The Amazing High Wire Act

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Submitted: September 13, 2016

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Submitted: September 13, 2016



The Amazing High Wire Act


Hey, down there! I’m way up here,

High up where the air is clear.

Settle down and take your seats

Your entertainment’s almost here.


I put one foot upon the wire

Then move forward with the other,

You’re looking up, I see you stare

While my balance I recover.


Taking steps I move on out,

The wire begins to bend;

I know it should be strong enough

To let me reach the end.


I make you gasp, I make you cry

As I stop and make a bow.

I’m going to have to up my game

To make you all go ‘wow’.


So on one foot I pirouette,

I’m soon spinning round;

That’s attracted your attention

For you don’t make a sound.


The clowns are tumbling to and fro,

They remove my safety net.

If I lose my equilibrium

My fate will now be set.


I almost fall, I totter here,

My balance seems all out,

But back upon my feet I get

Until someone makes a shout.


I feel my feet slip from the wire

I grab on with one hand,

The grip my fingers make are all

That’s between me and the sand.


I hear you gasp, I hear you cry,

“Bring that net straight back”,

But I’m never going to hang on ‘cause

All urgency they lack.


These clowns are bringing it back on,

My hand it starts to slip,

They are still not underneath

When I finally lose my grip.


It’s an almost peaceful feeling

As I descend towards the sand,

I know that there’ll be nothing left

When I land on the ground.


I hope you enjoyed the performance,

I hope you liked the show

But for once I’ll be oblivious

Because this I will never know.



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