Dysfunctional Heaven

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"I fell in love with a dream, and as such, the dream fell in love with me."

Blood is thicker than water. More accurately, the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb. I found this out to be the truth when I chose my family - dysfunctional as it was. I never thought my life would become a drama, but it did overnight, or maybe it was a long time coming. But it makes sense that a dysfunctional person finds a dysfunctional family. You just don't realize how far you've all fallen until it's too late and you can't claw your way out. Maybe this book is a way of sorting it all out for myself. Take everything with a grain of salt. This is as much a memoir as it is a glimpse of my daydreams, as much a confession as it is a piece of fiction. And since every story starts with a name, you can call me Autumn.

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Submitted: September 12, 2016

I fell in love with a dream, and as such, the dream fell in love with me. So disillusioned am I that it tempts me away ... Read Chapter


Submitted: September 12, 2016

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