The Party

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there's two sides to every story.

Submitted: September 12, 2016

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Submitted: September 12, 2016



I entered the room. My eyes glistened and my heart pumped. Everyone, every single person looked like they were having a fantastic time. They jumped, they danced, they drank, they kissed, they laughed, they talked and shouted and moved along with the waves of the party. Their wardrobe, elegant; their faces, with make up; their moves, swift and aloof. I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to be a part of it so badly I couldn't wait until I jumped in and rode along. 

It all seemed so joyful and relaxed, like the people there were high grass on a deserted mountain swaying with the afternoon wind. Suddenly, I realized, I could be a part of it. A part of all that glee and fun that seemed like no one could get in their way, no matter how hard they frowned upon it.


I entered the room. It was unbelieveable. I couldn't believe how sad they seemed. I couldn't believe that their parents and friends and family would let them continue suffering like this. People. They drank to forget. They danced to regret. They kissed for the confidence they thought they would get. All of them, filling the holes of their empty bodies with whatever felt like the shape of it. It was saddening and I couldn't stand it. 

All of their eyes crying for help while their smiles stayed the same. All of their laughs filling the air while their sorrows stayed the same. All the attention they thought they needed being fulfilled by others whose attention needed fulfilling as well. Like trying to fill an empty glass of water, with another empty glass.


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