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Submitted: September 12, 2016

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Submitted: September 12, 2016



Aren't you exhausted,
trying to keep your stories straight?
Baited and hooked,
feelings never equate.

I've had you figured
since day one, lucky for you;
It's this formula I use,
though you think it's askew.

Seemingly, it's worked quite well --
albeit wonderfully, for me;
daft little boy, I shall ruin
your poignant soul, watch and see.

Cognitive dissonance,
I'll grant you a kiss.
An affair we'll share,
but breath not one word of this.

So kiss your fantasy goodbye
before you become acquainted;
a little too attached
to this scene I've painted.

Harboring a fugitive:
Trust, you sick bastard.
Impending divorce --
don't dare talk me out of it.

I'm a one chance kind of woman;
for you to be offered a second?
Well, Christmas came early
for you, now didn't it, friend.

You've left me barren of feelings,
the reality will never be.
This 'phase' becomes life;
you can't take credit for killing me.

Just wait and see.

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