The First Ride

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Riding. Something Alexa vowed that she'd never do again. But, she. was. wrong.

Submitted: September 13, 2016

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Submitted: September 13, 2016



"Alexa!" Mom called from downstairs. I ran down to see what she needed. "Yeah?" I questioned. "What to go on a ride with me?" She asked. Why would mom ask that? She knew what my answer was. I was not changing my mind anytime soon. And to top it off, horses were the cause of my dad's death. Why would I ever want to ride again? "No." I turned to go upstairs but mom stopped me and said, "Alexa. Dad would have wanted you to keep riding. He knew how much you loved it. He would never have wanted you to stop!" I looked down. I felt something inside. I couldn't hold it any longer. I nodded. Mom came over and gave me a hud and told me, "You can do it."

I went out to the bard where mom has just finished tacking up Sugar, the sweetest horse you'll ever meet. "Hey mom." I said. "Hey Alexa! Sugar's all ready now; you remember how to do everything?" She asked. "I think so." I replied. She left and I spent some time with Sugar. She is a white Connemara pony. Beautiful eyes. Gorgeous mane and tail. "You are a very pretty girl!" I told her. Once I felt ready, I mounted, and when I got up there, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "I can do this." I muttered to myself. I rode out into the arena. 

I saw mom leaning on the fence. "You're doing it Alexa!" She called. I thought about it. I WAS doing it wasn't I?! I smiled and kept on going. After a while, I felt ready for a trot. I sped up and did it. It was a very bouncy ride, but I managed. "Yay Alexa!" Mom called again. Now I felt even more excited and went into a canter. "I can do it!" Was my thought the entire ride. I wanted to gallop, but saved it for another time. Me and dad used to gallop together across the fields. The wind blowing through my hair. The warm feeling I had when riding. It was the best. I haven't done it since dad's death, and I wasn't quite ready. 

I rode up next to mom, who looked as if she would cry. "You did it." She said to me. "Not without Sugar." I added. Mom looked at me and nodded. I actually did it! I fully regret saying that I wouldn't ride again. I brought Sugar inside the barn. "We did it, girl." I told her. Soon mom came in and said, "Done already?" I smiled and said, "Nope!" Then I led Sugar back out for a ride. I will ride forever now. Riding is now my life. Life is riding. That's my story.

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