Murder Dream Detective

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What happens when you solve a murder in your sleep? Read this book to find out

Submitted: September 12, 2016

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Submitted: September 12, 2016



Chapter 1: It All Begins With A Crowbar


 June 5th, 2012,

Dear Diary,

Today will be the 90th day my mother has been gone. She told me to remember that number for reasons, but why? Today is also the 90th time being abused by my stepmother, I have scratches and bruises all over but it never hurts anyway not even-


Traciline stops her red flowing hair into the wind while she jots down all of her thoughts near the window. Her golden retriever, Ryder look outside the window. Traciline wondered what was Ryder think about, but then she went back to writing. Before she started again she gasped as she saw the blue Ford pulling into the driveway. She knew that her abusive stepmother was home, along with her snobby step sister, Kay-lah. Both of them snickered as their long blonde hair was blowing in the wind. Traciline knew that they were talking about her. They always do. Traciline saw they heavy bags they were carrying so she quickly rushed outside to help with the groceries but Carolynn wanted nothing from her.


“You little brat” said Carolynn

“Can’t you do anything right?”

“Yes” said Traciline

“My mom doesn’t need your help, that’s probably why your mother died. It wasn’t from sickness was it? It was from you getting on her nerves all the time then she committed suicide from maybe a drug huh?” said Kay-lah


Traciline stopped. Tears about to roll down her face, she tried to run upstairs away from them but she tripped on the broken tile in the driveway. They both laughed as blood runned down her knee. The cut was deep but no too deep for her to go to the hospital. She dusted herself off and then quickly ran upstairs to the attic, her bedroom. Sobbing into her pillow. Counting to 90 to keep her calm.


She lifted up one of her floorboard, took out a box that had said “ For when you’re feeling down- mama” she smiled then opened it, she looked through all of the pictures. Her when she was 5 on the swings, when she went to her first family reunion, and when she first went to Coney Island. Then she found it, her lucky bracelet that her mom gave to her. The gold and silver shine danced around the room with little rainbows in between, and that one little diamond in the middle really made it shined.Her stepmother had been wanting to steal that bracelet for a long time to pawn it and get the $6,500 it was worth to get herself some implants, but Traciline would never let her find it, she nevers even goes into her room.She stared at it looking trying to remember her memories with her mom.


“Ma, I will never lose this, if you hear me I-”


Ryder quickly jumps off the bed and grabs the bracelet from her hands.


“RYDER! GIVE THAT BACK NOW!” But Ryder refused


Traciline tried to grab it from him until Ryder accidentaly threw it out the window while shaking it.


She panicked. Her body went numb, she quickly got on her jacket and climbed out the window with the ladder. She knew exactly where it landed, into “Jay & Jayson Creek” she followed the shining light of the bracelet hoping to find it.


“Oh ma, I’m sorry”


Traciline and Ryder went searching into the woods for the lucky bracelet. Traciline worried she wouldn’t find it. On her way there she kept on playing her mother's death in her head on her way there.


3 months ago:

Traciline heart stopped as she saw he mom dead on the rope. She prayed that it wasn’t too late. But she saw that her face was pale. She was to late. She was about to pass out until she saw the note:


Dear Tracy,

I should have told you this, I wasn’t happy. Everything wAs just too stressfuL. And I wish I could tell you more, But sadly, I Can’t. To You, I leave my fortuNe and my bracelet. Never let this out of youR sight and don’t let anyoNe touch it.


Traciline never knew what those letters meant, but she knows that this couldn’t have happened, her mom couldn’t have killed herself. She knew, it was murder.


She comes back to reality, she looks around then notices that Ryder isn’t next to her.


“Ryder?, where are you?”


Traciline hears a twig break, she turns around slowly the sees it. The great shadowy figure behind her.


“RYDER!” She screamed


She saw Ryder dead in the arms of the figure, for all bloody and collar ripped with multiple stab-wounds.


Traciline screamed and ran for her life


She ran and ran and ran until she saw the cliff sign:




Traciline knew she had a choice, fall to her death or let the figure catch her. She slowly walk toward the edge until, the figure showed up in front of her. She tried to run away but the figure had grabbed her and put chloroform on a cloth to make her pass out, but she resisted.


Trying to run for her life again, the figure had catched up to her. He took his crowbar from behind his back and stabbed it into her arm and took out the bone.


With a blood curdling scream she had woken up, But a scar was now on her arm. She searched around to notice she is back in her bedroom and with a memorial picture of Ryder and the bracelet right next to her.

Was this all just a dream?

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