bottle of cheap whiskey in my hand. From the shower I can hear her calling. My second hour with bitch is rolling. 10 years had passed, feels like it happened yesterday. All I have left is a paper clip of my home. After the horrors, I took all the money with me. Couldn’t kill her, I left her there to decay. Police found her roaming in the little flower garden, She was mumbling? I did Gods work with pride? don’t know how she managed to wake up. It doesn’t matter now. Police closed the case and put her in the asylum never to see the daylight. With clean conscience I will live again. The fallen one, is guiding my will. 

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