From Friends To Heister

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This is the story of 2 best friends and their journey through life. From the day they start school to the moment one of them are incarcerated. They will always have each others backs.

Submitted: September 12, 2016

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Submitted: September 12, 2016



“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?” Those were the last words I heard before blacking out. I woke up in a room, it looked exactly like an interrogation room and just as I thought that, a detective walked into the room.


“Hello sir, my name is Detective WagonWheel and you’re here because-”


“Because I got caught trying to rob a bank?” I said with a nasty tone in my voice.


“Listen here bucko, don’t try and be a smart ass with me.” Detective WagonWheel said agitatedly.


We stared at each other for a good five minutes I’m guessing he thought I was gonna say something next, but in my mind I just wanted to get into his head and screw with him.


“I couldn’t help but notice what a nice tie you have Detective JunkFood.”


“WHY YOU PIECE OF SHIT!” The Detective said while turning bright red “Let’s get one thing straight from now on, you will only speak if I ask you something, OK?”


“Ye, understood Detective KidsFood”


“I wanna know something, the bank that you were robbing, someone was with you right?” He asked more calmly now.


“Yep my best friend”


The detective asked me a couple of questions about the person I was doing the heist with and I answered them all but they were like simple questions like: how long were you planning the robbery for and what does he look like but that was the only question I couldn’t answer, because I didn’t want to rat him out.


So the detective asked me to tell him the entire story from the day we met up until now. So here goes nothing this is the story of Jorel It was a cold day in the winter of ‘93 and It was my first day of school. Lucky for me it wasn’t just MY first day, there was this boy whose name was Jorel and being that 6 year old with my 6 year old brain I thought “hey, why not go introduce myself?” I said hi to Jorel and he said hi back. We became friends instantly. As we grew older we both became interested in those wild west movies where they go and rob trains and stuff. Jorel had a very keen interest in jesse james and also became very interested in guns, like real guns not video game guns and at a very young age too. He knew how to shoot a Desert Eagle at the age of only 12. Three years later we started High School, now let me tell you something High School was a nightmare for us well just grade 9 and 10. In grade 11 one day at lunch he forgot his money so he got super annoyed and since he's seen other people steal from the store he decided “hey, why the fuck not?” So we went in there and we scoped the place out waiting for the guy to turn around and when he did we made sure to cover our faces right after we hid the shit we stole which was like 6 cans of beer. That’s where it all began, Our life of crime, robbing countless stores. In 2013 a game called “PayDay: The Heist” came out and we played it and we each became fond of the characters we were playing. Jorel’s being wolf and mine being Dallas, hell we were so fond of that game that our masks are the ones from our characters in payday. So you can tell that we were dying when payday 2 came out. All new heists and an entire arsenal of awesome weapons. Obviously you’re thinking to yourself that “couldn’t the cops just trace your accounts to certain ip addresses?” well yes and no: yes because they can trace it to 2 average Joes named Bobby and Mark. No because Jorel found out a way to turn our ip into the two random dudes, when I confronted him about it and said “Isn’t that illegal?” and his answer was “we’re already criminals.” and from there on out nothing was “illegal” to me.

I didn’t think of heisting as a hobby it was how I made my living without robbing stores I couldn’t have payed for my mom’s heart transplant. But today Jorel called me up and told me to meet him down by the abandoned farmhouse. I’m waiting in the farmhouse and there’s no sight of Jorel. I hear a loud thump, so I take out my gun and I patrol the house. It turned out to be Jorel running in with a big gash in his arm.


“DUDE ARE YOU OKAY?” I said hysterically.


“No, on my way over here I ran into 2 cops and they chased me for blocks upon blocks. I finally lost them when I hopped a fence and that’s where I got this cut.” Jorel explained.


“Alright, after this we’re going to a hospital to get you stitched up!” I insisted.


He agreed and he told me the reason he told me to meet him here is because he had a huge heist planned. In my head I was thinking “wow are we robbing the apple store?!” but Jorel read my mind literally and told me that we weren’t robbing the apple store but we were gonna rob the bank near his house.


So the day of the heist comes around and I was shaking in my big black boots. We put on our masks grab our guns. Before we went in there I made sure that all the cameras were disabled. That was my job I was the techie guy who disabled cameras hacked into computers to get passwords and sometimes I’m even the guy who hacks through the electronic lock. I walk in through the back just as someone was trying to run so I take a shot at their calf and of course our guns are silenced we’re young not retarded. I tell the guy:


“Buddy you’re making me seem like the bad guy here, I didn’t want to shoot you but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.” I say as I take a shot at his head.


“MICHAEL!  Are you stupid?” He yelled


“Hey he was reaching for his gun. It was either me or him.” I told him with a chuckle in my voice.


So we grab the money and we go but outside the bank are hundreds of cops in their attacking position. So I told Jorel to run I’ll distract them. He tells me that I’m a hero and that he would do the same for me and that he would be back for me. Then he hands me his pistol and pulls out a shotgun from behind his jacket. I see a cop chasing after him and I shoot the cop. A whole war breaks loose but I came out and surrendered once I knew Jorel was in the escape vehicle.


“Now is that everything, Michael?” The detective says.


“Yea, pretty much.” I replied.


“So I wasted about 2 hours of my time to find out where Jorel is and you don’t even know?” He says with a slight tone of agitation.


“Oh I know where he is. I’m just not gonna tell you.” I say with smirk.


“That’s it I’m getting the big guns I’ll be right back!.” The detective says while storming out.


Once I knew that he was way out of the room I slam on the table 7 times hard and an explosion goes off.


“HAHAH I told you I’d be back for you, you tough son of a bitch.” Jorel said with so much joy.


“Got my mask and guns dickhead?” I ask


“YOU KNOW IT!!” He yells after tossing me everything.


“Did you bring the stuff?” I ask while laughing


“Yea why do you want these?” Jorel asks confusingly.


The detective runs into the room with a huge hole in the wall and the only thing that’s in the room besides rubble, is a box of wagon wheels and a note reading “I was never on the losing side.”. That was the last time either of us were ever in a police station or an interrogation room.


The End



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