Chinese Folk Talk Lady White Snake Witch

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Submitted: September 13, 2016

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Submitted: September 13, 2016



The chinese folktale of Madame White snake edited by me

As reincarnation existed in eastern literature; as bad humans reincarnate to 
animals to relearn the good nature of the universe and animals reincarnate 
to humans as cultivated goodness is filled, also humans reincarnate
into various human roles in each new life that have to learn specific lessons. 
However in order to escape this cycle of reincarnation, samsara, one must 
obtain perfect enlightenment which is believed to become a Buddha, a life 
of renoucing earthy attachments and aim towards what is absolute truth 
and goodness. 

This specific tale speaks of a medicine man, a buddhist patriarch, and the heavenly 
yet possessing witchlike powers the serpent priestess, Lady Madame White Snake( not 
like a predator but a sort of guide).

The Buddhist asks the medicine man,"You seem to be wise, you can be saved and save 
other peopleif you become a monk."

The medicine  man replied,"The monastic life is not for me, as a medicine man I can 
adope the monastic attitude and save people just as well but most of all I am
looking forward of a virtuous wife, a happy life. 

The buddhist replied, " Don't you know when you enter a marriage life, you are 
commiting yourself to daily problems and will go astray, thinking more about
acquiring more security for your family rather full time for your real family 
that is the world.

The medicine man replied," I will no way go astray, because with my good virtuous 
wife, she will always be supportative and always make sure I will stay in the right 

And so the medicine man went his way, and finally meet a seductive woman both inner values
and outer appearance, Madame White Snake, betwitched and enchanted by her became 
as well as she is attracted to his mystery. As both lived together will modesty they 
question how to help humanity, as there were certain diseases cannot be cured or treated.

As the snake lady hides her identity and powers, she continues to watch his husband's 
actions as she is moved by compassion. So each time where this is some
impossible task, like curing a incurable disease, his wife will secretly 
help his husband to do miracles. As more people are being cured, his husband slowly became 
suspious yet  rose to fame, and many local renowned medical and judicial authority
started to ask questions until it is revealed that his wife is a witch, a serpent worshipper.
Even the medical doctor started to attracted even the universal( heavenly/ God)
authorities. It may have conceived as a good thing what the married couples are doing 
but it is going against nature as every person's affliction has a reason 
and a lesson, when they take away that lesson by delievering people by unorthodox 
practices, and the buddhist patriarch is mandated to intervene to the unnatural married

And they were separated and went into their own separate temple in mediation into 
perfecting their own way of enlightenment of helping humanity. But they 
can never forget the deep passion of each other, the small glimpse of love. 

As buddhist monks has its laws and precepts, the serpent wife decided to 
to sacrifice herself and become a magical jade bracelet, beads like the 
catholic rosary, where the beloved monk can always carry it for
prayers and mediation. In their way to escape Samsara, reincarnation,
the wife transmutated into a Rosary and the husband a  metamorphorsis into a 
Buddhist Priest. 


© Copyright 2018 Daniel Wren Chung . All rights reserved.

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