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Submitted: September 12, 2016

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Submitted: September 12, 2016



The earth crumbled beneath my feet. I felt like I had been punctured with thousands of knifes. The sharp pain pierced my bones and my body felt numb. Never before had such a dark shadow come upon me. My dad wept as he held his son and daughter in his arms, this was the worst day of our lives. Tears poured from my eyes, stinging my cheeks and my skin turned blotchy.  My throat swelled up and I couldn’t seem to get any words out. Every breath felt like heavy weight on my chest and I couldn’t hear things around me, everything was distorted. I stood by her side and prayed it wasn’t true. Why me? Why her? I was only 7 years old, children weren’t meant to go through this, at least not now.


The day I was told about this I didn’t understand it too much. I knew something wasn’t right because of the way my parents were acting. My brother and I became responsible for ourselves in just the slightest of ways. Where ever it was just getting our lunch orders ready for school because Mum and Dad were always out somewhere.  School was never on my mind, I was barely at school that year.  I was always at this place, day and night. I became to know the staff members there and my family grew closer with them. This place was like my second home, I felt comfortable there but still that feeling was always there. She was beautiful she really was, but to see her growing sicker and sicker there are not even words to construe what I felt inside of me.


My gorgeous mother, I wasn’t there to see it happening but I stood at her side and held her cold feeble hands. As my mum would always say “Cold hands, warm heart.” I gave my Mum an “angel kiss” as we would call it and I knew that this was goodbye.  Cancer took my mother away from me and my family. Nothing angers me more than knowing that. She passed serenely in her sleep, no more pain. I know she’s watching over my family and me, I talk to her all the time.


The long road of recovery never ends, the pain has left scars in my brain and memories are the only thing I hold.

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