Safeguarding of staff

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Safeguarding for vulnerable adults and Children exists, what about the safeguarding of care staff?.

Submitted: September 12, 2016

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Submitted: September 12, 2016



During my years as a health care assistant, the impossible situations which I found my self in, people would swear I'd made it all up. I find myself writing this article as I am just about to leave my health care career and feel its time somebody speaks up for the forgotten at the bottom.

After Over twenty year of being out in the community supporting individuals I can honestly say the majority of the people whom I supported where genuinely very nice people, but just because we become old or suffer with unexpected disability or illness doesn't mean everyone is nice and friendly as I will later explain.

Yes what a utterly rewarding job this once was to give back to help someone that truley needs and appreciates my help. This simply wasn't the case all the time I would get up at 545 every morning except sat AM's which I had to threaten the organisation to have this off, besides you have ti work hard to live these days but never the less my first visit would be in neston at 7 am I would be lucky if don't have to head out at 6:30 because I have to pick other care staff member up and give travel time

As I set out on my morning travels, I am sat beeping outside the work colleagues home its now 650 and she isn't answering her phone.

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